Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spread the word, and the word is Love.

There are 6.5 billion human beings sharing our mother earth, and consequently 6.5 billion sets of values, 6.5 billion sets of learned behaviours, 6.5 billion sets of opinions. Each and every one of us is different, each and every one of us carries a lesser or greater number of opinions, ideas or values which form part of the matrix of control that has been inflicted upon us.
From our lives we learn hatreds and dislikes that are based upon our own experiences, these experiences being derived from our interactions with other human beings that are similarly affected with their own learnt experiences.
We learn from our parents and siblings and friends, we learn from our governments and from our schools and teachers, we learn from casual encounters and from reading and research. We learn from the media. We learn from life.
We pass that learning on to others by and through our interactions with them and so unquestioningly pass on, to a greater or lesser degree, some elements of the control matrix. Each of us a larger or smaller brick in the wall of the prison.
The depth and power of the false reality in which we exist is derived from subtle and not so subtle powers exercised over us. Some are recent innovations, some ancient, all together forming the cultivation medium for the accepted understanding of humanity shared by the sheeple the world over.
It is largely unquestioned by them. They often don't know that "there is something wrong with this picture". They reinforce the whole by their interactions, as we do that count ourselves awake. The cumulative effect is that they and we are the very walls of our own prison, the preventative mechanisms that deprive humanity of truth and love, in which we cannot believe because we are so programmed.
From such learning and programming does the collective consciousness of humanity currently derive, such as it is. It is a consciousness that is sick, malformed, wicked, lacking in common sense, perpetuating practices and beliefs that are evidently noxious, poisonous to our species.
So we have the learned ideas of separateness. We view each person as we meet them or read of them or see them by an established and personal inculcation derived from the system as currently contrived.
This contrivance is what those of us that consider ourselves "awake" are fighting. Upon the outcome of this war for the hearts and minds and souls of humanity rests and depends the future for mankind. Are we destined to endlessly repeat the wickedness of our past, or can we finally break free, start again, build the utopia that our cleverness and inventiveness and burgeoning mastery of science can give us?
Ranged against us are the superb masteries of the criminal elite and their depth of control. They hold all of the cards in this game. They have all of the money. They have all of the weapons. They have written history for us and conditioned the masses. They control all of the media (and even have control of this medium (the internet) and of key elements in "our" movement). They control virtually all of the governments of the world. They control the agendas and opinions of the sheeple and always have.
They control the law.
They control those that enforce their laws.
They can reach out a careless hand and end the "life" of any of us at any time without so much as a thought.
Their controls of the "black" agencies of powerful governments and criminal organisations are complete. They are above and beyond the law which they created, and can sell us their vileness and wickedness , their treachery and criminality as "for our own good" or "for our nation" or "for our religion", even for "God".
And the sheeple will believe.
This is the scale and measure of the enemy we fight.
Our numbers are small but growing.
Our weapons are the most simple, pre-dating even the stone with which to batter a skull or a stick with which to thrash a back.
Our weapons are love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, fellowship, compassion, contrition. We stand before the behemoth of evil naked save for the armour of truth, wielding the mightiest weapon of all: Love.
Is it enough?
It has to be.
The endless repetitions of the past have to end.
The time is fast approaching wherein humanity has to make itself ready for the future and all that the future has to offer us. Great times lie ahead of us, but we have to be ready.
The architects of our past are engineering their own demise. As humanity slowly enters the light so the realisation is dawning. The best efforts of their mind controllers, the sick weapons of their lackey scientists, the repetitions of their "dream" messages ever reinforcing the matrix, all of their mastery is not enough to stop the ever swelling ranks of those that know.
Together we count their crimes.
Together we build the evidence against them.
As a specie we will bring them to account for themselves.
And when a critical mass of us reach understanding, so their crimes will count against them, so finally will true justice prevail.
A justice based on love and an understanding of the one-ness of humanity.
We stand at present as sentinels of the future, marking our place, drawing our lines in the sands of time, not knowing what we risk but understanding that we must risk all for all our sakes.
Let our children and our children's children ask us what we did in these times and if we can answer that we stood, we were counted, and we were a tiny part of the whole that brought love into being, then that will be enough.
That will be the measure of our worth.
That shall be our legacy.
And no finer legacy than this was ever gifted to the future, nor will be more lauded by those that inherit the world we will make beautiful by our labours.
Love to each and every one of you,
Spread the word,
Olive Farmer. xxx xxx xxx


KathyM said...

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Tennessee with a chilly 44 degree temperature.

Based on your efforts to spread love, peace and truth around the world from your past good works, your present good works, and the good works that I know you'll be capable of in the future...I now issue all of you the "Global Peace Prize" (I gave myself one too.) And so it is done!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

whoregisteredme said...

Tnx Cathy, I Just happened to be in desperate need of one !


Von Curtis said...

Pretty chilling stuff about how the elite operate from

People underestimate HUGELY how the elite are absolute evil - people baulk at comprehending even the possibility of it -

The Ruling Elite of almost all nations regard the common man as an inferior sub-species.

"On those rare occasions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it." Bertrand Russell, "The Scientific Outlook", 1931

sirjamis of Doon said...