Tuesday, October 13, 2009

War is Peace

Our history is littered with the pre-eminence of violent despots wreaking their havoc wherever their eyes fall or their sick whimsy takes them, leaving never a generation that hasn't faced the sickness of their blood lusts, never a time that hasn't witnessed the awful spectacle of a nation plunged into horror by some crazed lunatic or another, conjuring their mystic evils into the reality of marching and uniformed zombies who believe themselves right and just as they plunge the sword or pull the trigger, hacking and raping and destroying.

Later, many of these plasticene warriors come to the realisation that this belief was in error, that the lies that substantiated their false sense of moral superiority, of right, were falsehoods derived from evil. With the dawning of this understanding comes mental illness, more murder, or self destruction. Those that live to old age fear death and some final accounting, the ghosts of their sins shining bright through the veil, waiting. They die in fear.

They serve their purpose, these despots and their minions, in keeping the power of love and the beauty of unity buried beneath a desire for revenge and an unnatural acceptance and a coming to terms with evil that scars each generation and perpetuates the great myths, disguising true human nature, making us lose faith in ourselves. Shoring up the walls of the prison with misery and distrust.

They always rise , these "leaders" , these fiends, driven by their sick requirements, absolute in their convictions, learning each day the skills and techniques of the exercise of despotic power, understanding the darkness, noting the power of fear, recognising and rewarding the twisted and subservient collaborators that aid them and provide substance with their sycophancy, taking the helping hand and the enabling dollar from the real masters who grant them their wishes for power and blood and dominance and cruelty providing they follow a few instructions, perpetrate a few crimes, continue the project.

Their sort are not only to be discovered at the very top of the midden, of course. At every level these vile succubuses are to be found, drinking from the teat of mother evil. Some know what they do, recognise the source and fundament of their authority and so rise. Most do not, but simply follow the lessons that other human beings have given to them: That much can be achieved through bullying and violence and the abuse of fear and the misuse of authority.

History gives us our understanding of the nature of these weird simulacrums of humanity providing we know where to look and have the critical faculties to see through the tangled web of deceptions that are presented to us by our "learned" scholars and those that fund them and publish them. If we have not these faculties we believe the lies, continue their existence and the power that is derived from them.

These false histories are being written each day by those that control our reality. So it is that the wickedest amongst us are portrayed as the saintliest. Such mockeries of truth are noted in the annals as real truths. As time passes there will be none to question their veracity, none to bring the awfulness of these miscarriages of justice to the attention (such as it is) of the ignorant and blinkered sheeple.

And so it is that the war criminal and mass murderer tony blair (I refuse to grant him the dignity of capitalisation) has been awarded at least two "Peace" prizes, "The Thomas J Dodd Prize in International Justice and Human Rights" and the $1 million "Dan David prize for outstanding achievements having a cultural or social impact on our world" (and specifically here for his Middle East peace work!)

So it is too that the baby murderer and agenda following genocidal freak obama obtains the greatest Peace prize of all, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Is this the depth to which humanity has descended?
Where is the righteous howl of disbelief?
Where the rebellious murmurings rising on a crescendo to a deafening blast, shaking the walls of the prison, shattering the masonry , splitting the timbers, melting the steel of the bars?
Where the mass gatherings of the righteous, the coming together of the meek, the organisation of the powerless into the powerful, the unstoppable force of critical mass bringing these criminals to the justice of humanity and the absoluteness of truth and love?

Ripping their lies from history.
Shining the light of truth upon their wickedness.

If we do nothing to destroy this incredibly audacious twisting of the truth, this insult to reason, this mockery of justice, if we allow these fiends wrapped in the clothing of the righteous, these wars dressed up as peace we by our acquiescence grant permission to them to take the next step, perpetrate the next crime, conjure forth the next level of wickedness.

As ever , it comes to this:
We must achieve critical mass.
We must unite on one truth, one front, free of division we must stand together as humanity and with one voice cry "ENOUGH".

That one truth is love.
And critical mass will come from the beauty of mathematics and the concept of exponential growth.
This is why I raise this voice and many others raise theirs in this, the greatest war, the last war, the world war of the soul.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx


KathyM said...

I find myself in a difficult position. I believe the best thing I can do for human kind is to put out the vibration of love and peace. I really liked the movie "the secret" when it came out. Before that I had watched "What the bleep do we know" and bought the book "Messages in Water" All really good sources for learning something I had not known before. I like believing that my thoughts and feelings can have an impact on reality. Quantum physics is way cool. I want to use my powers for good instead of evil!!!

The study of history and especially as it relates to what's at stake today (waking up) has been hard on my emotional output. I don't think I've been adding as much love and peace vibration to the universe as I'd like to because I'm so angry at the NWO. I've been angry at myself too for not knowing any of this sooner. Why couldn't I know this 30 years ago? Why didn't my parents know and teach me? Why didn't my school teach me? Why didn't I study on my own? I don't know. But learning harsh reality doesn't make me vibrate with love all day!

I have to continue to study so that I can relay what I'm learning to others but my ultimate goal is just love. Let me just put this vulnerable aspect of myself out there and be honest. I know Nancy Pelosi probably needs as many hugs as she can get. But if she crossed my path right now I could punch her in the face! I may be on the right path but I have a long way to go to get where I still need to be!! Anyone else working through anger out there?

Von Curtis said...

I don't intend to try to think that I would hug them

When people hurt, exploit and kill children how can people say we have to hug them - I would never hug them - I would throw them in prison - with only bread and water and a book and pencil to write down why they are as they are and they would stay there for a very long time until they had fully analyzed themselves.


It will take what your filthy democrat Madeleine Allbright said "half a million Iraqi children dead ? - the price was well worth it"


Daniel Edd Bland III said...

WOW! For me, that was my favorite post so far. I think you nailed it! I will definitely be re-posting this one on FaceBook and Blandy Land. The World War of the Soul? Sounds about right to me. Very interesting times we are living through. Keep inspiring people! You are right, "It's about mathematics, and critical mass." The whole world has to acknowledge that we have been deceived. Only then can we face this evil. I believe it is impossible to have too many friends. If any of you are on FaceBook, send me a friend request "Daniel Bland" (black & white headshot). I post links to interesting articles and videos as I come across them, and I would certainly be interested in checking out stuff that you found helpful or insightful. Let's use the technology available to engineer an open, honest, peaceful, revolution. We have the technology available to make this happened. Humanity will end up uniting to defeat this enemy, and I can think of no better time than the present. We can do this! Is anybody with me?

Thanks Olive!

Love to you! Keep up the great work!

Daniel Edd Bland III

whoregisteredme said...

Sure I'm with you Dan, Keep up the good work but try not to exagerate it.
Fruits tend to become better when allowed to ripen longer ;)
But we sure as hell need some fanatisme too, In fact we need everyones ability's alltogether eventualy.

Remember, Kathy just gave you the Nopel Peace Price Award already :)

Thanks for beeing involved in the movement Daniel.

Warm regards; Ron