Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Evil's right hand man...?

tony blair....

(He doesn't deserve capitals...)

I've just spent five minutes on the tony blair faith foundation site.
That was enough.

Here's a man that carried out the orders of the sick global scum to the letter and has the blood of nearly two million innocent people on his hands posing as some sort of leader to the "multi-faith" world, reinforcing all the lies with his patronising twaddle, inventing as he goes along a kind of "Juslimanity".

Read the sycophantic comments and see if you can do so without screaming "He's a mass murderer, you dumb fools. WAKE UP!"

I guess tony wants to be the anointed leader of the new multi-faith religion, the figurehead representing the confluence of all religions when the new messiah comes along (which the scum are no doubt planning for right now!)

Maybe tony is their new false messiah?

He certainly acts in a god-like fashion.
(Not a nice god, of course. More one of those angry gods who like people to do as they are told and wreak vengeance upon them eternally if they don't.)

Now the Irish have been duped into accepting something they rejected previously and have approved the Lisbon treaty a new global power is about to enter the world stage, a massively powerful new Europe.

At its head, un-elected, will sit President Blair, wielding a combined foreign policy weapon backed up by a unified military might, strengthening the links between Europe and the United States, turning these mighty combinations into the bastions of the global elite.

As everyone knows, the EU is a criminal organisation riddled with sleaze and fraud from which billions disappear each year. The powerless elected MEP's are fed a diet of fat salaries and even fatter expenses and pensions so that they do not rock the boat, do not run screaming from their parliaments shouting "It's all a con!"
These shameful hussies are complicit in the vast thefts, aid and abet the globalisation agenda writ large across the front page of the Lisbon treaty.

They should all be taken out at dawn and hugged.

So this is what Europe has become.
A community of dumb sheeple allowing themselves to be governed by thieves and led by a mass murderer, a vile and sinister poseur who has a deeply evil ambition and messianic tendencies.

Nothing much changes does it?

tony is only in his fifties, so I guess he's got plenty of time left to make the next step and become the first and founding president of the world government once the war he will promulgate has taken its toll and , reeling from the horror, the sheeple turn to their saviour.......

Unless of course awakened humanity can get together and say "No".
And that is our job. Yours and mine.
And we do need to raise our game somewhat.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

tony has always been sycophantic scum.

I hated when they drew him as bush's poodle because I LOVE poodles. My Howard, big, handsome, loving, was 1 million times the man blair was. But then dogs think clean and straight.

I did a post on Ireland and the rigged elections. These creatures have no sense of honour. And because we are wired to RUN on honour and a certain amount of "No one could possibly be THAT awful" they sneak past us every time.

Until we manage to catch on and get ahead of them, and yes not lose our honour, they will keep pulling it over on us.

They did it in Rome, France, Babylon, Persia, England, and now the planet based out of the US.

Each time they get just that much closer because they have learned to anticipate us with our every strategy.

What do you propose? Hugs just don't work my friend.

Von Curtis said...

'Unless of course awakened humanity can get together and say "No".'

You would hope that will happen BUT so many people particularly in the city haven't even taken step 1 in waking up. They are way behind the agenda and course set for us.
Will they wake up in a hurry - that is the VERY BIG question.
Many people in Europe and around the world know blair is mad and a war criminal - you would think he would not get anywhere.
I am still very suspicious that he had something to do with the terrible bushfires in Victoria last February that killed over 100 people. He flew into Melbourne in his Lear jet that week-end.
I don't know how they did it but I believe somehow they made the fires more intense and widespread.
It seems he is satanic.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you'd be skeptical that simple hugs won't do it. But hugs virally transmitting real unconditional love will.
I believe it is the only thing that will.
Not the kind that charades as love in the present era.
I ran across a quote the other day by Leonard Laskow defining love that relates to our discussion. I don't have the actual quote right here so forgive me if it's slightly off:
"Love is the awareness of relatedness and the impulse toward unity."
In other words, love is that which reminds us of oneness and dissolves duality. If we can all remember just that one piece, the illusion of being separate dissolves and it will radically change the world. The question I have, is how do we help ourselves and other people on the journey with us recognize and experience that oneness in a respectful, supportive way?
An awakening from "The Lie" that has perpetuated the misery of our age.

Von Curtis said...


A comment from http://www.truthmovementaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2298&p=17926#p17926

'IF this happens (and you will have a buffer between 25/26OCT and when it starts to impact you personally), it is smarter to shelter in place. Even those who are now fully immersed in the Matrix will be forced to re-think their position very soon. That means that your family, your friends and your neighbours will be forced to work with the rest of us for daily survival.

Sometimes you've got to work with the community you've got. Unless your current position is seriously dangerous, I would highly NOT recommend that people start buggering off into the bush right now. Plan for it but save it as a last resort. You want to be where you have support and where you have resources. This (at least initially) is a Bug-In situation. Stay put and see which way the wind is blowing before you act further. Think and stay cool.

Networking is great. Make contact with others here on TMA or other forums. Meet up and have joint plans if that's what you want to do.

You're right jek_ this is an opportunity for a new way of doing things. Out of necessity our worlds will shrink down to a local level. That's OK, that's how it has to start.

But remember: Everything you need is around you.'

KathyM said...

Are you guys thinking October 25th time frame will be a turning point? I read something about the web bots prediction. Just wondering what everyone else is thinking about timing right now. Feedback from you guys around the world would be great. Thanks!

Von Curtis said...

I don't know Kathy but I do think they are really moving for their dictatorship now. Our Australian dollar is moving up very quickly and I don't believe these so called 'natural disasters' are natural at all.
I believe they have the technology to do weather warfare on us and they are doing more intense stuff right now.

We'll beat them but they are going to throw a lot of bad stuff at us as they go down. - very best wishes and the best of luck to you Kathy. This is how a very long long era ends.


Destabilization in Pacific countries

Now this morning we have an earthquake in Vanuatu and a tsunami warning for Fiji , NZ and Australia.
Extremely suspicious - destabilizing Pacific countries so they will accept the Asia Pacific community.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Great comments folks! I am a firm believer that everyone has great ideas. I posted a new blog tonight at www.BlandyLand.com where I stated that a mass awakening of the public is needed in order to face this evil. We need to continue speaking TRUTH to power, and we need to do it boldly. I just joined FaceBook this summer, and have connected with over 400 family and friends. I have been posting information there that gets buried by the mainstream media. Most of my family and friends strongly disagree with and reject my newly discovered sense of reality. If any of you are on FB, send me a friend request. I could use more friends with a better understanding of what is happening in the world around us. Feel free to jump in on the FB comment discussions at anytime. I have no doubt that it will be readers of sites like the Olive Farmer's who will survive the looming chaos. Peace be upon you all!

Daniel Bland

P.S. Olive- Good to see you back! How's that weeding project coming along?

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair or Obama for that matter are no more Leaders then anyone else dedicated to beeing a Leader.

Beeing a Leader does not provide Media consent see !?!

I am a Leader, P'haps You feel; You are One too.
( One with(Y)OUR spirit I suggest for that matter)

I, m a leader that needs to be humble in order not to become too powerfull and disrupt the natural course of happenings....

As a leader I sense no fear.... my Human Body might sense so if confronted with, but the superiority of my mind wont ever surrender to it.
By no reason of a doubt as a matter of fact!

Lately and as usual, I attend our Doughters class to catch up with the latest teachings and happenings.

In this country, school shoot-outs have been rather "popular" lately, and so I was wondering what I would do while witnessing such an event.

Well, no doubt the obvious...

In disrespect for my own life It became clear that I'd be heading for the gunman while digesting and avoiding some of his bullets eventually rendering him harmless.
For no doubt came it to my mind that I would act differently as just explained since that's just the one and only way things are supposed to go according to my sense for fearlessness an invincibleness.

Point is, one is as invinceble as one feels him/her self to be.
Now I must add to it...a while ago I did got some hard evidence of the spirit world beeing in support of my way,
and it is as if we are friends forever.

What realy could go wrong in my life from that moment on anymore? My child passing away underneath my loving care...? who knows....?
But for now, Stronger then ever and definatly much more of a leader then any PM or MP.
Just find yur innerself ppl, go stand on that rock and be one with yourself, I swere it 'll get to ya too.

don,t expect miracles at first, some time and patience will get you on your way.

Thnx Spirit world you are my (our) friend.

And about Mr Blair, uh juh well ach....

KathyM said...

Von Curtis thank you and I wish the very best to you and your fellow countrymen too. I want Australia to work out fine. I've had some of the most wonderful experiences with Australian people that I thought if ever I could live somewhere else, I would wish it to be Australia!

Patriotism/nationalism is a strong idea in America. Yes we are all brainwashed to believe it's the best country on Earth. But I haven't believed that for at least 15 years. Every country has something great and unique that should be preserved as we all go forward being friends and helping each other. The parts that are best will survive these coming years.

I've been visiting your site too. It's very good! Thanks for putting out good truthful information to help wake up the masses.

Blandy I visit yours too. Thank you also. Will try to find you on facebook.

David G. over at Dangerous Creation just posted that he is taking a time out for his health. Good posts over there and I know we're all keeping him held high in our thoughts.

Goodnight to all of you. Guess we're all okay after they bombed the moon? Hope so. Love from the USA, Kathy Morgan

Von Curtis said...

Yes I've never done facebook either , my kids do - that would be the place to go to spread some truth against the mainstream madness and lies.
I'm fairly technologically challenged really - I always prefered making pots on the wheel instead of becoming more computer savvy. Now less pottery is happening because blogging has taken over. It is such an incredible thing going on , I have to be a part of it. We would go stark raving mad though if we didn't have blogging as Blandy said many family and friends arn't exactly sympathetic to our new reality - although I did find a middle aged lady like me at a wedding the other night who thinks almost identically to my view of the agenda going on. I shall keep in touch with her.

whoregisteredme said...

I loved your comment Curtis, the tecknologically impairedness, the pottery and the blogging.. ha ha, I think we could shake hands fairly well together ;)

Yeh, the Blogging is also part of my life nowadays.

I for one am pretty active on the Cannabis Culture Home page blogs disguised as some incognito Anonymous.
( Since I Ain't got fun in people trying to profile me down, besides, I apear under multiple impersonifications so there is no sense in having a signature any hows).

The cannabis activisme is something I do already for over 22 years, and this wonderfull tool the Internet realy makes me feel we're closing in on it.

( IMHO, No one should try and interferingly impair the existence of natural plants ment to be here on earth in coexistence with us or attempt to exterminate their valuable genetics out of existence! )

I,d like to put "fingers" into this world but prefer to refrain from "overdoing " it, so blogging suits just fine.

Quote Curtis: Friends ain't Exactly sympathetic... Hahaha haha,

That was the part I felled compelled replying at ya...

Lill anecdote comming up...

About 2 weeks ago, my wife called the cops and ambulance on me.

She really thought; now Ron was about to lose it all...)

Against all manner and without my consent was I under peacefull resistence beeing shipped off into some local Nutshouse....... :)
But to keep a long story short; I kept on beeing polite and cunningly negotiateble.

Got released after 4 days since there was a weekend inbetween so no one of higher authority availeble to clear up the situation to....

By now My wife' through doctors and psychologues
has figured I was n't that insane after all....

But what a Road to go down to in order to reach some people
Even as close as some who are supposed to be the closest in life... Ones partner for life.

Huggings to all, so if someone find yourselves to become crazy... Just run the Test. ..!


Huggings and love to all; Ron, We are gonna need it ;)

whoregisteredme said...

To : Noor al Haqiqa.

Quote:What do you propose? Hugs just don't work my friend.

Politeness and well mannerdness does, as well as huggs on appropriate occasions.

Look what Anonimous wrote, some post above here.

My opinion too is: If you feel you are a leader then you are one, and that's an awfull lot of power we share together on the long run hun.
(sorry for losing my manner 's a bit here ;) )

And, by the looks of what you've been blogging here I can tell that you are supposed to know that.

Warm regards.