Monday, December 7, 2009

Idle moments....

In an idle moment you might consider the future of mankind.

You might look at our current situation, reach the inevitable conclusion that we cannot carry on in this fashion, reach another conclusion that in order to avoid the future we have ordained by our behaviour we have to make not just radical changes, but changes to the very fabric of everything.

If your idle moment stretches out, you might begin to see the reasons for our current condition, and by extension discover the culprits and then how those culprits ensure that the rest of us behave in a manner which suits them and prolongs the nightmare that the rest of us live through and that they observe from their luxurious ivory towers.

You might wonder if they are so wise after all, for the nest that is being crapped on is the nest that, though they have the very best bits of it, is their nest too.

That makes you wonder if, by some strange reasoning or quirk of genetics, they are happier in filth and poison, enjoy bathing in misery.

If you have the time to mull things over further then you will reach an understanding of the nature of humanity, and an understanding of how that nature has been manipulated and shaped by the sticks and carrots of our masters, shaped so expertly that the vast bulk of humanity has no inkling that they are slaves, no understanding that they are imprisoned, no idea of the danger they now face, even no grasp of the crimes against humanity that they commit or their fellows commit with their unwitting connivance.

Humanity has surged forward in the last few decades in terms of the advances made by technology. Our finest minds, building upon the knowledge accumulated thus far and with the aid of computing instruments have caused a dramatic shift in the speed of advancement. These fine minds, lost in the idea that they are pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge, blind to the sources of the funding that drives their experimentation, ignorant of the morality and ethics of what they do, bent on the exercise of their mental superiority, have gifted into the hands of our masters the very weapons of misery and control that have enabled them to finely tune their subordination of humanity.

Things should be getting better for us all now.
They’re not.

Clever people are suckered into creating a hell on earth that would have been unimaginable to our forbears, beyond contempt, damnable and yet has been made humdrum, acceptable, bearable to the bulk of humanity by the constant repetition of suitable propaganda, again designed and implemented and transmitted by the instruments that our science has produced, our invention has conceived of.

So it is that this brave new world of ours considers that the extraction of cells from aborted foetuses is a good idea. So it is that a human being can find satisfaction in developing the cluster bomb. So it is that all of us use plastics that our descendants will be picking up from once pristine beaches for centuries to come, and cannot conceive of living without whilst we spew our filth into the future. Ignorant of the consequences, even in the main ignorant of the existence of hemp plastics that are superior and degrade biologically , ignorant of the reasons for their ignorance and the history that lies behind one of the great catastrophes to our environment.

An ignorance that is by design, of course, that derives from decades if not centuries of control of thought, control of education, control of what news is deemed fit for our consumption, what issues we debate.

The agenda is set for us.
It’s a fixed menu.
It’s the false reality of the control matrix.

Our finest minds, so subverted, wage slaves to the masters, earning their crust from wickedness, enjoying their relative prosperity, wallowing in their high opinion of their own cleverness, unbelievably conceited are themselves amongst the worst offenders, the greatest criminals.

They don’t even think about it, such is their conceit.

These lost souls can be found in many walks of life, each one sucking at the festering nipple of the great sickness that engulfs us. The psychologists that teach the propagandists how to manipulate humanity. The petty bureaucrats that implement a small element of the overall control matrix.

An endless, dull, mindless morass of blind self centred egoists that can do no wrong, and yet wrong is all they do.

They think they are right, these fools, and have a bank account to prove it.
My cats could do better.

It is not just the clever that are recruited into the Jailer class. Our masters understand that there is space too for the ruthless, the inhumanly cruel, the knowingly vicious, the pathetically insecure, the petty, the jealous, the greedy and the dumb. Each Jailer has his or her place in the pyramid, each answering to another sick human being a little higher than they in the structure.

In that idle moment, do you see the nature of the problem?

With love,
Olive xxx
(P.S. Thanks to all those that have kept coming though I haven't written for ages. I've been trying to pay some bills.)


Donrahi said...

Takes guts to buck the system. Takes even more energy to go against the stream. But it is worth it. How can we fix something today? Think about sustainability.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Great to see you back Olive! Hope you had an incredible harvest! I loved this post and am doing what I can to help turn this evil pyramid upside down. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Edd Bland III

P.S. God willing, I will be adding a new post later this week regarding the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund and the very brave 3% of families who rejected it.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Olive- Are you on FaceBook? I started a new page on last night on behalf of the victim's of 9/11 and their families. This includes those killed on 9/11, and around the world since. I gave you a shout out on there today. Here is the link......

You and your readers should join with us and use this space to share interesting articles and videos, as well as to discuss the information presented and share new ideas. You'll see my Dad asking about you underneath your post. Keep fighting the good fight because we are getting close!

Daniel Bland

I am the one with an avatar saying "I was a Truther before it was cool". Please send me a friend request, and that goes for every enlightened soul reading this blog! Remember the little engine that could.......I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Daniel Edd Bland III

KathyM said...

I'm glad you're back olive and hope you are getting situated. This is another great thought provoking post. Thank you for all you do to wake us up!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Olive and thanks for the post.

Your words are very much appreciated. I look around and I see the same as you. Lifeless indivduals full of life doing their very best, completely unaware they contribute to their own demise with their incessant materialism and for the want of something they will never find because they're looking in the wrong place from the gitgo.

Once you awaken there is no going back. It is a life changing event. Oh how i wish i could, once again, have all the things but there is no going back......the days are at their darkest, and may get darker still, but they are always at their darkest before the dawn.


Morocco Bama said...


Great post. Yes, I see. I've been awake since 1990. Thankfully, I was made of the stuff that allowed me to awaken. Sadly, most people aren't made of the right stuff to awaken, and therein lies part of the rub, because we need most people to change the direction of, or stop, this runaway train heading straight towards the abyss.

There are so many "Little Eichmans." The technocratic enablers who gleefully take care of all the dirty little details as they look down their noses at their inferior neighbors and stick another knife in when their inferior neighbor/colleague/fellow human's not looking.

The Holocaust lends a great microcosmic example of our system at large. Think of all the enablers, including some of the Jews themselves, that made it happen. Without those enablers, it was always just a strategy, an idea, a blueprint, because the vested interests are so few in number they couldn't carry off such an abomination on their own. Same goes for the world at large.....and the somnolent sheep haven't the makings to be anything other. I hope it's as painless as much for my children's sake as my own, and all others who are awake and see.


Von Curtis said...

'Our finest minds, so subverted, wage slaves to the masters, earning their crust from wickedness, enjoying their relative prosperity, wallowing in their high opinion of their own cleverness, unbelievably conceited are themselves amongst the worst offenders, the greatest criminals.

They don’t even think about it, such is their conceit.'

I've got a beautiful brilliant sister like that - she is a neurologist, an Anglican priest and a Zen master - and she told me the other day she only wants to help people but she loves the system.