Thursday, December 17, 2009


"There are no strings on me..."

If you are old enough, you might remember the 1950's, when, studies tell us, the happiness of humanity in the western world was at it's peak.

The 1950's were a time when, relieved at the conclusion of a vast war, the people's of the world were in the main hopeful of a lasting peace.

More particularly they saw the great opportunity for change for the better lying ahead of them.
Science was advancing day by day, easing the workload, easing the struggle of daily life.

Humanity could see a future of increased leisure time for all created by advances in production techniques and robotics, by early computing advances, by caring government.

In many western nations the immediate post war governments introduced concepts of universal education, universal health care, pensions for all, sickness and disability support. Industries essential to life were nationalised and run for the public good: coal mining, electricity generation, bus and rail services, hospitals, postal services, telephony.

Other industries were unionised, the collective voice of the workers gaining strength and a better deal set against the blatant profiteering and abuse of worker's rights of the pre-war years and, in the collective memory still, of the Victorian era.

It was a time when humanity had gained an edge in the struggle for true freedom, a time of optimism emerging from hardship, a time when people felt they had a hand in their government, where their vote counted for something.

They felt they could demand change.

They felt that government was their servant, elected to serve the will of the people.
Of course most of it was illusory, but the very expectation that a people could control their own destiny and were masters of their government could, if allowed to continue, grow into the reality.

These, then, were mildly trying times for the elite.

Not financially, of course, for the second world war had left most nations in debt to them and gifted them unbelievable wealth in terms of profits from materials of war and from theft.
Nor either in terms of the lessons of mass control they had learned and their intelligent application by modern instruments of propaganda (about to be revolutionised by television).
Equally, they had advanced their project for one-world government further. They had created their new superpowers of Soviet Russia and the USA, founded their "United Nations" scam, were in possession of the amazing fear-generating capabilities of the Atomic weapon.

They had, too, taken further their control of scientific development and research by private or governmental agency, had gained much from their learning from the sick science of Nazi Germany.

More than that, their science was gaining a more detailed understanding of the human psyche and how to tinker with the very essence of a human being. Black experiments were conducted by greedy and perverse scientists into many different avenues of mind control, these threads of research pulled together, a new and invisible weapon emerging.

It is the application of this learning that has been their most outstanding success of the last few decades. With this project has come their near total mastery of the planet. With this project they are positioning themselves such that they can prevent, for perhaps all time, the emergence of a new humanity, a free humanity, a humanity united by an understanding of fellowship, of partnership, of sharing and giving, a humanity living with the grace of peace, learning a new way forward that would promise a satisfactory compromise with nature and resources, an end to war, an end to pollution, an end to hardship and want, soon perhaps an end to sickness and perhaps to untimely death - or even to death itself.

These things are not even now beyond the wit of man nor beyond what we are capable of achieving. We are a species of immense intelligence, capable of brilliance, accelerating our capabilities by building ever more rapidly upon the successes and learning that we have attained thus far.
But first we have to undo the foul influences that have been orchestrated against us.

It is this very possibility that the elite are working to prevent, have been working to prevent since the beginning.
The interesting comparisons to be made between the 1950’s and now are not those that compare technology nor the consumption of “stuff”.
They are between the very essence of people then and now.

If it hadn’t happened by the steady drip drip drip of perverse control, if you took someone from the 1950’s and set them down in 2009 without them having witnessed the slow but inexorable forces at work they would be astounded and scared by the changes that the elite have wrought on the very essence of humanity.

They would scarcely recognise the witless, apathetic, dumbed down, lethargic, spiritless, uncaring, selfish lumpen mass that most have become. They would be horrified at the lack of idealism, of political engagement. They would be astounded at the loss of the advances in social justice they had made and we now squander. They would be incredulous at the loss of basic freedoms, at the mass of controls of speech and thought that many today barely notice, just automatically comply with.

The devastation of family structures, the loss of a sense of community, the differences ever widening between rich and poor, the number of hours needed to be worked to sustain an ordinary life, the security cameras, the fearfulness, the spite.

They would not believe the wars of empire and resource control that the west now wage.

They would be physically sick at the weasel words of Obama accepting his “Prize”.

Most of all, they would be angry that we’d lost the future they’d dreamed of , worked towards, felt was possible, layed the foundation stones for.

If you know the "Jeeves and Wooster" works of P.G. Wodehouse, you'll recall that the inimitable Jeeves often solved awkward situations by having a knowledge of "the psychology of the individual".

Some dark evil understands this new science well. It has used it as the major part of a decades long program to create the new invisible slavery of the sheeple. They dance and they sing, like Pinnocchio, "there are no strings on me".

But of course there are.


The Seeker said...

I'm sure many of your followers have seen this, but i thought I would post it here to punctuate your comments in the early part of the blog entry regarding how the '50s were such different times. This warning came from a president who had seen it all and wanted to leave with a clear conscience. JFK uttered a similar warning ( included that here too) and was assinated a year after the speech.

Eisenhower Farwell Speach - 1961:

Kennedy warning of secret powers:

We will over come, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, as usual, Olive...

By the way, nice crop circle. As you once said (or at least I think I remember you making similar comment), it's amazing what a couple of drunker farmers can do with a couple of wooden planks and some string.

Keep up the great work. The world is waking from it's deep deep slumber ever so slowly, but waking they are thanks to eloquent and poignant voices like yours.

KathyM said...

Deepak Chopra said in one of his books something like this: "To live in freedom is to live in the 'unknown' every day." Anything and everything is possible when we live not knowing what to expect next.

Problem is, we are automatic people(almost robots). We live to react to everything instead of being proactive. And the elite satan worshippers know how to pull our strings and how we will react.

I hate that about us. I feel the strongest urge ever to get completely off the grid. And I feel frozen as to what to do next to make that happen.

I feel that a shift has taken place inside me and that just talking about it isn't enough anymore. Maybe it's because this whole year is coming to a close and I look back over my efforts to contact my government representatives and see how very useless it was to try. They have an agenda and I can see that it isn't in my best interest, any American's best interest and any other people of the world's best interest.

I've left comments on blogs this year to say shut down the banks, stop paying your debts, stop paying taxes, stop feeding the beast and we will kill it in it's tracks. My family thinks I've developed strange phobias or gone crazy altogether. My neighborhood is not awake to anything. My old co-workers thing I've lost it since not paying bills will ruin my credit score. I have to laugh to myself. What is a good credit score but another shiny bauble they dangle in front of us, and that we spend our adult lives trying to attain and then keep? I say rethink that system. Why did people come to believe they needed to be in debt? Why attain credit? Our whole monetary system is a debt system. It's designed to enslave us. But...I ramble on and that does no good...

Anyone else feeling like it's really time for action? If so, what kind? I don't have a gun nor do I know how to use one. Have you all bugged out to a safe place? Still in the towns and cities trying to wake up the sheeple? What's in your hearts and minds for 2010?

David G. said...

Ah, Mary M, you are not alone.

Right across the cyberworld, bloggers are agitating, trying to get the sheeple to see what is being done to them and to their world.

But sadly many sheeple do not want to see. They are too indoctrinated. They are, as you say, caught like flies in a web in the debt trap.

But global warming could be the wake up call they need, that and the effects of the global financial crisis. Nothing like a bit of hunger or an extreme weather event to focus the mind.

Don't give up. Redouble your efforts. Many are listening. More will follow.

Those who control our world and engage in endless war must be deposed and a more equal, more just world order put in its place.

P.S. Force may be necessary (as it was in France) but hopefully it won't.

Von Curtis said...

Maybe - but the old generation and particularly their oldest baby boomer catholic / anglican children are the one's helping and wanting to bring in this one world religion and one world government to keep control of Israel and keep power in the world. They have always lived in lies and false reality. There are so many lies surrounding the history that we have been taught about WW2 , Germany and Japan they are scared to death of it all coming out.
I'm not sure why you would say Nazis in Germany - they're were plenty of Nazis and still are in Britain, US , Australia , Canada, Argentina etc

They are on a mission to bring their anti christ one world pu bah openly to the throne of power and usher in their age of luciferian bliss. This isn't a political game where they keep the ship together because dammit common people have rights and are needed to hold the order. This is really spooky ancient religious fervor and madness.

So are there thousands? yes, thousands and thousands that will do virtually any insane act of mass violence in the name of their religion concerning the light bearer. And then there are millions who will be under their influence and follow their commands.

Helena said...

Are you fucking kidding me?? if you were white maybe it was a good time but what if you were black? Ha. did you forget all the lynchings of black pleople that were going on. Another overprivilage white ass. You know what I want the ptb to hurry up and make us their sheeple because then we will all be in the same boat. No one to boast that their race is superior. We will all be microchipped and working like machines, better that then some white ass talking about a good time that was hell for black people

fucking retard

OLive Farmer said...

Hi Helena, love to you,
You'll find my thoughts on race throughout my blog.
I sincerely hope you can find a way to rid yourself of your bitterness.
Everybody feels bitter and angry about something, usually something gifted to them by the elite. Skin colour driven hatred is one of them.
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

Awareness is good, Fear is bad.

engineer said...

If you are sufficiently old, you recall how patriotic groups, circa 1943, would hold “war bond” promotions downtown on Main Street. The cost was $17 plus some cents and matured at $25 (10 years, 3 or 4 percent). This was necessary to sustain the cost of the war.

But the laws of economics have changed. There is now no limit. True, the US increased the public debt by $1.88 trillion ($15,000 per tax unit) in 2009, but that can be paid back over several generations (that is, if there is any left after the $3000 per tax unit that goes to paying interest on the debt). Quite frankly, there probably won’t be such (generations), and this is the point of the money tree. No tomorrow approach.