Saturday, 23 May 2009

Upon consulting my dictionary for a definition of “maverick” I discovered that it’s primary definition was “a stray animal without an owners brand”. I think of all the other meanings this one describes myself most fittingly. I’ve never felt part of the herd. I’ve always drawn away from anyone who wished to “mark me with their sign“, commonly but not exclusively within the many corporate organisations where I plied my trade and tried to keep from being so revolted by them long enough to dig myself out of the last debt I got into when I chucked my last job. Eventually, not long after Blair obeyed his puppeteers and launched the unethical and illegal slaughter fest of Afghanistan and then Iraq, I decided I could no longer wear the brand of my whole tribe and left Britain.
This, I recognise, was an act of cowardice. What I should have done was stay in the fight and try and do something, but of course being a stray without an owners brand I couldn’t see myself ever joining a political party. I’d disagree with everyone, quickly grow to despise the lackeys and lickspittles looking for advancement, distrust the leaders and their motivations, wonder who was behind the scenes pulling the strings (and probably drawing the teeth). In short I would soon hand in my membership card. Nothing achieved, maverick to the last.
Someone, somewhere, has a deep understanding of the maverick type. They understand that often the maverick is someone who thinks outside of the square, the inventor, the creator of new ideas. They consider the maverick dangerous, but they understand that there are three easy ways to deal with them: buy them if they become influential, encourage them to argue with each other so they have no unified sense of purpose and so never become influential, or kill them if they get too close.
This is a serious situation. The ruling elite have access to the most sophisticated and best equipped and most amoral murdering machines that mankind in all its beauty have ever managed to create. As unthinkingly vicious as the Nazi death machine and as well oiled, but with more modern equipment. On the one hand they can call upon the likes of the CIA black ops legions, on the other the criminal syndicates that control the lower end of their drug operations. Of course, money can buy death in many ways, and does so. Power, too, can give death in many ways and has the added advantage of being able to do it in such a way that the public approve, having been told what to think by the media.
Considering the mavericks of fame and yore, the Kennedy’s and King’s of this world, considering the forty odd microbiologists who have met untimely and unusual ends, considering the strange demise of Dr David Kelly, considering the numbers of people connected to recent US presidents who have met accidental and premature ends, considering the 90 children murdered in the latest large Afghanistan bombing raid, considering the masses that have died since September 11th in the spurious war on terror, considering all these and many , many more the conclusion one is forced to arrive at is that the ruling elite operate at a level of murderous psychopathy that is unbounded by any sense of morality.
So what’s new? From Ghenghis Khan to Stalin, Hitler and Mao, Bush and Blair, many before and more to come, the world has ever been ruled by the same beast. The beast preys upon the weak and devours his enemies, prides himself on causing the maximum hardship and grief to the maximum number of people. It is as if a bloodline which is not human has sustained a continuous and unbroken sovereignty over the world for all of time.
I often sit on a mountainside and try to conjour a vision of the world without these “people”. A world without usury, a world where the drug companies really try to find a cure for illnesses, a world where the police catch criminals and leave non criminals alone, a world where all the atomic weapons are dismantled, a world where dangerous pollutants stop being created, a world where food and water don’t contain poison, a world where more is spent on saving life than on killing people, where armed forces become international rescue forces, a world where fear is banished, a world where families can grow in peace and love, where our elderly are cared for and respected and our young are treasured and smiled upon, a world where giving takes precedence over taking, where kindness, love, amity and the comfort and security of friendship, where generosity and forgiveness and tolerance prevail. It’s a brave new world I sense is coming after all this time, one that has its roots in the now and a long and happy future beginning soon.
So how does a maverick, a sheep without a brand, do something to help create such a world? And if you are reading this you are almost certainly a maverick, (or else a lackey and lickspittle of the elite and should be ashamed of yourself). The answer lies, I believe, in understanding the tactics of our rulers. They can buy us, divide us, or kill us. They can’t buy us if we refuse to be bought, they can’t divide us if we have only one issue on which we all agree and refuse even to discuss amongst ourselves any other issue, and they can’t kill us all (although I guess they’d like to kill quite a lot of us ,as we’re cluttering up their planet).
The one issue should be that, at every election in the world in countries where elections are held, electors choose only candidates who are not and never have been members or affiliates of political parties.
The rallying cry : “Start Again”
So, if you’re reading this and consider yourself a good person, let your local “Start Again” candidate be YOU!
A political movement without any policies other than one: get rid of these thieving, murderous, psychopathic swine. Remove them from the world stage of power and their access to the weapons and structures of states, stop the flow of money to them and through the law take back from them what they have arrived at illegally. Let’s make that brave new world.

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