Sunday, May 24, 2009

Path to Glory

Olive Farmer is an occupation, not a name. I use it as my nom de plume because for the first time in my life I have found peace and joy in work. The peace and joy come from the communion with nature, the beauty of the wholeness of creation, the satisfying tiredness after a day’s labour, the inspiring panorama, from the essence of life exuded by the trees which we are care-taking. Three hundred years old, two of which we have served.
The olive has become a symbol of peace and love, of reconciliation and salvation. It gives food and glorious life enhancing oil to man, growing in the most arid and inhospitable environments to give life and vitality to the landscape and all life forms that benefit from its venerable growth. I take the olive tree as a symbol, too, of the future. The future begins tomorrow, but the future to which I am specifically referring is the future we all of us dream of, the future that is very nearly upon us, the future that we are lucky to have the opportunity to bring into being.
It has fallen to us, citizens of the world of the now, young and old, strong and infirm, black and white , male and female, all of us so fortunately placed in the great span of time that we can become the founding fathers and mothers of the dawn of a new age for mankind.
We all of us know that there is a terrible wrong in the world. A terrible cancer that has festered for millennia. An all pervasive wickedness that drives all harm, that truly signifies the apocalyptic visions of man: war, pestilence, famine and death. There has never been a time without these virulent and infectious evils, such that mankind cannot imagine a life without them, cannot conceive of life without them. The fourth of them, death, is centred in our consciousness and accepted as fact. It is not fact.
The word “apocalypse” comes form the Greek anglicised as “apocalypses “ which means “the lifting of the veil”.
The veil is lifting now. The citizens of the earth are increasingly becoming aware that there is no need for pestilence, there is no need for war, there is no need for famine. That there is a force of evil which drives each of these without which they would not exist. The same, believe me , is true of death. It is an imposition upon us by the evil force that straddles the world and enslaves mankind with it‘s tools of control: usury, fear, engineered ignorance, racism, religions, party politics, armies, police, civil servants, the trappings and instruments of state and the control of the mind.
Your part in the lifting of the veil and the new beginning is not a small one. You are fortunate to have been given the chance to be at the forefront, spreading the word, opening the eyes of the people, bringing to them the message of the new future that is nearly upon us. Don’t be distracted into petty squabbles between one another, use your time, energy and what courage you have and what resources you have to bring the message.
Above all, show people that the evil exists, and show people that love can overcome this evil. Do not take the instruments of evil and try to fight evil with them. Love each and every man as your brother. Start now, the future is very nearly with you. In years and years to come in our brave new world think with what humility you will be able to ponder your contribution as a founding father and mother of that brave new world.
Now go do it.

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