Friday, 29 May 2009

May you live in interesting times.....

Let’s scatter some monkeys!
The Chinese know a thing or two about proverbs. I thought it might be nice to look at some of them, especially the three curses that begin with:
“May you live in interesting times”
The world is run by criminals. The criminal warmongering and war profiting usurious luciferian baby murdering elite masters that exercise their evil control over the politicians and lawmakers of the world , and those puppet politicians ,their servants or slaves, that are busy fulfilling their program of driving us to the Apocalypse and to the mass control matrix of the fifth Reich.
That they are criminals is unarguable. A review might be worthwhile, if only to remind us:
No1: Top of the list must go to mass murder. The British and American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, over 1.3 million dead and many more leading blighted lives as refugees. Any thinking person will acknowledge that the events of 9/11 (c.3,000 dead), even if not a “false flag” operation (the “new Pearl Harbour“ called for by PNAC), by simple mathematics have been more than avenged. And yet they persist, and the spread is about to widen into Pakistan, Iran and probably from there to the entire globe, repeating the blood fest of the first two global wars-but with a far more dangerous arsenal.
May you live in interesting times.
No2: Must go to “FEAR”. Right across the globe the elite and their greedy and pathetic political puppets waste no opportunity to induce fear in the public. Fear of terrorists, fear of global pandemic, fear of economic catastrophe, fear of global warming, fear of terminal illnesses, fear of global nuclear war, the list goes on. Like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming juggernaut, the sheeple mentally freeze. They’ll agree to anything if they are given something to fear. The loss of civil liberties won over millennia of struggle by our forefathers which now make it almost impossible to publicly protest about governments and the people that run them. The “War on Terror”, that fabulous invisible enemy , giving “just cause” to genocide and baby murder. The list goes on and on. Be afraid, be very afraid, it helps them get what they want.
May you live in interesting times.
No 3: Straight theft, but on a grand scale. I’m still amazed at the numbers of people that do not understand that the global banking system is owned by a few elite bloodline families and that most governments do not issue their own money but borrow it from these blood sucking usurers. They have achieved this state of affairs after many ,many years of plotting, blackmail, murder and political chicanery. Today, every child born in the UK owes them £30,000 the day they are born as a share of the national debt. A child’s birth certificate records that child as an asset of the UK Corporation and the child immediately assumes responsibility for the debt. Just how long do you think it took the elite blood suckers to get that system into place? This world domination business is a long, long game. The recent bank bailouts saw governments the world over borrowing money off the banksters to pay to the banksters in the greatest fraudulent robbery of all time. It’s as if they had broken into your house and taken $50,000 from a shoebox under your bed, then woken you up and told you not to object because it will be good for you in the long run. And guess what? Most people believe it.
May you live in interesting times.
I could go on and on. Torture. Kidnapping and holding against the will. Rape. Poisoning. Blackmail. Drug running on a grand scale. On and on Ad Nauseam.
We truly do live in interesting times, and my guess is we ain’t seen nothing yet.
“May you come to the attention of those in authority”
The second of this increasingly ominous set of curses has already happened to me, for writing this, and to you, for reading it. It is almost impossible these days for anyone who objects in any way to the genocidal thieves that run the world and their lackies and lickspittles in the police, the security services, the civil services and any of a thousand more busybody apparatchik organisations to avoid their intense watchfulness.
You now live in a society where, without warrant or due cause, your movements are monitored all day every day. Your telephone calls and emails are monitored and recorded. You will soon be required to carry and show upon request identification that carries biometric information about you. If you come into contact with the police, your DNA will be taken and stored. There is no way you can avoid their watchfulness.
“May you come to the attention of those in authority”
Sold to the “sheeple” with the “it’s for your protection and safety” lie, defended by the foolish with their “if you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s nothing to fear” claptrap, this ever more pervasive web of control has a purpose. Those that rule us are frightened that sooner or later they will be found out and objected to. They fear that they will be arrested, tried and hung for their crimes. They fear that their illegally acquired masses of wealth will be taken from them. Most of all they fear losing the control they have enjoyed for probably millennia.
Like all predators, what they fear most is that the herd will turn and crush them. This fear drives them to ever increase their instruments of control and to ally and co-opt more and more servants to their evil empire, people who share their guilt and are accomplices to their “common purpose”. Witness the poor greedy thieves in the British Houses of Parliament, working diligently for the great force of evil that spans the world for a few grubby fiddles, sharing the guilt, dipping their snouts in the trough for a few thousand pounds and a fat pension for life, a trough full to the brim with the blood of the dead babies of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Witness the coppers beating protestors, increasingly aware that they can do anything they like to you, even arrest you without charge and imprison you as a terrorist without evidence. Or get you carried away by MI 5 or the CIA to be tortured and buggered until you die. If it wasn’t true, one would think it was some sort of sick joke.
“May you come to the attention of those in authority”
Unfortunately, history teaches us that there is never a shortage of recruits to organisations like the SS. Never a shortage of volunteers to be camp guards at the Belsens and Auschwitzes of history, never a shortage of neighbours willing to spy on neighbours. All power corrupts, even the pettiest and most small minded.
“May you find what you are looking for”
The culmination of the three curses doesn’t sound that bad, does it? I often used to say to people “be careful of what you REALLY want, because that’s exactly what you’ll get”.
Same thing, different words. The reason the last curse is such a frightening prospect is because the author, whoever that was, had a deep understanding of the sheeple, of most people. What most people really want is a life free of fear. Can you imagine a life free of fear? Most of us live in a state of being overwhelmed by fear: money worries, job worries, health worries, relationship worries, fear of terrorism, identity theft, mugging, robbery, war, biological warfare, breasts or penises too small, bum too big the list is endless. The media do everything they possibly can to reinforce these fears, constantly barraging us with stories that reinforce our fears and sense of inadequacy. It’s as if the people in charge of the media understand that if we aren’t constantly worried, we might start to think for ourselves and make the world a completely different and better place. And of course, that’s exactly what they do understand.
So why is “may you find what you are looking for” so bad? Simply because most people’s fears are in direct response to the frightening things created by the bastards that run things, and the escape route offered to them (ie what they want) is always offered by those same bastards, and is the very thing the elite wanted in the first place. It’s the Hegelian dialectic: problem- reaction- solution. The maker of the problem is also the provider of the solution we are instructed by the press and media to want, and the solution is always a terrible, terrible thing. Ask an Iraqi mother.
There’s one more Chinese proverb I really like:
“When a tree falls, the monkeys scatter”.
The tree is about to fall. The elite have gone too far. The apocalypse (the “lifting of the veil” in Greek) is happening right now. They won’t go without a struggle. They won’t go without trying to inflict a vindictive harm upon us for daring to challenge them. Many of us will hurt. Many will be lost. But the future will be ours, brothers and sisters of the human race.
Let’s make those monkeys scatter.


  1. "When living under a insane reign that is to dangerous to resist openly, it's better to use your time to gather strength and conceal your resisting ability". Lao-Tsé

    "To us all towns are one, all men our kin. Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill Man's pains and pains' relief are from within. Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !"

    Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C

  2. Thank you for sharing your 'wisdom of a sage' filled article.

    As one of the anti-war, anti-nuclear, peace activists from Hawaii, I admire your truth, your writing and pronounced clarity.

    Your article has been posted on the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk news on the web to many, many friends, others in Hawaii, other nations and the world.

    You're welcome to submit your articles too at or

    Amelia Gora

  3. I'm enjoying the accounts of the bucolic life of an Olive farmer a bit more than the other stuff I have to say...and here in this post it seems we have something in common and that's a enjoyment of Chinese proverbs, my "Olive Grove" has been Shanghai for the last 15 years. There's one Chinese proverb I like, it's "Zuo Jing Guang Tian" it literally means "sit well watch sky" and it refers to the limited or incomplete view of the world a frog has sat in the bottom of his well. I think we all to different degrees sit in our own metaphorical well with an incomplete view of the world.