Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Pyramids and Power

I might disappoint you if you expect this article to be about the ancient pyramids and ziggurats and their purported phenomenal ability to maintain the edge on a razor. The article addresses the power structures that have historically ordered the relationships of mankind, and suggests a solution to the world’s problems.
The problem with finding a solution to the world’s problems has hitherto been one of complexity, there being so many problems and so many potential solutions, and so many different points of view and so many divisions of interest that nothing has ever been achieved. So when I come to the solution, I’ll keep it very simple.
For thousands of years people have lived, almost everywhere, under a pyramidical power structure such that it is hard, now, for anyone to conceive of any other way to do things. At the same time they seek to find answers that revert to the same structure as if that is the only way.
Historically we’ve lived under monarchies, supported by a structure of nobles and lesser nobility with the great mass of people landless and in poverty at the bottom. We’ve lived under religious rulers, supported by a structure of clerics, with the great mass of people landless and in poverty at the bottom. We’ve lived under so called democracies, with a political elite and their supporting structures, with most of us landless and in poverty at the bottom. We’ve lived under dictators, both fascist and communist (as if there was a difference). Now we live under the rule of usurers, with their supporting cast of lackey politicians and corporate bully boys, with the great mass of people at the bottom, landless and poor as usual.
It may well be that we’ve always lived under the rule of an invisible oligarchy that has manipulated the various monarchs and religious leaders and dictators and democracies and maybe they have always been the same bloodlines, the same families of ruthless and bloody handed killers. However long they have been in charge, their greatest achievement has been to convince people that the only way to organise is to adopt their pyramidic system. It is almost impossible to think of any organisation that does not reflect this structure, that does not follow the pyramid of power system. There’s always a large number of people at the bottom with no power and a small number at the top with all of it, and usually all of the money too. Whenever we try to organise ourselves differently we end up arguing between ourselves and inevitably the same old pyramid structure emerges, with some ruthless bastard sitting at the top trying their very hardest to make life uncomfortable for the rest of us. Of course, if there really is a dynastic secret power elite (and it’s more than a distinct probability) then all they have to do to control the rest of us is make sure that they control the shits who have risen to the top of all the world’s little pyramids of power. And of course if any of those shits get too big for their boots, or decide not to play the game, they kill them.
This structure is so ingrained in our mentalities that whenever we seek change (by political means usually) we organise in such a way that history inevitably repeats itself, a shit floats to the top and is brought into their fold, or a good person wins through and they use whatever they can to take control of them, be it blackmail or bribery or threats of some sort or, failing all else, murder. The list of such unhappy endings of great and inspiring leaders is very long, from before Jesus to after Kennedy. One wonders how the world would look if they had all been allowed to live and grow old and been given the chance to fulfil their dreams.

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