Sunday, September 17, 2017

First Novel by the Olive Farmer

The first novel by the Olive Farmer is now available on, erm, Amazon.
"Gift" by Peter Westwood.

It's a thriller set in the world we understand, a world of dark forces controlling humanity, dark forces that are utterly ruthless, that use terror and fake news to control human consciousness. It's also a novel about humanheartedness, about bravery and self-sacrifice, about humanity finding something that unites them, about the Evolution of our species as we approach our destiny.
Buy a copy and help support this blog:
Amazon UK

Amazon US

It will also be on other Amazon sites, both paperback and Kindle versions.

If you like the book, please don't be shy about putting some feedback on Amazon!
Thanks and love to all,
OLive Farmer
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rainbowsophie said...

Book purchased and looking forward to having an interesting read :) xx

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you very much, Rainbowsophie. I hope you like it.
If you do, please help to spread the word!
Love to you,
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Olive,

Let me know what you think about this?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Olive, to you and your family. Hope the new year brings you joy, abundance and love.
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your writing.
Are you aware of these..
Steve Gamble, Shopping For Spirit articles.

The God Series, Mike Hockney