Thursday, September 7, 2017

Meaningless work, busy busy busy doing nothing

As we have pointed out many times here, it is essential that our masters DO NOT allow us free time, it is essential that our species does not benefit from automation, it is essential that families are not allowed one parent at home to raise a family.
They sack workers when they introduce robots, rather than reduce the workers hours and pay them the same so that all benefit from automation.
Since the 1940's, they have deliberately inflated property prices so that one parent cannot sustain a household. They have inflated the relative costs of everything else for the same reason. This was a century long project. They plan FAR ahead, our masters.
They have deliberately managed the unemployed figures and filled the western world with countless unworthy jobs, many of them government jobs spent pushing paper in relation to regulation or law, almost NONE of them to do with what we really need: Good healthy food, a good home, decent clothes, things fixed that break.
What we also need, of course, is time.
Time and places to go and relax with our friends.
The smoking ban, the drink driving ban, both seemingly good ideas have wrecked many meeting-place businesses, closed many bars, added to the effects of the anti-social smartphones we grow ever further apart.
Someone else has noticed this, finally: