Saturday, September 2, 2017

There are NO races.

Between 99.0% and 99.9% of human DNA is common to all human beings.

We Are one tribe, separated by tiny genetic differences that, in the scheme of things, are utilised to make us hate each other.

Popular DNA testing services now render ANY race war more evidently stupid than they were already.
Here's a white supremacist getting the bad news he's a tad black:
Here's a famous "black" artist getting the news he's just a tad white, quite a bit "native american"

Rarely, in some particularly closed island communities, where no anscestor ever travelled, where a rigid belief system controlled marriage outside of a community, you'll get a 100% type.
These are so rare as to be inconsequential.
We Are a species that develops communities, places where we have chosen to live together and chosen how we live together, developing traditions and accepted behaviours.
Where we used to live in England we lived in a place that had a more than 50% 'immigrant' population.
When we return to that place we find the community has changed little, that each component element of the whole community has adopted some of the social attitudes of the others, but that they identify now, after a few generations, as people of that place rather than people of a different place who happen to live there.
The place is now their home.
It hasn't changed much.
Just got a little richer from new stuff coming in, old stuff going out.

That we really fear each other because of skin colour is a taught behaviour.
That we hate each other is a product of history, of centuries of Empire Building by the power, sending subjects out to subjugate, to steal, to commit genocide, to murder our tribal understandings of how we should live with one another, of how we share one home.

Go to Youtube and watch a few 'DNA Test Results".
Open your eyes.
Subjugated and divided by an inhuman elite.
Inhuman because they do what almost all humans would never do unless made to.
They kill babies.
At this present moment, we let them, we even contribute to that activity.
This is how low we have got.
It's time to take back our world.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

The last couple of minutes tell us how we should feel about what we are.

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Thanks Olive,
Very cool!!
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