Sunday, March 4, 2018


We met in the place you find between sleeping and wakefulness
Between one world and the other
This reality and truth

With unspoken words I asked for explanation
And the answers drifted into my drowzy perception
And I gained comfort from them

"You see, I Am the Alpha and the Omega,
The darkness and the light
The black and the white
I am the energetic spark seen when sperm meets egg
And, at the final reduction of all things
I Am the vibration that orders and reorders matter
I Am the ebb and the flow, the tides and their turning
I Am your darkest fears and your heart's yearning
I Am a billion years and a second
A Planck length and infinity
Gravity and flame

With a thousand thousand points of light
My servants mislead you through this dark night
And in this foul maze of my construction
Time and again you know destruction
Tempted, you relent
Offered ease, the path less rocky, you choose
Each and every one of you errs
And in each choosing gift harm to another
And, by doing evil, come to know evil

And so learn Love

All are the givers and receivers of harm
And when we meet in that place between consciousness and sleep
Between sunset and sunrise
Where the seeking soul sheds its earthly constraints
Forgets the clothing of learning
Sheds the worthless skin of knowledge
Where the bones of fact and the sinew of certainty disintegrate
And, naked of this learned and false reality you rise
Becoming the essence
There you find the purpose of pain
The reason for grief
There you understand the savagery  
And see clear the lessons you have learned

And in that place you realise your own true nature
You see that the human brain simulates your own
That it gives the apparency of functioning at ten per cent of its capacity
But that every neuron is firing, every cell has a function
And that billions of cells, billions of minds
Once connected
Form a whole immeasurably greater than the sum of its parts

You see that there is no other, just a single intelligence
Forming an ineffability
You might call humanity

And We Are becomes I Am

And in that place you see
That which is not yet clear but emerging
And another million lives are lived, in less than a moment
In the figment of time
So that you might be born

The entity called humanity

You see, you are parts of a whole made separate
Observe your earthly body and see the lesson therein
It is a community, a miracle of diversity
Countless billions of entities living and dying every moment
The cells you were born with are all dead
Yet what you think of as you lives on

So it is with humanity
In its true, singular form
You are a child in conception
Thinking and acting as individual entities
You live, you die, you believe
Never seeing how you exist as a whole
That none can be without the others
Because you lacked, until now, the neural pathways
The synapses and transmitters connecting the neurons

That which makes  billions of minds
Become one mind
One Will

And each mind knows good
And each mind knows evil
Billions of opinions shape the whole
But the whole, once it realises its singular nature
Will quickly find the distillation
The essence of humanity
And find that it is good
That it cares
That it
Is Love
Is Humanheartedness

And you ask why things seem so dark these days
How it is you cannot trust
Why it is you fear
Yet you know that in birth there is pain

You are near, now
The waters have broken
Cell by cell  your single human mind is forming
Cell by cell you are becoming one consciousness
The hive mind that will come to know itself as Humanity

You will see that you have been learning
That each part of the whole knows evil
That all of so-called history has been a single lesson
So that the collective consciousness chooses good
And is wary of the deceptions and the attractiveness of evil
Wise to its ways
Such that evil can be eradicated

I have so shaped the world, this womb
So that humanity, when born
Knows all there is to know

Do no harm
Do good
Be Humanhearted
That is all you need

And you ask me what is the next step
Because you see the power of evil
And fear its terrible machinations
And see how many are believers of great lies
And how by these lies they are driven to harm
Yet I need not answer
For there is a certainty to your destiny
And you are close

There is  a virus in the body of humanity
Its name is evil
I know, because I placed it there
But however powerful it seems
It is merely a parasite
It has no energy without the energy humanity has granted it
And will wither and die The Moment you decide to deprive it of that energy
The greatest lesson you have had to learn
Is how to recognise evil
And how to end it

Its blood is the dark magick that is money
Simply stop believing in it and it will die

Its sinew is usury
Simply stop paying the interest and it will die

Those great essentials to its vitality rob the virus of its power to tempt, to bribe, to corrupt
So rob it of its energetic force

There is in the world stuff, and human effort, and easy ways to share, easy ways to do what is needed, and you do these things already, and can see that you do

The hive mind that is humanity will quickly understand this
Nothing is difficult
There is nothing that cannot be done

The virus thrives on hierarchy
Powerless if humanity chooses not to form a part of that hierarchy

It thrives on fake beliefs, on legendary lies sold as truth, on images and symbols of authority
The hive mind that is humanity sees these great lies for what they are
Things meant to keep you separate
To slow the progress towards the birth of Humanity 
Today, you squabble and kill for these beliefs
Tomorrow you will not

Throughout history you have been given false beliefs
And when you saw through them
New beliefs were fashioned to take their place
Now, those beliefs will lose their power over you
And you will step into the light of your own Humanity
Your own, innate understanding of good and evil
Not as individuals within the mind that is becoming
But as the entity
The totality
The essence and the sum of the parts 

And in the Moment when you cast aside the detritus that hampers your progress
When as a single connected human mind you decide to simply cease to cooperate with evil
So in that Moment will your true humanheartedness flower
And humanity will be full of joy

So believe in yourselves
Understand the path which you have travelled
See with clarity that which needs to be done

The connections are there now
Use them
The Moment is approaching
Humanity will be born."

(We received a gift recently from a benefactor, Paul J,  prompting this and to whom it is dedicated with our thanks. Timely?) 



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