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Our thoughts on the nature of reality and the stage humanity is at in the game, taking ideas of reality as a computer generated system and of God and the creator, discussing evil, discovering what must be done .

The creator, God-being or machine, made this place from information.

The “screen” of this reality is a submersive 4 dimensional entity, time being the fourth dimension.

Reality is shaped of sub-atomic particles dancing to the tune of the core programme, 'simple' cellular automata giving eventual rise to novelty especially through interference and interaction.
We have yet to discover the medium in which they subsist, but perhaps the medium is the dark energy which they say exists but can't find. Dark energy is the medium, the binding force, the signal carrier, creating reality where we look at it.

Within the “game” time is an expression of processing speed. A million “years” might pass in a second of 'real' processing time. The faster the processor, the more reality can be created in a short time. The history of creation could be only a few seconds of real time here in the machine.

DNA is the signature proof of this genesis.
Quantum physics shows its probability.
Together these sciences represent a lifting of the veil, the passage of humanity from one stage to the next. They prove that everything we thought we understood is wrong, that in fact our journey is only just beginning.

Our consciousness interacts with reality we now know. The tree makes no noise when it falls if there is no observer. The cat only exists, alive or dead, when we open the box.

The dark energy medium is a single entity, always every part connected with every other part. Spooky. Light speed cannot be compared to instantness.

That we exist, creatures capable of unpicking this rebus, shows that we are meant to.

The accident that was supposed to have fine-tuned the universe to enable life stands no chance against the evidence. This reality was no accident.

Don't assume your life is predetermined. It is an expression of novelty, without which we would collectively stagnate. You are unavoidably a part of the whole, a cog in the machine, the machine being the collective human consciousness that “visions” reality into being. Without this collective consciousness there would be nothing here.

What do I mean? We experimentally show, in effect, that things don't exist unless we observe them. Think of a soccer game, with 40,000 spectators, a million more watching on TV. It takes all of us to make that happen. Sure, the players were born and grew. The builders made the stadium. The technicians laid the wires, the farmers grew the food, on and on, we collectively created the game in this reality.
But further: The game exists only in our consciousness. Reality only exists in the mind, fed data via the meat machine that carries it through reality, that meat machine made of atoms that don't really exist unless we observe them.
Our consciousnesses could exist in a nexus of processor functionality. On a quantum computer we could all exist in a square millimetre. The 'brain in a jar' idea, quantised.

What's it all for?
There are three potential purposes:
  1. We humans, in the future, faced extinction and chose to digitise our existence. We should ask why evil could be allowed to flourish if this is the case? Why not programme it out? We should ask why pain wasn't replaced with eg a discolouring of skin at affected sites on the body? We should ask why each “Life” in the game is so short, even for the winners? We should ask why the game isn't better, when anything could have been created? Maybe we chose to exactly copy what we had, for some stupid reason? Maybe the designers made the game so that for all eternity “they'd” be rich, “they” would rule? Imagine if the machine's creator were Bill Gate's company. Don't you think he'd make sure he got the best deal in the game?
  2. In the future we still have death, so we build the game. Then the owners of the game sell entry to the game to the very elderly or very sick for profit. In both case 1 and case 2 there is, for example, the possibility that the designers build in privilege for themselves. Perhaps they alone know they are reborn time and time again and retain their memories? They could be heroic and die with certainty that they'd be back. They could arrange matters in the game to ensure their superiority, be born as Princes, be born with special skills in football or music, whatever. Maybe they alone get to choose each time they get a new life in the game?They might also reshape the downloaded conciousness of their “customers” to respond to eg symbols, gifting them absolute power. Like a sub-routine in the programme that only they have the knowledge of, expressed via symbols and perhaps words, that makes us call them Your Highness and go down on one knee and love them even when they slaughter our children. (Which, interestingly, seems to be the case). They might also keep to themselves a system of reshaping reality from within the game. This we would call magick, and be taught from birth was just a fairy tale.
  3. The third option is the God Option. The game was created by a God Being or a God Machine. The creator could, if it so chose, eliminate evil, eliminate pain, grant longer lives etc. It did not. Therefore we must enquire WHY?

No one would really want options 1 or 2 to be true, because this would mean we are locked for all eternity in a rigged game and humanity has no chance of ever perfecting the experience for all the players. History so far would have us lean towards that concept. That is our experience to date.

Most would prefer option 3, because at least we can hope the creator is giving us the chance, or is testing us? Is offering us the understanding of good and evil so that we grow better over time? If these conjectures are true then perhaps the creator engineers evil as deliberate policy? Whatever, perhaps we lean as a species towards the idea of God because deep down we KNOW. Is this why so many of us seek Him (Her/It).

Are there Avatars amongst us, operating on a different wavelength, creating evil because left to our own devices we'd only achieve naughtiness? (Oddly, is this the cause of the digital “reptilian” stuff we observe? Are our cameras so HD now that they can't process the Avatars in the same way they process the rest of creation? Is there a lot more code in the Avatars?)

Quantum computing people tell us there are other dimensions which can be seen into by these machines. Are we getting close to building the same sort of device used by the creator? Are these dimensions simply other, slightly different, iterations of the game? (Cue the “Mandela” effect!)

The quantum computers are black monoliths. Were Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke avatars, making the movie '2001, a Space Odyssey' a clue to the purpose or nature of reality? Could this be true of the Matrix and 13th Floor movies?
Is the creator sowing information for us to discover as the game moves towards the closing sequences?

Physics, (or avatars purporting to be physicists?), tells/tell us that reality is impacted by consciousness, created by it, affected by it.

This is where the bullshit “The Secret” came from, though one wonders what those that do real Magick understand of shaping 'nature' in accordance with will (as Crowley described).
They also speak of the time approaching when the “word” must be spoken, and the Bible tells us “in the beginning was the word”. Hmm.

Do not dismiss Magick. You are taught by Disney that it's just fantasy, and we know all about Disney.
For all of history rulers have done business and kept close those adept at Magick. If you don't know about demon summoning, research the lives of John Dee (the original 007 centuries ago, friend and spy for the first Queen Elizabeth), Isaac Newton's late-life obsession, the work of Dietrich Eckhart with Hitler, Carl Jungs 'Red Book', Crowley and his connections across the planet, the attempt at Babalon Working by L Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) and Jack Parsons (founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA). A string of geniuses, all connected to the world's most powerful, all leaving legacies that live on and shape our world. Research “Thule Society”, the “Golden Dawn”, Ordo Templi Orientalis”, “Skull and Bones” and see how the powerful and super-bright are sharing an interest in something that YOU are taught is just fantasy. Read the Wiki-pedo-ia entry about “satanic panic” , and understand that there IS absolutely and without doubt a worldwide network of very powerful people, aided by judges, the police, social services and politicians at all levels in an intricate and leak-proof web dedicated to stealing our children, raping and killing them ritually in the name of Lucifer or Satan.
The Wiki entry demonstrates how they close ranks, using every tentacle of the power structure from politicians to academics and the media to the police and judiciary. They murder or incarcerate whistle-blowers. For any truth seeker this is the very glue that knits together the power structure of the world and extends its tentacles into our reality. That glue is Satanic Magick, fed by the blood of innocence, ritually shed and shared.

In this digitised reality, what does this mean, this existence of the purest evil that we collectively do almost nothing to put a stop to?
How is it that we as a species have allowed into our collective-consciousness-created world space such utter EVIL, how have we allowed such utter evil to take control of human destiny to such an extent that our world is in constant fear?
We forever have allowed the bad people to take power and rape the rest of us. We are the toys of these creatures. What are they?

As I guessed at above, they are Avatars placed in this reality to teach us the very worst forms of Evil. Look at the world and see. We call such evil “inhumanity” for a reason. That reason is that the base state of humanity is good.
We are conditioned, by the media's constant sharing of examples of bad human behaviour, by the creation by our masters of war and terrorism, by the 'global warming' scam, that humans are bad creatures and don't really deserve this place, that it would be better without us, that there are bad genes that need expunging and 95% of us carry those bad genes.
5% of us carry those bad genes, and of those 5% most are evil because of the way our reality has shaped them through circumstance.
True EVIL exists only in the 1% of 1% and the psychopaths they find to join them.

We could shrug them off in a moment, but only if we seven billion act together.

In this blog I speak of a shared soul of humanity, that every human being is born with the understanding of love (not as an emotion, but as a state of being). I speak of how this core gets walled around by the body-mind, the shell consciousness responding to programmes, those programmes being the false reality created by EVIL. I speak of a different world, perhaps just a generation away, where we have reverted to a tribal consciousness, a one-world global tribe called humanity, where we select our guides (not rulers) from amongst us choosing the good and the wise and the loving, how that would set love at the core of our being, how we could reshape our institutions to eradicate the evil that has reality in its grip, how if we were vigilant and acted as a hive-mind, a unified humanity against the common enemy of evil, how we could dismantle the structures that evil has enshrouded us with (the hierarchies, the false beliefs, the money, the nationalism, the racism) and emerge as a new species. We would be brothers and sisters sharing a single project, the collective co-creation of a better world and, through time, this would become our paradigm.

I think this understanding is the purpose of the game, to discover the power of love, to unleash our core programming and shed the viruses that plague us.
The evil seems all powerful.
It would become as dust under the feet of seven billion souls.

I refer my few readers to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I don't believe the Jews made this sick reality, I believe the force of evil made it and is using the Jews as a scapegoat and very often its bright (but not bright enough) instruments.

In reality neither matters because in this document we learn from a century ago the strategy of evil and can readily see its pertinence in today's false reality, how everything in it has come true, how the conscious minds of humanity have been shaped evil with deliberate intent, how our weakness derives from the discord and division the EVIL creates, how we cannot trust the alternative media and must understand its true nature.

We also learn that they fear the rising of a new humanity, a global consciousness, (from which we understand the alternative media's utter loathing of globalism).

Speaking of clues, remember, the meek will inherit the earth.

Those that lack courage individually but discover it en masse, those that do not seek power but just want a life without want so that they can share love, those who are charitable, those that are not greedy, those willing to share, those willing to help.
This is the true nature of humanity, a species whose image has been shaped by the media to appear without redeeming character when in fact billions of us are instinctively good.
Free of the systems imposed upon us, we would and could build a wonderful future, the first human civilisation, shape with our unified conscious intent a world of love.

From that place we would advance at a vast speed. The free sharing of knowledge alone, the lack of monetary value to knowledge and truth would accelerate our progress dramatically. Within a decade the world would be an entirely different place. Would we find how to cure illnesses? Surely. The profit system denies us cures, milks us through sickness. Would we live longer healthier lives? Surely. Would we be happy?
Yes. At last. Happiness would be the purpose of being, the shared and collective aim of all of humanity, something we probably had and lost.

I think this 'ascension' is the purpose of the game, the Creator's intent, that we should learn from this reality what we must do to create a different reality. I think that time, that emergence, has come. It is time to wrest control from EVIL and co-create LOVE. It will take the vast majority of us.

Soon, the evil power will create events designed to further wrench this future from us. Very soon we will witness a great raising of the stakes.

Time to spread these understandings.

We can, as a species, as a collective consciousness, eradicate evil from this world and do so very quickly indeed.
Almost nobody trusts the lies and the liars any more.
Almost everyone can see the game is rigged.
Regrettably, many of us still cling to deceptions, religion, nation, race, money, hierarchy. These things are holding us back, these beliefs. The evil will crash them all soon enough, to insert their new world order paradigms and their global fiefdom and try and seize another thousand years of our future.

We must simply ignore them all.
And just get on with the job.

Know this: The EVIL knows what we can do, knows that we can take this world and reshape it through conscious WILL. With this understanding they have made a good attempt at seizing control of this facet of the opposition in countless ways. If you search for “a world of love” and “consciousness shift” and so on you will find, everywhere, United Nations funded NGOs and charities and religious cults and so on. A huge amount of effort is concentrated in this area. Those who seek humanity's future will find the path strewn with these wolves in sheeps clothing.

They have built this false New Age over the last 150 years (research Blavatsky, the Lucis Trust etc) and within their false philosophy you will discover their false messiah, their Maitreya, ready and waiting to be the King of the World spoken of in the Protocols.
There's a sick Luciferian called Barbara Marx Hubbard.
She says everything I say about the awakening of conscious control of reality, about the emergence of a new humanity.
But with a vile, EVIL twist:

Please read this:
 “Conscious evolution is a worldview that looks at the natural process of evolution in the past, and attempts to understand and guide our own period of transformation now. It acknowledges that humankind has attained unprecedented powers to control and change the evolution of life on Earth.”
 Indeed, Hubbard believes that the human family has come to an evolutionary crossroads. “It’s obvious that if we continue doing what we’ve been doing, including overpopulating, polluting, fighting with this degree of violence that we are heading to a point where we could actually destroy our own life support systems,” she says.
 Words that chillingly resonate as the world recently watched the war in Iraq. Still, Hubbard remains optimistic. “A consciousness is rising on earth against war. And no matter what, the consciousness won’t stop. I think we will see an increased uprising against the militaristic attitude and a real need to mobilize and organize for a better way. In any case, we’re going to be challenged to take greater leadership, not just to protest but to join together to build a world.”
 In reflecting on the many challenges we face, she notes, “We’re now seeing the tail end of egoic based dominator structures, which happen to be in power in the most powerful nation in the world.” Not that she looks to political activists for solutions. “Sure, there was a time when you might have thought that one party or the other was the answer, but now I think something of a far more transformative nature is wanting to happen. The dysfunctionality in our current power structures will be revealed resulting in the emergence of a new politics of synergy, attraction and creation. It will be irresistible because it’s actually life-oriented, but it can’t happen,” she says, “until that which is new-functional matures and connects.”
 Hubbard is now helping to create a new social system to connect the growing movement of individuals working toward a sustainable future. In fact, nearly two decades after she “spoke to the Universe” in San Francisco, her Peace Room initiative is coming to life, through her Gateway for Conscious Evolution, a six-month online educational program that guides individuals through self- and social evolution.
 Visitors to her web site will see the idea graphically represented in the form of an ‘operating hub’ divided into 12 major areas. Categories like Communications & Media, Science & Technology, Environment & Infrastructure and Learning & Education are just some of the initiatives.
 The Peace Room, “means peace through co-creation, through the full expression of human creativity in cooperation with nature, with one another, and with the deeper design of evolution.”
 Though it currently exists on the Internet it will eventually have a physical presence in locations around the world. And sometime within this decade, Hubbard envisions the first Global Peace Room hosted by the United Nations. Says Hubbard, “we will move beyond our current confusion and see that the purpose of our crisis is to activate our newly emerging restore the earth, free ourselves from illness, hunger and war and build a future equal to our vast potential.”

Do you see?
She is of the power, a part of the very EVIL system that is part-manifested through the United Nations, deeply enmeshed with the Luciferians who teach that the world is overpopulated. (Know this: As we grow in number so we increase in COLLECTIVE intelligence, so we increase our ability to assume power, so they must fool us into agreeing we are too many! There's loads of room. Do the math.)

Here's what Marx Hubbard wants:

"Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend ... One-fourth is resistant to election. They are unattracted by life ever-evolving. ... Now, as we approach the quantum shift from creature-human to co-creative human ... the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body. ... Fortunately you, dearly beloveds, are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death."

"The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics - it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes ... This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it."

So, they set out to seize the awakening consciousness with their New Age Luciferian religion over a century and a half ago and the current representatives of this EVIL are established and awaiting the seekers of truth. Do you see the depth of organisation and planning involved with all of this, those of you that think the internet and alternative media are real and are not just the puppets of the power? 150 years of money, planning, writing, conceptualising, just on this particular front of the war against humanity. Connections to the UN, the US Government, vast investments etc etc. They have Universities and Colleges, these people. Dig deep and you'll find childrens charities in third world countries.............think on.

The creator offers us the chance, in this reality, to co-create a world of good.
EVIL is a force that intends to deny us this transformation.
We must recognise it, and refuse to be deceived though the deception is hugely clever.
The next stage of the game is within reach, but it won't be easy.
That's the test we face.

With Love,

xxx xxx xxx  

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