Friday, August 5, 2016

Be Human. Bad stuff coming, August 2016.

The Progress of the Great Game, August 5th 2016.
For those that asked......

Before I start, contemplate how I end.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer.
xxx xxx xxx

Understand Love is not romance, nor strong affection. Love is the base of the human condition, that which you see in the eyes of the newborn child, it is the soul of humanity before the false reality causes it to hide behind the false self, that protective liar we shape around ourselves and call “I”, when it is no such thing.

The “I” you believe is you is the product of the programming inputs from the master of this reality. Your parents were so shaped, as were your teachers, everyone you have ever met.

Add to this programming the constant moulding of 'belief'.
You believe in one Magickal system or another.

You believe in the Bible or Koran or Torah or whatever and the God or Gods they purport to carry the direct communications of.

You believe in hierarchy, in class or caste or corporate structure, in the laws and statutes derived from such hierarchy. From your pain-in-the-ass boss to the President or Prime Minister and their jackals in uniform, the police, you bow to their control over your humanity, your free will.

You yearn for more money, or the safety or luxury it can buy even though you may understand it's not real, it's just Magick you believe in, because everyone else seems to. Such is the power of consensus.

We humans are born wiped clean of knowledge and, except for the understanding of love, we are born empty vessels, new laptops into which the operating system is input. You have no choice but to accept that system, yet that system immediately masks your essence. Born in one part of the world you believe in 'Allah”, in another you believe in 'Yeshua', in another 'Yahweh', in 'Monarchy' or in 'Democracy'. On and on.

When I say “Love to you” I'm not speaking to the false you, the avatar. Excuse me, but I'm speaking to the critter inside, the human being that hides there, your inner core, the “you” that was born and is fearful of the evil in the world and accommodates it because it can see no other way.

I want to speak to the inner you because they are fine creatures, our born-selves, our souls of love. They give, and do not count the cost. They forgive, and understand that none are perfect. They do no harm. They rejoice in doing good, but seek no acknowledgement of it. They have courage, and are selfless in that courage. They delight in laughter. They love to learn, love to gain expertise, love to work with others but know they can do so without losing identity. They understand that the cost of free will is duty, that the world is a human mechanism, that we all depend on each other, that creation, reality, is the product of the collective consciousness of humanity.

THEY know how to act, they know what needs to be done, they understand that it must be done with Love, but reality has rendered them powerless. THEY are your finer self, the one you would feel embarrassed to admit to because you have sinned, the one nobody would believe in because of what you have allowed yourself to become. Don't worry. Our destiny as a species is to be what we truly are, all of us, and that destiny is within reach now, the false reality is crumbling.

There is a truly amazing world awaiting that lifting of the veil which shrouds us. It is close now. The chaos speaks of its approach, speaks of the last and desperate casting of the dice by the dark power that has had us in its grip these last few millennia.

In some avatars that inner humanity has died. You know them when you meet them. They have sold their souls and are in the service of darkness. They increase in number, as we see, are needed by the power to sustain its belief systems. But they are truly few, only seem many because they have the false authority of the belief systems behind them, because they are organised and uniformed, because we have granted them power by believing.

Soon, we will ignore them. Soon, we will ignore their belief systems. Nobody will believe in religion and their dogmas and books, though perhaps all will understand there is a creator and that we are born for Love. Nobody will defer to hierarchy, though perhaps we will value the good, the kind, the just, the wise, the dutiful as we grow to redefine duty. None will believe in money, just understand resource, distribution, balance, effort, the true currencies of humanity.

So when I sign off “Love to you all” I speak to the loving core of humanity and what it is about to achieve once the spells are broken.

You might be aware that all of these things are spoken of in their false New Age religion and their New World Order. They saw, long ago, what was coming and readied themselves to seize the helm and steer this rising consciousness. Many have fallen into their nets, but fear not. When humanity awakes, the tide will carry almost all of us.

Understand that Olive is a reversal, represents evil 0, zero evil.
When I write my kisses, xxx xxx xxx, see that they are 3 and 6 and 9.
In the way Tesla understood those numbers.

They are also a key to understanding the new way we will shape reality through our collective consciousness, how we will choose those we grant the honour of advising us of the way forward, how we will all stay involved in decision making and know that decision making is not subject to lobbying or whipping or interest groups, that there is no power in the new system except collective will. The way to shape a new world is to ensure the involvement of all, the collective will expressed by the souls, the real human beings, the people we were born to be stepping into the light and claiming humanity's birthrights.

All clear?
So, where are we now?

The power holds all the levers that shape reality, we know. These levers operate on the consciousness of humanity, shaping the false “I”. Everything you read in their false alternative media is, as in the mainstream, full of intention and carefully shaped.

Some of their actions are laughably predictable, some as subtle as the snake.

Their intent is to blacken every soul, to make each of us sinners. Not sinners as prescribed in their Bibles, but sinners as we ourselves understand deep down.

Very soon, this August, I see a world changing event occurring. It will be a disaster of such proportions that it will by itself reshape human consciousness. Our master and its servants have been carefully building human consciousness to expect such a thing. We are beset with increasingly random evils which are designed to divide humanity. Our minds are assaulted and confused by it all, but thus far we have only felt the breath of the wind.

Soon, we will feel Moriah in its full force.
What we each of us do is key.
This is a battle the true humanity must win.

A great divide is coming.
There will be those that are lost to the evil, have sold their souls, and those that continue to believe in their Magick, their belief systems, their Money and their Books and their Democracy and their Hierarchy and their twisted world politics and their increasingly more ridiculous and more obvious media.

Then there will be the rest of us, the new/ancient humanity, the world tribe breaking free of the consciousness shackles and seeking our human destiny, our new world civilisation.

They would divide us, have us kill each other, by doing so blacken the entire species.

Chaos approaches, and how we respond will determine the fate of our species and its progress in the game to the next level, a world free of war, free of want, free of fear, mutually guaranteed by honour, by courage, by duty, by truth.

Find you finer self, dear friend, and when you stand let your banner be “Humanity”.
Do you see?

The word Humanity describes the Love I speak of.
Inhumanity its opposite.
Be Human.

Love to you all,
xxx xxx xxx