Monday, August 22, 2016

Duterte: A Human being stands against global evil.

In a world that had fallen to the greatest depths of corruption, in a world where all power has devolved to criminals, what chance does a decent politician have of serving his or her people and delivering to them a country free of crime, free of corruption, a country where ordinary men and women can exist in safety, free of fear?

Those who are educated to the truth now understand that the forces of evil are rampant amongst humanity. In governments and in their ministries and civil services, on the streets where organised crime operates, within the police and judiciary, within the fourth estate of journalism, everywhere we witness the growing power of an inhuman force amongst us.

At the international and transnational level we witness their overarching presence. Organisations like the EU, the UN, multinational corporations, world charities, unelected and well funded NGO's, by the thousands such organisations weld together the global hegemony of evil.

This is a long video, but includes zero tolerance for drug lords, zero tolerance for high level corruption, shows the MSM for what it is (the lackey of the evil force), shows his contempt for the hypocricy of the United Nations and the USA and the West, shows his love of decency, of family, of peace, of justice. Please find the time to watch it as an example of what might be.

More and more human beings are inculcated into their cult through music, through movies, through computer games, through the relentless barrage of lies masquerading as truth pumped into the consciousness of humanity by the media. As a species we are now surrounded by this organised and dark force. It feeds upon us as a predatory species. It takes our children off us and feeds upon them. It destroys nations, murders the innocents, kills innocence everywhere.
As a species we are under attack.

We have been taught to seek help from the very agencies that we now see are held in the grip of evil. We look to the law, to the police, to the judiciary for justice and get the opposite. We look to social services to protect our children and find them acting as pimps to paedophiles. We look to politicians to protect our nation and find them oblivious to our desires, pumping our countries full of people of different cultures, calling us racist for caring about the loss of the culture we'd spent a thousand years developing.

We call on our leaders to give us peace and find that they give us war. We call on our religions to protect us and find that every single religion is packed with child abusers, headed by those that support the very wars the governments make and their God tells them should never happen.

We are left, as a species, at this moment in our evolutionary path, in a world that is perhaps about to be the cruellest it has ever been, at a point in history which bears almost no difference to the thousands of years of history that went before.

We find ourselves still believing in myths, still our consciousness is ravelled up by the lies that form the base programme of reality. We believe we are a warring species. We are not. We believe we are a violent species. We are not. We believe we are destroying our planet. We are not. We believe we are untrustworthy. We are not. We believe we lack honour, lack a sense of duty, lack the desire to share, lack the ability to cooperate. We lack none of those things.

The image we have of ourselves is shaped by the media, media that tells us all day every moment of every day how bad we are, but never mentions the billions of smiles we give every day, the billions of small acts of kindness, the billions of acts of selfless courage.
It never speaks of the love we share, the empathy we feel, the sorrow we express, the acts of generosity. Every news bulletin could be full of such joy because that is our true nature. Evil is an aberration, a rarity turned into a commonality by emphasis, presented to us as a normality to shape our conscious understanding of who we are and what we could be capable of, to prevent us from realising what the shared conscious cooperation of humanity against evil could so quickly achieve.

Yes, they hold the levers of power, official and unofficial, but still they need to execute that power and, among those that serve the evil are those that resent the difficulty they experience in doing their true duty. Police officers and soldiers that joined because of high ideals and for worthy reasons, caught in the vice of the systemic evil. They feel trapped. We should set them free.

As a species we are now coming to an understanding of these things. The evil understands it has been seen and is reacting to that with violence. It is afraid now. We who are awake will one day form the majority, a day later represent all of humanity and, at that moment in history, we will become free.

The evil will be spiteful. It will try and destroy us all for our presumption. We must, at that point, somehow prevent them from releasing the bacteria or virus, prevent them from pressing the nuclear button. Unknown to most, humanity is now engaged in a battle for survival, a battle against the oldest enemy we have, unadulterated evil and those that serve it.

Understand the true nature of the world now and you will see that no nation can stand alone, no nation is any longer self sufficient. Our world is Global and this works in the favour of evil, for evil holds sway almost everywhere and is drilled deep into our societies. Thus, when a nation stands against the evil, as for example Venezuela did, its leaders and its survival face a limited future.

When humanity finally faces the enemy it must be as a global entity, for only through a global response can a global enemy be crushed. We are a single tribe, divided by invented differences, united by our global desire for good, for love, for peace, for freedom, for fun.

The purpose of this post:
When a President that understands these things is elected, he or she finds that the entire mechanism of power he or she has inherited is infected by evil. The congress or senate or parliament, the financial system, the offices of justice, the military, the intelligence agencies.
That President finds that doing what his people require, the ending of corruption, the giving of justice, the scouring of evil from the system, those imperatives are opposed by every facet of power within society.
Further, the systemic evil within has powerful allies without. The Evil holds sway everywhere, so the President finds himself the target of US or British death squads, finds he cannot trust his food, finds himself a victim of unprecedented heart failure or cancer.
His nation is punished, the economy is collapsed, financial embargoes are engineered, the currency fails, inflation becomes rampant. The suffering people are offered relief by the evil, posing as political opposition. There are terror attacks, the nation falls into internecine warfare.
Count Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuala and so on in your reckoning. Realise also that the also the United Nations is part of the global hegemony of evil, that no help will ever come from that quarter.

Here now is President Duterte of the Phillipines, elected in a landslide to cleanse the country of evil.
He tells his police to shoot to kill drug dealers that draw a gun and, in a few short months, over a thousand have died. Note please: There are 3.7 million metamphetamine addicts in the Phillipines (pop. 100 million). That the entire fabric of society is disordered by the addicts and their need to find money to sustain their habit. These addicts and their dealers were robbing and killing at a far greater rate than that at which the police are now eradicating the evil. The MSM and the pronouncements of the United Nations do not refer to that equation. The death of innocents means nothing, but the summary execution of the guilty counts for everything in this inverted world.
President Duterte a few days ago announced the dismissal of senior Ministers, arrested senior police generals, has identified those at the very top that connive in and are at the head of the sickness that pervades there. No doubt plans are in place to kill him now.

He is a human being, this man, a good person placing his very life on the scales, courageously facing the enemy globally and calling it what it is, a force of pure evil and the enemy of humanity.
I wish him well in his struggle, but know there will be no allies from other nations, for only Iceland had freed itself so far. There should be more nations that enter the fray against evil, but alas humanity mostly sleeps, mostly still believes, mostly accepts the programming.

Most human souls are still lost in the heart of darkness, believing myths like nation and race and religion and money, never seeing the beauty of what we could be, the future we could co-create, the unity we all have already at the deepest level, the single conscious desire for love that we most of us share.

Here's an obvious “force of evil” gathering of political opponents to Duterte, all of them faux communists, most of them guilty of terror attacks. (An example, 20 women were sealed in a building for refusing sex to the so-called communists, then the building set alight, burning them all alive. Educated people know the source of communism and its intent and its vile history.) Somehow these false communists gathered the finance to get together in Oslo where they hope to bury their artificial 'differences' and unite to destabilise the Phillipines and create civil war there. How predictable....

With Love,
Fear nothing,
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