Saturday, August 6, 2016

Flowing pieces...

Flowing Pieces.
For a while, we stood apart, let the world flow by, flotsam and jetsam drifting unnoticed whilst we drew breath, dipped into the reality of relationships and obligation, paid dues, role played, observed, waited. The world was drawing breath, the tide ebbing before the rush and we were clinging to a rock, watching its far progress and noting when it reached its nadir, catching the faint white smear of the distant tsunami and knowing what it foretold, the great rush of things to come carrying all before it, the force of chaos, tumbling that which we took as certain, throwing that we thought immovable, the crash and smash of events moving as an ocean moves when it seeks new level, irresistible, unknowing, unreasoning, cruel.

As it approached, through farsight, we witnessed those driven before it, the newly un-anchored, the rudderless, riders of the wave tumbled into uncertainty.

Time to reconnect.

We sought the beacons, the lights that might guide, watched them faintly glimmering still but blinking, irregular, ill defined. Slowly the wave washed over them, leaving just a smear of remembrance, a smudge of smoke, and in their place rose new lights, dazzling rays of artificiality, blinding, sounding claxons relentlessly. “It comes, it comes, it comes” they broadcast, more in worship than warning, more in welcome than regret, high priests in electronic regalia celebrating dark masses, pretending, assuming, deceiving. Behind their earnestness we hear their sniggering, in their eyes we witness blackness, the absence of humanity, dark mirrors reflecting hope.

The wave is at full force now, crowded with detritus that destroys, tumbling forward relentlessly it towers over us, is about to break, its force invigorated by the souls it has gathered, their grim and fearful faces seeking vengeance, retribution, desirous of the unleashing, straining at the restraints of civilisation, wanting savagery.

Humanity swept up and directed as a weapon of mass destruction.

This is the wave, built by shaping consciousness into anger, into resentment, into lust for revenge. We have seen many such waves. This one the largest. This the one that is made to break that which we have built, to finish what was started, the death of love and the good that flows from love.

They believe that when the wave has passed, humanity, love will be gone from the world, a thousand years of cruelty will begin.

When the wave breaks, right soon, salvation will come by seeking the high places.
Remember: The high places are within, within us all, a mind-step away, always there, awaiting release. Be true to your truth, live what was intended from the beginning, humanity unsheathed, billions of lights coalescing, chasing darkness from creation. There is no evil but its mirage,

Poof. It's gone.
Gone in a moment of human understanding.
This is our world.
We shall shape it as we choose.
With Love.


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