Wednesday, May 7, 2014


And so the internet, funded and controlled and monitored by the masters, populated by their agents, gives the illusion of freedom of information whilst the careful strategy designed by the experts at Tavistock plays out, shaping the minds and thoughts of the awakening herd and misdirecting them, preventing the unity humanity needs from emerging, so preventing our true power from taking centre stage in the world.
As I have explained here many times, our strength and our brilliance and our power as a species stems from our numbers. The more of us there are, the more geniuses there are, the quicker we advance. An examination of the great technological leap forward of the last 100 years or so readily demonstrates this. For 250,000 years, small in number and divided by our masters into nations, kept apart by differing false religions and post-Babel languages, we barely did more than invent the wheel and a few simple tools. Now, nothing stands in the way of our amazing advances.
It is likely that great things have already been invented and stifled or buried by our masters who see the threat to their rule of ideas like free unlimited energy, anti-gravity, cures for disease, the extension of our life-span and so on. Ideas that will get rid of the artificial need to compete imposed upon us by the world system for so long now that most human beings cannot conceive of a world of sharing, our natural state, that will transform our world and assist us in the next great evolutionary leap forward, the spiritual leap forward, the casting off of the illusion, the reshaping of reality that it is within our power to do.
Their strategy must be to reduce our number, to render us divided and to pit us against each other, to seed the world with poisons, to push us ever further from our loving hearts, our pure humnan souls. This much is obvious.
This much can be seen in the many, many sites provided by them that give us haystacks of truth wherein are buried the needles of deception. Most truth seekers become followers, financial supporters of and defenders of these lying bastards.
If you are reading this, you know.
The more subtle strategy exists in the arena of consciousness.
Few see this.
I remember once writing about Les Visible and had a comment here on this thread from someone who had dealings with him and posting a link to Cassiopaea and Signs of The Times (SOTT) and how Les was visiting these fuckers at their Chateaux in France........
Need I say more.
The evil in the world has money as its lifeblood and its servants are expected to pile it up just like the more obvious corporate psychopaths. They are measured this way.
How our masters must laugh when the waking sheep buy the latest Icke book or Infowars video or donate to some charlatan or other so that they can buy a Chateaux in France or a ranch in Texas. At the same time, coming soon to a planet near you, they'll line up all those wakening donators, those new believers that they baited these traps for and invented this internet to find, they'll line them up and dispose of them.
They always do this.
Don't you read history?
Why should now nbe different?
This is why they despise the Ashkenazi and their false opposition demonises them so. They are clever folks, provide more than their share of the geniuses of the world. They are a threat.
The masters know they have to genetically engineer the breed.
Cut out the mavericks.
This is the history of the last century or so, working towards the cleansing, eradicating the genes that spell trouble. That's the new world order, folks. That's what the internet was for. To find the trouble makers and wipe their DNA from the herd.
Do you see?
Unity in love is the answer.
See it anywhere?
Do you see all the well known websites getting together, counting our number, finding agreement, building us collectively into a critical mass, pushing towards the tipping point?


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Anonymous said...

"Need I say more."

There you are right. Mystery Babylon is everywhere.

"That's what the internet was for. To find the trouble makers and wipe their DNA from the herd."

Are you sure that mavericks are not defined on a soul level and come back whenever they please? :-)

Peace, Chaukee