Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be a witness

If you understand what Fukushima is, what the process we are undergoing truly is, you will get this post.
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Here you can stand as a Witness.
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In the windblown particles of ionised radiation lie the future grief and torment of our benighted species, the pain and suffering of generation after generation of dwindling life, the spreading of a sense of utter bewilderment and unutterable shame at the squandering of the gift that is creation.

They have tampered with the building blocks of the creator’s work and have spewed into the world, and are yet spewing, artificial and diabolical creatures that render the beauty that is within the DNA of all things living malformed and foul.

And we are scheduled to scrap and bite over the last remnants.

Driven by the artificial dog-eat-dog imposition of the system we are finally to utterly succumb to evil, to sacrifice our souls on the altar of survival and to worship Lucifer with our every last breath.

Lucifer will have won, evil will have prevailed to the end.
That’s the script of the artificial reality show we call life.

We know they intend to provide us with a saviour when the abyss yawns so wide that those remaining tremble at the impending fall, utterly bereft of hope as so many in our world, so many of our family, are already rendered.

They are relishing this finality, these demons.
They hate the beauty that is in us, hate the world for its vitality, hate the very idea of our breaking free and assuming our place in the universe.

At this moment, when we should be reaching out to each other, when we should be awakening to the threat that lives amongst us, when we should be seeing and understanding the artificial reality for what it is, when we should be forgiving those that have harmed us and asking forgiveness for the harm we have done, at this most crucial juncture in the history of our species instead we are further divided, further blinded to the truth, further distracted from our duty, further denied the unity in love that is our destiny and was our beginning and is our natural state.

The journey we have taken has been long and arduous and grief stricken.
We have each of us experienced evil and know it for what it is.
We have each of us experienced the beauty of good and know it for what it is.
We have all of us committed crimes against humanity, and every day in our ignorance we re-offend.

If we use their money we contribute to the life-blood of evil.
If we pay their taxes and their usurious interest we pay a tithe to the very devil.
If we vote in their rigged elections, choosing whatever evil candidates they foist upon us, we participate in their charade.
If we worship our god the creator in their fine churches and temples, recite their words from their books and believe them true and use them to condemn we perpetuate their lies and the divisive harm they do.

More, we sacrifice our intentions to do good on the altar of their offensive belief systems and insult our god by the evil that we do in its name.

And if we do nothing at all to create unity of our kind, we are all of us equally guilty.

Dear friends, understand there is power in love, understand there is power in the unity of spirit that grows from love, understand that we have the power to win this game, understand it is never too late, understand that we can redeem ourselves, understand that the future lies in YOUR hands and the hands of the billions of us that wish to do NO HARM.

We CAN Start Again.
We CAN win back the world of love we abandoned eons ago when we began to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We have learned enough, brothers and sisters.
We know right from wrong.
We simply need to do what is right.
We simply need to do that together.

Understand there are enough of us awake to change the world, to end the nightmare, but that there is nowhere we can see the tree of truth growing, understand that the tree represents the power of salvation and of rejuvenation, understand that the roots of the tree have always been there, have never been destroyed, but will spring forth again and bear fruit.
We are human.
We are beautiful.
We are creatures of love.
Find yourself within, and reach for the light of our collective future.

In their bible they speak of the witness at the end, the olive tree.
They always bury truth in their haystack of lies, always bury the needle of a lie in their haystack of truth.
They think they have rendered you too stupid to understand, and scoff at your ignorance and weakness and your divided state as you fall, again and again, for their deceptions.
Prove them wrong.
Be a leaf or twig of this tree.
Click to follow.
Now is the time.

And if this tree grows, if we are millions upon millions that grow into the light of our inner consciousness, we will be strong, we will save the world.
It could be that simple.
One click could save the world....
Will you be a part?

Note: If you are awake, you know the evil works ever to divide us. You know there are agents of the evil pretending to give you truth. You know there is no single place where we can be counted, until now. Aktina and I don’t want your money, so don’t send it. We don’t want to lead anything because we aren’t good enough to lead and the world doesn’t need leaders, it just needs goodwill and unity in that goodwill. The species is bright enough to find the path that leads to our future, we simply want to witness that rebirth and to be an equal part of it with you. You understand, if you are truly awake, that there are Tavistock promulgated weapons of mass deception aimed at your humanity. These weapons have programmed you to distrust, to not join or to join the wrong thing, to follow their deceivers. To indicate that you are human, break free of that programming and click to follow right now. You understand that if somehow a million do so, we are a force for truth in the world, and that truth will set humanity free. Be a part of the olive tree that is humanity, reaching for the light, witnessing at this time.
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With love and hope,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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Olive Farmer said...

Good watch on Youtube: beautifulgirlbydana
One of the few that seems to know.
xxx xxx xxx

The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive,
one hypothesis for why they're deliberately destroying the world is that they're trying to force an 'alien' intervention. If the aliens are demons and are feeding off people, they're effectively wrecking the farm...

Another is to set the stage for a fake rescue by fake aliens.

Radiation remediation technology exists. It's possible to accelerate the half-life a lot using radio-waves. But it's been covered up.

Our responsibility is to fix ourselves - to be spiritually pure. Everything else follows from that... I have a blog:

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