Friday, May 23, 2014

In our midst, something other…...

So what are they, these creatures?
At the top of every shit-heap they strut their stuff, bullying the rest of us and leeching off us, draining our blood.
We instinctively hate them all.
They are our masters.
Since the playground bully they have plagued our lives.

You know them when you meet them sometimes, but the more cunning conceal themselves, become adept at pretending emotions they cannot feel and fail to understand.

But we still sense they are “other”, these masqueraders.
They are amongst us, seem to be of us, but they are not.
The label “psychopath” isn’t enough, for that assumes they are merely aberrations.

We used to call it demonic possession when we better understood these things.
We have been taught to laugh at that idea.
Our churches, servants of the evil that rules this reality, used to pretend to deal with them.
Now they have abandoned that pretence.

To explain what emotion is to them, to try and describe love and a sense of obligation and caring would be more difficult than explaining the colours of the sky to one blinded since birth.

But they see the power that our emotions have over us.

They perceive that we are easy to make afraid, that we are easy to deceive because we are trusting souls.
We are human beings.
We care.
And we fear, because violence is an alien thing to us.
It shocks us.

And in the world of violence and savage supremacy and needless competition they have crafted for us we some of us fall into their ways, to survive or because our blood is hot from the harm others have been made to do to us.

Everywhere there is revolution, everywhere there is war, everywhere there is unutterable harm being done, there we see their hands.

In a million little ways their reality causes each of us to do harm, and so their virus of evil infects us all and we are blinded to the possibilities of our species, to the virtuous world we human beings could co-create.

You are reading this because you see what they have done to us, what they are doing to us, the anguish they have smothered us with, the great lies they have made us to believe.

You understand that they are culling us, killing us softly, that they have unleashed the four horsemen and the spiralling vortex is pulling us into oblivion.

So many are still so lost in their artificial reality, so caught up in it that they cannot even sense the danger, let alone believe that it exists even when you put the facts in front of them.
They are yet under the spell, still in Plato’s cave believing in shadows.

Those that are aware, that growing genetic strain amongst us that have broken free of the mind-chains they encircle us with, are already for the most part being duped into the new version of this hell.
Just as the awakening Russian peasants and serfs crowded around the flame that was Lenin.

Everything that was human about communism was painted black in our minds forever.

Do you foresee what picture they will paint of you with their next false flag, right soon?

I have no doubt now that it will be something on which the cancers they gave the world and are giving the world from their Fukushima “accident” can be blamed.

You feel it, all of you.

This understanding makes you feel apart from their reality, a stranger on your own planet, alien to everything they have created.
You draw away from their stuff, turn off their TV, don’t vote in their elections, don’t believe their lies.
You see their artificial authority, you see their vast deceptions, you see their ancient strategy unfolding.

You see even those close to you lost in their fantasy, drawn to their light, spellbound and consumed by their magick, unreachable now.

And you weep for the children they murder.
And you weep for what might have been.
And deep inside you there grows a resolve.

It is not anger, it is a cold determination.

They will not win.

If you have eyes to see you know that their trickery is successful, that even those who are your fellow mavericks are deceived by ever more subtle false leadership and you wonder how the world of love that we humans were created to make, were given this planet for, will ever come into being.

You know now, I guess, that their Armageddon is upon us.
They fear our evolution.
They fear that our number and the brilliance of our ascending civilisation.
They fear discovery for what they are.

Somehow they enter us.
Somehow they recognise each other.
All of the structures of the false reality that constrain our species are populated with their kind.
The lesser demons are the street corner gun-toting Meth dealer, the night-club bouncer that enjoys his work too much, the cop that enjoys beating and killing, the corporate manager that smiles at the grief he dishes out every day, the pressure he applies. They are the kid that pulls the wings off insects, grown large, given authority over us by the system.

And at the top there are the ancient bloodlines, the eternal demons, the current owners of the world and the herd that is us.
And every so often a demon from the lower orders shows a special skill in the manipulation of our consciousness and rises to wreak great havoc on the world.

They call them ADEPT.

Those “great” leaders, those great manipulators of the human psyche are rewarded with the gift that is genocide and the joy that is to them. They dip their snouts in blood and gore and misery on a massive scale.
Their prize is the blood of babies and the theft of innocence.
Our history is replete with these monsters.
Many of them we humans revere, some we most of us despise but all of their names are known to us.
Our history is, in fact, their history.

We worship the great mass murderers of history by remembering their names, by uttering their names, by building statues in honour of them or performing rites.

One of their kind, the demon Crowley, said that the time was coming when the need would arise for the WORD to be spoken.

And in the beginning was the word….and the word was light.

The story we have been given of our kind is a lie, but buried within that lie are some truths.
There was a time once before when we could all speak to each other, when we built great towers.
We can do that now.
Last time we were scattered, and a great flood was sent to destroy most of us.
This has been the cycle of our history, perhaps many times.
We are divided and reduced in number.
We multiply and grow wiser, rediscovering what we once knew.
We reach the stage, the apocalypse, when we grow wise enough to see.
They control and restrain and deceive us for as long as they can but in the end they have to speak the word and destroy us.

That time is now.

The answer, my friend, is within all of us.
We are creatures of love.
We are many.
The end of this nightmare is a shrug away.
But we have to shrug together.
We have to walk away from their reality as one.

Can we do it this time?
Can YOU help make that happen?
What will you do, today, to save the world?

And where is your courage?
And where your voice?
It is not wasted, you do not cry into the void, for we are many, we souls that are awake.
We simply NOW need to find each other to realise our strength and the force we have become.

One click to follow, one viral campaign on this internet and we will understand that we are not alone, that we are many, and that our voice will be heard.
This is the only way we can save our world.
Nothing else will do.

They said in their bible that at the end there will be a witness, an olive tree.
Maybe the olive tree is not one witness, but a symbol of the spreading branches and deep roots of humanity together witnessing?
Will you be a root or a branch or a leaf of the olive tree?

Click to follow.

A cute kitten video on you tube will gather hundreds of millions of views.
One hundred million parts to this olive tree, one hundred million witnesses and we’ll have the strength we need to overturn the pyramid of power and start again.

Do you see why our masters will do everything they can to prevent that?
Do you feel the disinclination to join anything, that disinclination planted in your psyche by the mind engineers of their Tavistock war machine?
Do you lack trust in other human beings, even though you understand that they know not what they do?

Shake it off, their programming.

Be a part of the olive tree.
Be a witness.
It is time.

With love to all human beings,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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Hi Olive, the elephant in the room. The thing everyone's missing despite it being writ large. Earth is under alien occupation. We're being farmed: