Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trying again for unity, dear Human

Where to begin?
First perhaps with the quality of evil and its extent.
Across our world there are 440 nuclear power stations daily adding their radioactive filth to the killing soup of other pollutants. They are augmenting the slow death already distributed into our atmosphere by the 2,000 or so nukes that have been “tested” over the last 70 years. Any war or natural calamity could so easily bring us another Fukushima that it is a given that it will. The WHO tells us that cancer will blossom further over the coming years, that it’s to do with lifestyle and our fault for eating the fast-food poisonous filth they serve us and of course nothing to do with the vile and unnatural contaminants they are destroying life itself with. It is advanced, this diabolical strategy. If you are awake you see what is happening in the Pacific, how we are destroying life there. You have read of the dying whales and dolphins and seals, the dead oyster banks, the out-of-place creatures, fleeing the poison, surrounding fishing boats and pleasure craft and appearing to want to communicate, to ask us why, to plead for help.
And you hang your head in shame that you let this happen, are letting this happen still, are disunited with the billions of other human beings that, working together, could eradicate this monster, would.
Understanding the horror is also understanding the extent of the evil. First there are the thousands of scientists involved. Then the thousands of high level corporate fuckers. Then the governments and their bureaucrats. The WHO and the United Nations. The money men. The media and their lackeys that hold the line of consciousness and understanding, preening themselves in the arrogance of ignorance.
The Plutonium atom that has given cancer to someone you love is a durable thing. When it has done its work it will not die but be released back into the world to kill again and again and again for millions of years. It cannot be destroyed. Oppenheimer cried “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” all those years ago and yet all of these hundreds of thousands of scientists and officials and elite lackeys, knowing their children or grandchildren or pets or favourite wild creature could be next, will be next, still persist, still collect their generous salaries, dream of their pensions, live in their big houses, take their luxury holidays, interact with their fellow murderers and compete with them to get further up the greasy pole, closer to the flame that burns, the light that is Lucifer. If they are particularly evil, give something particularly helpful to the cause they will be given a durable bauble, a knighthood or a peerage from the queen of Hell or a Nobel prize.
They all of them know they are gifting horror to the world, killing their own descendants, murdering the future of our species, yet they go on.
There is something that is wrong with that understanding, for it drives one to the conclusion that there is something inhuman that dwells within them. No human being could or would commit such heinous crimes.
We understand that the power that rules us seeks and finds psychopaths everywhere and at every level to do its evil bidding in the world. At the lowest levels it finds them to be its street dealers and fear spreaders. In the police and other uniforms it finds them to pervert human justice and deliver wanton murder to the world. In its corporations it finds them to drive the great machinery of control and bolster the money system without which we can neither buy nor sell. They are everywhere, they are amongst us, we call them human and yet they are not. Some of them we label as sick and seek somehow to treat, those we discover have been slitting our throats and eating our eyes and have kept pieces of us as a momento or in the fridge as a leftover to eat later. The rest we are made to tolerate amongst us, because in every facet of the reality matrix they are in charge. We clean their houses, serve them our finest food, drive them around, bow in deference to them or gasp in pleasure at the sight of them in their finery, having swallowed the bitter pill that is glamour and fallen under the Magick spell that so enthrals us, the Magick spell that the media play such a part .in casting over us.
Our reality, the systems and beliefs we take for granted, this great pyramid of control relies upon these mini-devils found amongst us to perpetuate the preposterous ideas of money and religion and law and government and the rest that force us ever further from our destiny and our natures. Born into this prison we are forced to adapt to it to survive and “prosper”, each of us tainted, each of us made wrong by it, each of us uncomfortable with what we do and what we are a part of, every one of us contributing, paying our tithe, believing the lies, following the orders.
Perhaps as many as one in twenty of us is so tainted, perhaps as few as one in a hundred. Born of different families, born as human beings, somehow somewhere and somewhen in their lives the evil spirit enters them and they become other, they become inhuman.
For thousands of years we knew them for what they were. The possessed.
Religion assumed control of their destruction, their casting out, when religion was the connection of humanity with the creator and those that passed on its understanding were the good amongst us.
Religion became the instrument of the evil and has mostly given up this work.
Academia and science has told us they are psychologically sick, that there is no such thing as possession.
The media makes a joke of their existence amongst us. People will laugh at you if you suggest they exist these days.
Our forefathers knew better.
I know better.
I know better because I feel them when I come across them. My hackles rise. I can sense the presence of something other and they can sense that I can sense them. In my life I have encountered them many times. I was a bright boy once, of use to corporations and climbing high enough to have meetings with those in charge where they picked my brains. I sensed them there, strongly.
I have sensed them in the medical profession.
Every oncologist I have ever met and tried to engage in conversation about alternative cures for cancer, and I’ve met a few, I instinctively understood were wrong, were something alien..
Many policemen I have met, but by no means all.
Many of the senior executives at the BBC that I met when I worked for that Tavistock-extension not knowing then what it was.
I was in the room with the Director General of the BBC back then and felt great waves of fear and didn’t know why.
I do now.
As a boy, growing up in a tough place dominated by violent families and individuals I met and battled with them or ran from them, witnessed how at that level you either combated evil with evil or you capitulated and were afraid. Either way the evil won, these ignorant and stupid mini-devils, so low in the hierarchy of things, are the destroyers of peace and harmony everywhere. They gang together, as you know. Millions and millions of us live in abject fear and misery because of them and know that we have given the job of clearing them away to the very power that prevails.
At every level, driven by fear or greed or the worship of these monsters, we follow them and do their bidding.
In our tribal days we accepted our duty and understood that ALL of the tribe were responsible for clearing away such rubbish, that therefore there was nothing to fear because we were many and they were few and the job was shared amongst us.
When we act together, it becomes light work.
When we are divided, we are rendered powerless.
When we survey the world and understand so much that is not just wrong but EVIL, when we see how our systems and their leaders are destroying life on this planet without a care, when we see our tribe facing the extinction we are careless about when it’s another species, one of the hundred species we destroy each day, when we see all of this and WAKE THE FUCK UP then it will be the time for the final battle.
It should be now, of course, for there is little time.
The creator is waiting.
The creator has confidence we will find unity in Love and see its power.
We have free will as the creator’s gift.

I have often said that there is no single place where those that are awakening can join together and be counted. I have more than once tried to create such a place, and have failed. The false alternative media provide no such single gathering place, no rallying point. As our angers arouse around the world false leaders are there to misguide us, to force us into violence, their mini-devils gathering around their false flags to give them substance and credibility. We are falling for the same old tricks, being stirred to violent revolution and divided into self-interest groups as ever, plunged into chaos and misery and fear, hiding in our nests whilst the devils strut about and pretend to be of us, to be for us, to be killing on our behalf and in our interests.
It is happening in Ukraine right now, and in many other places.
This is their strategy.
And we cannot find the unity of love we so need to understand this evil, nor the courage we need to realise that it is all of our responsibility to act to end this great travesty.
It is only by unifying around a single, unarguable principle shared by us all that we can unify. The Devil IS in detail.
We are meek.
We are afraid.
We feel alone.
Their Tavistock-psych engineering has been designed to stop you from doing this, but click to follow here if you are awake.
Shall we see if we can gather somewhere?
Could perhaps the Olive Tree be our symbol?
When I started this journey I drew one of our olive trees for idle pleasure and stuck it on the blog when I was designing it. Later I read about the two witnesses in their bible, and thought “what a coincidence”, because if nothing else I am trying to be a witness to this great catastrophe, to be a part of the apocalypse – the lifting of the veil. I am not the tree, I’m just a confused and tainted individual like the rest of us. I suffer from Ego like the rest of us, and battle it as I battle the other demons that possess the body-mind that the reality has its claws into.
But the tree is the tree.
Don’t click to follow the olive farmer.
Follow the tree.
If nothing else, I guess we all of us know that there is a great plan unfolding here.
If you blog, and you are human, and you see the danger we are in, please spread the word or at least the idea.
Somewhere we must gather to know our strength.
There must be one place where we are undivided.
This is our only workable weapon.
One tribe.
The rEvolution of the species.
Shall we try?

With love to you few readers,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

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The Veritopian said...

Hi Olive,
there is only one route to unity and peace, and that's for everyone to turn back to God and the Law.

Christ's real message has been cover-up with lies because it is the key to freedom.

My hypothesis is that the 'christian' church is a deliberate ploy to discredit Jesus's teachings.

I have explained it in this post: