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The Jesus Brand

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I guess the few readers I have are able to spot the new star in the firmament being placed by our masters to distract us from global species unity.
You can see how this Russel Brand product placement is now spearheading the trend to enter mainstream media that has been the story of the last 6 months.
As the crisis develops, as the next stage of the chaos becomes more imminent, so the Icke creature and the Jones creature are drawn into greater exposure on the MSM, and then the new product is launched.
The BBC, servants of the elite and propagandists par excellence (I should know, having worked for them and resigned in disgust from them) are leading the marketing push. The new Jesus or John the Baptist was featured being interviewed by the Paxman.
This was the beginning of an onslaught of such unbelievable arse licking hero worship from all over the MSM and the alternative media that the intention to place this utter bastard at the heart of the false revolution is so apparent that only the dead could fail to notice.
Here’s a couple of messiah-worshippers.
First, David Degraw, who I have pointed out previously here as part of the false opposition, connected to the energy draining “Occupy” false front and many other distractions. Can’t say I’ve ever seen such brown nosing in my life, and I’ve seen some: http://daviddegraw.org/
“Russell Brand, that controversial, formerly drug and sex-addicted, adolescent funny man, who was spawned from UK “reality” television, became a movie star with roles in mindless comedy blockbuster hits and was briefly married to a pop princess, has evolved into one of the world’s most important radicals. In this modern age, where the spectacle of celebrity is used to distract, bamboozle and pacify the masses, where ignorance is placed on a pedestal and repetitiously rammed down our throat, raping our young minds, enslaving us in the all-consuming cult of consumerism and a never-ending narcissistic rat race to the bottom, Russell Brand has emerged as an enlightening force. Behold, Russell Brand: comedian / trendsetter / thought-leader / revolutionary / spiritual guru. The more you pay attention to him, the more you realize that he is a madly brilliant critical thinker, a prophet of sorts, a spiritual sage, a shaman of radical positivity. Russell knows how to dance with fame, as he sprinkles subversive mind-opening truths like pixie dust. He is currently on a whirlwind worldwide comedy tour, fittingly called Messiah Complex. His performance weaves through famed radical icons such as Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi and Jesus. Yes, Jesus the radical, the man who cared about the poor and chased the moneychangers from the temple. Russell makes you yearn for a modern day messiah who can chase Wall Street from our lives and deliver us to freedom. Alas, as Che said, only you can liberate yourself. There is much truth to Che’s words. However, as Brand makes clear, we are bred to follow false idols and live in a “cult of the hero.” Famed social psychologist Jacques Ellul summed it up: “The cult of the hero is the absolutely necessary complement of the massification of society…. This exaltation of the hero proves that one lives in a mass society. The individual who is prevented by circumstances from becoming a real person, who can no longer express himself through personal thought or action, who finds his aspirations frustrated, projects onto the hero all he would wish to be. He lives vicariously and experiences the… exploits of the god with whom he lives in spiritual symbiosis.”
Those that have the facility to understand this product placement will see how the Brand brand is laced with the Magick called “Glamour”, the Magick called “SEX”, the Money Magick, the Fame Magick, the False Humility Magick, the links to famous previous products similarly placed and then murdered to create myths from Jesus to Martin Luther King via Gandhi. As deGraw rightly points out, here we are witnessing the birth of a cult. He fails to mention that he is one of the midwives.

Two opportunities are gained by our masters.
The first is to let the creature pull the hearts and minds of the awakening humanity into his web and then use him to direct them towards whatever plans they have for such bamboozled truth-seekers when the next stage of the Chaos is unleashed. The second is the murder him once the Messiah status has been further developed, or perhaps to shoot him in the head but for him to miraculously recover.
If you are up to speed you will understand what this would mean.
Here’s some more arse licking from the BBC:
"Despite his increasingly celebrated status as a thoughtful and incisive author, essayist and commentator, Brand continues to play with his carefully cultivated image. Armed with candid, unconventional opinions as sharp as his yoga-honed body, edgy rags and photogenic looks, his presence seems to unnerve even the most seasoned interviewer, evoking as he does the love child of Oscar Wilde, the Three Musketeers and Jim Morrison. Always a wild card, Brand is unpredictable and unshockable, his lunatic grin and flashing brown eyes serving to further accentuate his untamed nature. A fan of Transcendental Meditation and a yoga fanatic, Brand has embraced a more spiritual look of late, downsizing his brutally backcombed mullet to hippy hair, but he still gets a kick out of hobbling hosts with his sexually confident body language. Take his groin-splayed appearance on The Late Show with Dave Letterman in July, in black leather trousers, or a similar studio spot in June, on MSNBC Morning Joe. “This is my first [Brand] experience. It’s not just listening to him, it’s just sort of taking it all in...I’m transfixed,” stammered presenter Mika Brzezinski during an interview with the comedian. She looked like her eyes were about to pop out of her head when Brand – egged on by panellists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman – heaved his legs onto the table to display his silver cowboy boots.”
Do you see how they target this small segment of the marketing campaign at the 14-40 female market?
Here’s some more, from the Conservative Daily Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/comedy/10315614/The-chat-the-charm-and-then-I-gave-in-to-Russell-Brand.html
“And so, having been there myself, I can only feel for Jemima Khan, the millionairess ex-wife of former cricketer Imran, who this week was spotted strolling hand-in-hand with Brand in Manhattan’s East Village. She, at 39, is a year older than him, and the pair were seen chatting and giggling with their arms wrapped around each other. Although Brand, a scruffy loudmouth from Essex, is hardly Khan’s usual type (her most high-profile relationship since Imran was with the actor Hugh Grant), the pair are believed to have been dating for weeks. In a funny way, I can almost see the appeal. During our brief dalliance, Brand called and texted me 20 times a day. He would ring and sing the James Blunt song You’re Beautiful down the line. My flatmates thought it was hilarious. Finally, I agreed to go on a date with him (it was that or take out a restraining order). And so it was that I found myself having Sunday lunch with him in a pub in Primrose Hill, followed by a trip to the cinema to see Proof, a film that I vaguely recall being about mathematics. When I think about it now, it was all strangely quaint. The man across the table was a million miles away from the foul-mouthed culprit behind that prank call to the actor Andrew Sachs, which he would make just over two years later. Brand didn’t drink - he didn’t have to - but he insisted that I did. He was exactly as he seems on television, always talking a mile a minute. He asked again and again if I fancied him. It was all a little exhausting. He was charming, funny, dazzlingly clever, all things that can make even matted and dreadlocked hair look attractive. We saw each other a couple of times, but I was hardly dreaming of marriage, if only because I got the impression that he could lose interest as quickly as he had developed it. Lo and behold, I opened the paper one day to see a spread on the “Lothario” who had started dating Kate Moss. I suppose there are worse people to be usurped by.”.
Did you notice the “he didn’t drink” bit, linked to the Jemima Khan bit? Maybe this new Jesus could appeal to the Muslims too? So another distraction, but a vital one, is placed carefully in the minds of an awakening humanity to distract and to dissipate and to weaken us, to prevent us from finding unity on a single issue…for only by doing that will we free ourselves.

Love to those that have read. You are few indeed.
Olive and Aktina
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