Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radioactive Reality guy from Youtube.

I don't usually link much to stuff, understanding that much of what is out there is part of the controlled opposition to humanity (and that therefore, some of the leaders of the alternative view of reality and the human condition are in fact the very worst of our sort, the very vilest of traitors). This guy seems human. Where is the Scream? Here, unfolding further, is one of the extinction events the world is psychologically engineered not to think about. This must be true, that people are so engineered.
The silence is eery to us.

Because we hear no great and swelling roar of voices raised, see no irresistable rising of the force of good.
Instead we see mute and dumb grass croppers, chomping and cud chewing.
Led by their noses here and there with the daily promise of new fresh grass to chew.
Sheep that are looking around, but still sheep, dreaming that they are awake.
Everywhere distraction.
Nowhere focus.
Where, for example, is the single unity of objective amongst true, free bloggers?
There is none, even there, where one could expect to see understanding of the predicament, the timescales, the progress of this war on our kind.
There is not even a feral growling together, the least we could expect.
If you blog, post a link.
If you comment, post a link.
But you won't, because the psych war has been focused on preventing unity.
And if that persists, we are lost.

And they are killing us now, as fast as they can without spooking us. Killing us softly. The entire herd. The planet. Fukushima is just one of their fronts.
Look how we are assailed by every facet of the reality they have wrought. They are wringing us dry, squeezing every last drop of living effort from us then contriving to cast us aside or cause us to die of the poisons they are seeding. We all know this deep inside, every baaaing one of us. We are being slowly killed.

We have to stop this.
And who are we?
WE are the meek.
The one's that don't want power over others, that don't want to cause fear, that don't want to be rich, would like to see an end to all war and an end to terrible hardship, who would like to see what we could make of this world in a different way, we are all of us good folk, and only we can save the world.


Anonymous said...

Hello my dear friend,
Have you ever heard of the author "Goldsmith"? "Joel S. Goldsmith"?
The author of "The Silence of Thunder" and more?

Anonymous said...

Is everything ok???

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for your caring.
I am fine.
It is the world that is not OK.
To speak truth, I feel a great guilt that I have not done enough, that we are collectively so lost in this reality that we are incapable of redemption, that I have failed my children and my grandchildren by not being strong enough or determined enough or clever enough to pass this world on to them in the condition that our species could be proud of.
I have allowed myself to be distracted from my mission to do this. I have allowed myself to doubt. I have allowed myself to feel I can do no more.
There is a vast reservoir of good in this world. Buried beneath the worry and need and misguided belief and hatreds that so assail our species this natural condition, this god in all of us for want of a better word, a more accurate word, is concreted over by the false reality.
This reservoir must be found, this unity of spirit and of purpose must be made tangible to us.
It is our only hope as a species, as a world, the only hope there is for life on this pale blue dot. It's name is love, its product is justice and peace and equality and freedom and all that is good.
Why can't humanity see this?
For in that realisation lies our future; a world of good and of beauty and of fun and adventure and the great miracles we are capable of.
It is within all of us, this transformatory miracle, if we can see the savagery inherent in what the past has gifted us, what the evil has wrought for us and so cast off these falsehoods and start again and, this time, get it right.
Can humanity do this?

To be, or not to be?
That is the question.

Once more, I thank you and send you love and this HUG ( ). I will pick up my pen-sword again and keep trying.
Olive xxx xxx xxx_