Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Can you see?

Now that humanity understands how core programming is done we begin to understand how we are made, begin to see that what we are is a product of our DNA, can see how that core programme could have been manipulated, can imagine why such manipulation might have been done and, if we stretch our minds a little, see what has been done and why, then begin to conject by whom.
These are the riddles.
It is a modern phenomena that we can even contemplate such questions, for it is only since we have made these advances in understanding that for the first time such conjecture can be framed. Our collective brilliance is a direct result of our numbers growing. We begin to see what could have been done to us and how and can guess why. because we grow collectively more clever.
This alone explains the determination to chemically dumb down the species. It also explains the determination to reduce our numbers. It further explains how important it is for our masters to “lead” this awakening, to control the seepage of this understanding into the consciousness of our collective understanding.
Further still this understanding explains what is coming.
It explains the simple tools our masters use to control us and how we are programmed to believe whatever it is they choose to put before us. Our core programming was altered millennia ago. Most can do nothing but follow the instructions of that malicious virus.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Around the world there are some that are born whose programme has been somehow corrupted, who fail to respond to the operating system, who begin to see how the whole thing works.
The virus instructs other humans to revile, to ridicule, to slaughter such anomalies.
The limitations placed on our ability to think mean that few can understand such ideas, those that can being programmed to disbelieve or to fall back on what has been learned previously, to dismiss such ideas as ludicrous and to believe that they would have seen this truth if indeed it were true….and so it isn’t.
It’s a complex programme…
It encourages you to think stuff like this.

Everyone you know is ordered and controlled by this viral infection, as are you.
It allows our masters to have complete authority over the planet.
They care not if they destroy the planet as they have their fun, because probably they have the technology to move on and do the same thing somewhere else in the universe once they have had their fun here.

We are a species of creatures designed and programmed to believe in deceptions.
Few can lift the veil and see the Wizards of OZ..
Our reality is so persuasive, so embedded, so reinforced by the rest of us that almost all human beings believe so strongly in one lie or another that they have been made capable of killing to defend that lie or to shove that lie down the throat of another human that believes in another, different lie.

Our DNA makes us live such short lives, die of so many sicknesses, become old and frail and stupid before our time, just for the purpose of denying us the time to work this stuff out.
The science we create is controlled by our masters, the knowledge we gain so controlled, we are rendered by this strategy incapable of clearing the virus from our system.

Pity, that.

We could live a thousand years, remember everything, be clever enough to solve all our problems, wise enough to understand love, make our lives beautiful.

Do you see now?

What we need is an anti-virus.
We are close to discovering one, because we can see that we are infected and understand by what means.
So our masters need to press “Restart”.
Can we act in time to stop them?

That’s up to you.

Love to you all, few readers.
Toss a coin in the hat as you move on. It will soon be valueless anyway.

Olive and Aktina.

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