Thursday, November 21, 2013

Newsletter made public

State of Play Report
November 17th 2013
Trigger Events.

(We publish for the first time the newsletter. Those that can see will see and know what to do. It is time to be more open. Send 4 euro this month for expenses)

World events march onwards to the trigger events we have highlighted and discussed in previous newsletters. The state of global consciousness is further tilted towards the false revolutionary condition that we noted spreading through the Arab world as they trial run their virus.
The chaos model is proving its sustainability and is rewarding the engineers with the usual harvest, the programming downloaded in these regions creating the expected resonances, touching the chords of generational hatred, deep hurt, grief, revenge. More killers are being engineered daily, their ultimate purpose satisfying the requirements of the model for the rising level of self disgust.
We note the success of the global warming eugenics thrust and find this type of consciousness ( becoming deep seated. As we have stated previously, the requirement is to create the mind-set wherein the species views itself as unworthy of existence, unworthy of the stewardship of the planet, abject. Thus conditioned, the global consciousness is further prepared for the trigger events we anticipate.

In previous engineering projects (patriotism, faith, et al) the object was to reduce the herd through war, the struggle for survival against an enemy real or imagined being the meme. This more refined programme is designed to be more thoroughgoing and to address the survival instinct more completely. As we know they intend to engineer the species to hate itself and to override the instinct to desire life. The common thrusts of global warming, the right to choose euthanasia, the right to choose to abort, the “life of work with no prospect of retirement”, the life of fear without relief etc etc all drive towards this consciousness.

They engineer the species to desire self-immolation and are thus far successful in this.

As we understand, the mavericks are all now counted and numbered and located thanks to this internet and the engineers’ programmes designed to discover the herd members yet capable of independent thought. As the trigger events unfold be prepared to be reviled and hunted, yet speak your truth nevertheless and hold firm to your duty to love and the universal good.
Only by such example can the spell be broken.

As you understand: Do as you would be done by, turn the other cheek, give and do not count the cost, fear nothing even the imposter “death”, seek no more than a share, hug.
These same messages we have understood for millennia, for there is no other way but one.

Population reduction by stealth continues unquestioned. Air and water and earth all now conform to the slow kill strategy, as usual denying the wisdom that is born of longevity.
Once this phase passes, the focus will be on cleansing and on curing the effects of these poisons on the bodies and minds of the species, allowing the flowering of wisdom we understand will be the prize, that which was taken from the species some time ago.

We note that the strong viruses structuring youth continue unabated and strengthening in the areas associated with death and killing and with the preparation to create readiness to seek salvation and accept the false messiah.
The symbols utilized for such programming are unchanged since last time and operate effectively at the core level.
The chemical modeling of the species continues unabated either by stealth or openly via medication and other intakes and the results are very satisfying to the engineers, though as we might expect they still fear greatly the forthcoming events and are uncertain that they can achieve their goal.

As we know, their objectives are to prevent the ascension, to render ugly that which is beautiful by nature , to keep the species from joining the universal whole. Your mission remains unchanged, to be a lamp that still glows when the darkness falls, to find and cherish those that are true to their nature born, to lead the species towards the light of love. Your numbers are in need of increase now.
Wear the sign of the olive tree in your hearts and invite discourse whenever you can.
You should all now be considering who you will ask to be a part of your consciousness triangle.
This needs to be organized and made effective by the 28th November.
Three is the number, nine the power, so do we unite in love.
Xxx xxx xxx as usual.

So, to triggers:
The conjunction of the blue bird is close. The crop circle psyche input has had some success and is now picked up and spread. Those that can see, see. There is a need now for a coming together in understanding. Take the thoughts that enter your mind and spread them, for we require the voices of wisdom to speak louder now and in unison.

The first false prophet is abroad and his mentor is active.

The Japanese problem will befall humanity before the process is complete, spreading the panic and increasing the psyche-yearning for help that is beyond understanding. By such means do they seek ultimate victory, stealing the head of the new consciousness and misdirecting it.

We will speak again soon. Do your part to shape minds.

Tell them to Beware Deceivers.
The conduit nears.
Know love.
Olive and Aktina
Xxx xxx xxx

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