Saturday, March 9, 2013

What will you do? Vital reading.

As the winter turns to spring, as the wildflowers strain to put their faces to the sun, as the olive trees think of blossoming and push their roots deeper searching for strength and vitality, as the sun seeks to force its life giving energy past the filth they are spewing into our skies, as the force of good that is the universe and is the force of creation weeps for its lost children and pours forth its hope and its certainty, at this last ditch moment where all could be lost and yet all could be gained, what will you do?

What will you do?

As we view this world, our world, we see the nature of the reality, we see the fingers of the puppet masters yanking at the souls of the species, we see them perpetuating their horror, we see them destroying the planet and making our species complicit in this destruction.

As we view our species we see it mired in its own excrement, see pathetic myths and petty false divisions take its greatness and turn it towards the finality.

They have to make us the willing engineers of our own demise, have to make us the architects of our own destruction, control our will and turn us to evil.

Somehow this is in the rules of their game, for without our agreement they are powerless.

It is with great sadness and regret that an outside observer must catalogue this demise of our spirits.

There is almost no place now where the human spirit is unsullied, the global reach of the sickness that pervades this world is almost complete.

You can run, but you cannot hide.

The endgame is almost over.

The final moves, laid out centuries ago, are about to be played.

Should they be successful our masters will inherit a world perpetually poisoned, perpetually sick, increasingly devoid of variety and empty of life.

Hard as it is to comprehend, this is their ambition.

Our biggest mistake has been to think they are human, to think that they share the core of love that resides in us, to attribute our motivations to them as we do in all our interactions, failing to see them for what they are.

We saw Bush and Blair grinning like demons as they pushed us to slaughter a couple of million in Iraq and Afghanistan and still they are honoured by most, grow ever richer, still like to travel to those places and see the horror they have wrought and dip their hands in the blood. And we let them. And we pay their expenses.

This is how low we have sunk in this technological age, in this age when our miracles are opening doors to a new future we are still the savages we were, held in that condition by their mind control.

They dream of hell. They dream of endless suffering. They like most to take a child full of love, befoul it, watch its life ebb as they fuck it to death.

This we know.

This their agents of opposition have exposed to us.

This is the prize granted to those that follow, that do the bidding of the masters.

Your governments, your judiciaries, your priests, your police, all of them want this most coveted prize, all of them shield those that win this prize, the befouling of innocence and the screams of a dying child.

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

And it’s a paedophile ring.

In times past, when we humans were even more savage, even more easily scared, they performed their ugly rituals in the open, sacrificing whom they would, picking the juiciest children for their rituals, relying on their understanding of the cycles of the sun, the movement of wind and waves to demonstrate their relationship with an almighty god they had conjured out of thin air to cause us to tremble in fear.

They had us build their pyramids, slaughtered our children before our eyes and with ceremony, with ritual, with that magic that controls the human spirit made us grateful for them.

They knew then, as they know now:

When we see another sacrificed it fills us with a warm glow because this time it’s not us, this time it’s not our child, this time we have survived.

The creature we call self that enwraps our human core of love is a coward, is controllable, can be turned to wickedness so easily because it fears death, fears pain, fears loss.

Despite our innate characters, despite the love which binds us all one to another, despite our increasing collective intelligence we are failing to unite against this horror.

They dream of the days when they can be open again about their power over us, when we will beg them to choose us to be the next sacrifice, see it as an honour if they plucked our child from life.

We’ve let them do this to us before.

If you have eyes to see, we are letting them do it to us now.

They are celebrating with massive ritual at their superbowls and Olympics, glorying in the final victory they see as inevitable. Their agents reveal their servants and they care not about this exposure because the day is coming when they will have become so unassailably powerful that those of our species that remain will offer up our children to them in supplication.

They believe their king is with us now. They are sacrificing us to him as we write. They are filled with excitement and are in a frenzy of expectation. This is the cause of all our current misery.

They are sacrificing us to their coming king.

We have lost the trust in one another that we fought so hard for when we believed we could change the world by organising ourselves, when we swallowed the bitter pill that we now know democracy was, when we took liberty and equality and fraternity at face value not knowing they were poisoned titbits dropped by the hands of our masters as they sought to control our growing number and our collective evolution.

Now altogether we have lost our faith in our species, lost our faith in ourselves, squander our beliefs on the false gods of democracy, of money, of religion, fictions all in the false reality they have woven to hold us back, to stop us stepping into a world of our own creation. They have been murdering the love that’s in us, murdering the care, slaughtering the unity that would cast them into the pit from whence they came.

They have to do this, for they can see our rising number and our rising collective intelligence that is its product. Our number is driving our evolution, our number is giving us the strength and the knowledge to force open the doors to a different future. This future is reaching back to us. Its light is brilliant. Here and there it is breaking through and our masters shiver and tremble at its power, are working ever harder now to prevent our ascension to the world we human beings will build, a world of beauty and love, a world free of fear.

Their weapon is, as ever, the control of our consciousness. Now we have devised new instruments of connectivity they have made them their instruments of magick. They see the power of our technology we have yet to see ourselves. They need now to act quickly before we make the discovery they fear most.

That we can unite.

That we are powerful.

That we are an amazing species of love and light and that this is the face we will turn to the universe when we take our world from them and cast them aside.

We allow our minds to be bombarded perpetually with the idea that the world is full of wickedness.

From all sides we are reminded of our callousness, of our murderousness, of our capacity for evil.

We are the slaughterers of our own young.

We are near that place where our future will become irredeemable.

The chance we have to reverse the desecration of our planet is almost gone. We are committing the ultimate sin, the sin of squandering the future of life in this corner of the universe.

If there is a god, it weeps now.

The world is full of the mindless, the sightless, those that are forced by circumstance or by mind control to hunch their shoulders and hold their arms protectively around their small pile of possessions, like savages protecting their food, never looking further than the next moment and the vital importance of their survival though that moment.

Other human beings are seen as the predatory enemy rather than the trusted ally.

In this can be seen the success of their mind control. We are unrecognisable from the beings we were just a few hundred years ago. The rise of our consciousness has been battened down and crushed. Great ideas of freedom and equality stolen and misled. All remnants of the ideas of civilisation lost.

They have made beasts of us.

We slaughter our unborn.

We render their unformed bodies and make face cream from them.

And if you know this not, do your research. Google foetal face cream and weep.

Those that are looking further into the looming shadow searching for the chink of light that is our future calling to us seek company and there find havens pre-built by our masters for that very contingency.

So they are creating false hopes for us. So they are behind Occupy and Zeitgeist and Thrive and now (thanks John F) “One People’s Public Trust”.

You see, they fear us.

As ever, our difference can be directed into division, our focus dissipated and spread wide, our understandings implanted, our knowledge made an instrument of separation.

The devil truly is in the detail.

Detail and complexity keep us apart.

Great efforts are expended in keeping us from realising the truth.

That the answer to our problems is simple, within the grasp of each of us, just a moment away from changing the world.

It lies in unity, lies in a single word.


We are almost wholly in the hands of evil now. We sup at its table daily. The greatness that is the human spirit is squashed beneath its heel.

We have been brought to the nadir of our history.

Few can even remember living with honour, with respect for others, with care, without fear.

We pass our children over to the system, we forsake our elderly, we turn away from our duty, we ignore our responsibility.

We bleat pathetically as we point the finger of blame yet do nothing to unite against the wickedness that surrounds us and poisons our life force, that subjugates our spirits, that imprisons our souls.

Are we lost now? Is the game over?

Will some miracle draw us away from the edge of the abyss?

Rest assured that our masters have this miracle prearranged, for this will surely be their plan. It is indeed the last card they have informed us of.

Their intent is to destroy every idea they have previously given us, every belief they have inculcated and that we cling to, every structure we have come to despise and yet to accept mutely.

We see this unfolding before our eyes, yet most fail to understand.

Our democracies are being seen as no such thing and are about to be or are already shattered by falsely led revolt, leading to turmoil and devised internecine strife.

Our “money” will become valueless, in truth already is.

Those that have will have not.

Our law and our police are known to be and will be further shown to be unjust.

Our politicians shown to be the vile and corrupt and murderous and filthy perverts they are.

Such is the unfolding of the wings of chaos and we can see already that much of our world lies under the shadow of those spreading wings.

We will hunch our shoulders further and hold our arms around ashes and dust.

And look for salvation.

So is our consciousness being shaped and manipulated in preparation for the great change.

It is then that our “saviour” will appear.

Hope will rear its head, and with it revenge.

The machinery of destruction will start its awful engine.

Neighbour will turn against neighbour, brother against brother as we can already bear witness to.

As usual, those that kill will think they have right, or god, on their side.

Countless millions fell for this lie in the twentieth century and they are falling for it still.

We will sink further into the abyss than ever before, thinking we ascend.

Such is the strategy.

The questions are:

If you see these things, as few do, what are you doing to avert this crisis in the history of life?

How are you manifesting your intent to honour your duty to the gift that has been given to our species?

Whose hand will you reach for today?

What will you do?

We have to start somewhere.

We have to start again.

As the winter turns to spring, as the wildflowers strain to put their faces to the sun, as the olive trees think of blossoming and push their roots deeper searching for strength and vitality, as the sun seeks to force its life giving energy past the filth they are spewing into our skies, as the force of good that is the universe and is the force of creation weeps for its lost children and pours forth its hope and its certainty, at this last ditch moment where all could be lost and yet all could be gained, what will you do?

What will you do?

With love, as ever,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx

Aktina Pempti tells me there are six more. Can you hear that voice? Do you know what she means? Is it you?

It’s time.

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