Friday, March 1, 2013

Finding Humanity, the birth of civilisation.

Remember this: it is the activity of your enemy that discloses how concerned they are about you. If they are busy, so they are scared. The world looks frantic right now because they can see a new light rising, and they are afraid.

Olive Farmer wrote once about the blindness of science, the fact that your science is limited by your senses, your imaginations and the instruments you have developed with which to perceive. There is more to know than you can imagine, much more.

The same is true of your consciousness.

I don’t refer to the individual consciousness you each believe is “I”, for this is as much a fabrication as any other mechanism, a fabrication determined by history and the hands and minds that shape that history and create the reality you exist in.

The real you is within, walled and fenced by the protective screens of harm and hurt that you have erected to save yourself.

Outside of that creature, and yet unrealised by the human species, is the existence of the capability for a shared consciousness, a coming together of the inner beings you are by nature, that angelic core which exists within each of you.
That shared consciousness is as a vast body of water held in check by a mighty dam. Should the tiniest crack appear in that great wall then the sheer brute power of the imprisoned mass will force that crack, widen it, sweep that wall aside.

You should know that this is no long drawn out affair. The event will occur at the moment that you realise you can be so connected, that you feel the shared desires that unite you all, the shared good that is the signature of your species and the foundation of the civilisation that is to come.

There are those that will seek, as they have always sought, to plant the idea of the seed of God behind this emergence of a shared understanding.

This shared understanding will seem godly, but you should understand it is of your own natures that it is born. The idea of implanting some new icon of worship into the beauty that you will discover is the last card of those that currently shape reality, will be their last ditch effort to retain control of your consciousness.

They have hoarded science with which to baffle and bewilder you all when the time comes, and that right soon.

You should beware this deception, no matter how convincing, for there lies the fulfilment of the prophecy that our masters seek to fulfil.

That is their matter.

Ignore them.

The shared understanding will give rise to a shared examination of all of the systems and beliefs that shape the current reality.

Naturally, every human wants to be free.

Focusing the mind on the systems and ways and obligations that frame the way you exchange with each other will show you what things deprive you each of your freedom.

Each element that you identify you will be able to trace back to its source, see the interplay between the various elements of the control grid that is placed over your true consciousness, understand the complexity of the false reality.

Be happy. You fast approach an unusual period in your story.

You will of course be aware of the evolution of your species, the ever multiplying rate of change, the enormous technological strides you have made. The speed of this change is accelerating your understandings and beginning to give you the idea that you have the instruments you need to build this shared consciousness.

That is not far away.

When you each of you seek freedom, seek the status of free human being, acknowledge yourself as a joint founder of the future and sweeper away of the past, when each and every one of you assume the status of equal partner in the endeavour and the unfolding story that is humanity, when each of you unfold yourself and stand tall and free for the first time, then at that moment will the future be born.

Friends, the pain you see about you at the moment is the birth pain of a new world.

It need not be so painful a birth, because the pain is caused by those still embedded in the old reality, and the harm is done so that you will raise your hands and your weapons against each other, as you can witness now. It is the playing out of the old strategy they have of giving you cause to want to kill one another. It has always worked before and is working now.

If you are such a human being, so locked in the now that you cannot see the tomorrow, believing that such change is a fools fancy, understand the part you are playing in this unfolding epochal change in the world and what you are doing to your fellow human beings and on whose behalf.

Humanity will forgive you, for you know not what you do. Step clear of your old self and ask for forgiveness.

The spirit of this new world will be built on the foundation of humanity’s shared desires, the speed with which you change the way you do things will be inspiring. As a species, you can perform miracles.

Over the last 100 years the system of money and of profit have managed to fill your world with unnatural poisons that even now ravage your family and have left a time bomb of misery and pain for your children.

When you focus your energies on removing that threat you will be successful.

Over the last hundred years the cream of your endeavours has been scraped away. You imagine yourselves poor, and yet your industry and imagination can provide both ease and plenty. Your best scientific minds are squandered on weapons development or on profit driven allopathic medicine or on gathering the fiction that is money. So much youth is squandered, so much effort sucked away by the machine.

When you free each other, then you will discover your obligation to each other and your collective obligation to the future.

A new beauty will emerge in the world.

Humanity will believe in itself, will see one by one that you are all equal partners in this greatest moment in your history as the great swinging doors slam closed on a past that was ugly and inhuman and open to reveal the great sunlit plains of peace and harmony and love and co-creation that are the birth right of your species and the face you will collectively turn to the universe.

And perhaps then the idea of something we might call creation will smile, because such a world has been intended from the beginning, and Love is your reward.

Love to You All
Aktina Pempti via Olive Farmer
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