Monday, March 18, 2013

Jones, Icke, OPPT, Zeitgeist, Venus, etc deceivers. WAKE UP.


There is value to be gained from the process of attempting to view the world in the way that our masters do, from the top down, and in seeing the world from their perspective.
Their perspective is that they are the inheritors of the instruments of control, that the continuation of their generational control is paramount, that their god makes demands upon them in return for their position at the apex of the pyramid of power.

They take the long view of things, longer than the rest of us can even contemplate, because they see this world from the position of a continuous bloodline lasting millennia. From this perspective they can lay down plans and strategies which are bewildering in their complexity, handing the torch down from generation to generation.

They have always recruited the brightest minds from humanity, using their control of the resources of the world through the artificial agent called money to recruit those intellects into their service. This continuous stream of higher intelligences has gifted them the intellectual advantage over the rest of us, allowing them both to plan ahead and, by virtue of modelling and the process of logical deduction, to foresee the unfolding of events over time as few of us mere cattle can.

Imagine the difference between a chess grand master and a child in terms of the number of anticipated moves and the strategic forward thinking, throw in the vast store of additional knowledge of the moves that can be made and the moves that are known to produce certain outcomes and you begin to see how it is that humanity is outthought and outplayed from generation to generation with ease.

They have shaped the world such that most of us come into the world with no inheritance, each life being the battle for survival that emulates their parents’ battle and so on back through the generations. On this battle is our attention focused, leaving little time in our lives for the contemplation of the bigger game.

What we see of the reality now is the product of such forward planning and such strategy, the incredibly complex and detailed moves made in this great game begun centuries ago to meet the needs of today and to achieve the goals demanded of them.

As ever, we can only conject, with the understanding that this conjecture and deduction is made from a position of blindness. They have always had control of truth and knowledge and by means of that control they have held back the great tide of humanity and kept us in a condition of savagery.

Make no mistake, from before the fire at the library of Alexandria, via the destruction of Shamanic knowledge over the centuries, passing through the Inquisition and the murder of countless scientists over time right up to the present day, control of knowledge has been in their hands and part of their inherited wealth.

There is a lot of important stuff, game changing stuff, that the rest of us are ignorant of and will remain ignorant of until we take that knowledge from them. Understand that humanity is held back to a great extent by this control of knowledge and by the artificial money system that attaches wealth to knowledge, thus preventing its sharing. Imagine how fast we will grow once we do away with money and share all knowledge. The very idea of a patent on knowledge is anathema to our natural condition and prevents the advance of humanity and denies to all the benefits taken by the few.

There are some misguided in the belief that the internet has broken this control over knowledge and truth, laughable when you see that it is our masters that have provided this tool, spent trillions spreading the web across the globe. It is evident that it is there to serve their purpose and is a key part of their overall strategy and their endgame through which you, dear reader, are existing now.

Know that much of what you read, as a seeker of truth, has been planted there for your reading. They knew you were coming, knew the paths you would follow and have been laying in wait for you and have set their traps.

To believe otherwise would be naïve.

To believe that they would not have the resource and the long term planning skills and the manpower to make the internet an instrument of their planned new control grid would be an act of folly.

From that point of deductive understanding the internet can be seen as the weapon it is.

Much of that which attracts you, genuine though it seems, is of their creation. The number of players in this game that are seeking to control your thought is legion. There are huge stakes in the game right now, and those that can comprehend the game being played can see that there is something coming that our masters fear, something they are expending every ounce of their considerable power to avert, risking all they have built over time in this last throw of the dice, these last few moves.

And so, dear friends, as I have said many times, beware of deceivers. Almost everything you read on the internet may well be of their creation. They understand that by feeding you certain truths they will earn your allegiance, and that once earned you will defend those ideas and beliefs and loyalties with the fervour of a zealot.

We know it as cognitive dissonance.

It is a weapon in the control of consciousness and always has been. They have and continue to wield this power over our consciousness in the areas of religion, of political thought, of brand loyalty, through their music industry, via “charity” and in countless other fields of manipulation.

They divide our effort now, strewing new movements in our path almost daily, dissipating our energy.

A friend has been corresponding with me about his concern over the “One People’s Public Trust” and this is a prime example. Each Zeitgeist, Occupy, Venus Project, OPPT and many more draw a good number of us into their webs, sapping the energy and strength that comes from a single unity.

Know this: It is only by a single unity that they can be defeated.

Understand that we are a diverse species, with many differing viewpoints and opinions, mostly shaped and formed within the false reality and therefore suspect, and that no unity will ever be gained where there is detail.

In detail there is always antipathy and division.

We can only be united by a simple concept, an unbreakable code that all can understand and adhere to and that every action can be judged against or measured by.

In the last analysis this can only be LOVE, nothing else will do, nothing else is as strong, nothing else is as immutable, as pure, as easy to comprehend, as shared as a desire, as common to us all.

Anything else you read or organisation you join has been made either by those who are misguided or by those who are the servants of those that are controlling this reality, witting or unwitting.

Once this perspective is gained you will begin to see how these new thought control mechanisms link to each other and reinforce each other or squabble with each other and by doing so draw you ever further into their web of deceit.

In the haystack of truth lies buried the needle of a lie.

And so we see daily how vile our world has become, what harm we do to it and to each other, how the power in the world is strong and how we are weak, how the systems we have built are destroying life, destroying our planet, destroying us. We see how the threat to us is increasing, how the state and its money system are imprisoning us further, how they are sowing misery around the world………

All of these things are exposed to us in the alternative media, all of them being used to increase fear and anger, all of them being used to push us to one false organisation or another. The headlines at Icke or Infowars or Before It’s News (featuring the tragic Zen Gardener) bear little difference to those of the mainstream in form and content. They fill your mind with negative thought. They fill your mind with hatred. Most of them point accusing fingers at the jews, who should be getting concerned right now, this thing having happened before and the criteria for the fulfilment of prophecy being just right.

As if the last time these Nazi fuckers had the world in the palm of their hand wasn’t bad enough, for they do so love to kill jews.

Remember this: Zionism and the state of Israel was a creation of the Nazi black magicians, their foul behaviour prompted by their masters as the behaviour of the US and UK killing machine is.

Who has done the most killing, seized the most land, created the most refugees, etc, etc.

The masters these people serve is the same masters they appear to revile while furthering the agenda..

Such is the cleverness of the psychological warfare they are engaged in.

They are the fifth column.


Chiefly, they divide your attention, call your interests to different things every day, offer you a myriad of rabbit holes in which to bury your head. Their intent is to weaken the movement (what “movement”?), to avert unity, and they are currently succeeding.

You will see that they grow rich by so doing, for their masters insist that they are measured by money as are all their servants, money being the bad blood that courses through humanity’s veins. They sell you gold, raising the value of the shiny metal such that their masters, who have most of it, benefit.

None say we should live without money..

None point out that you can neither buy nor sell without it.

Forget the coming mark of the beast.

It’s in your pocket now.

They ask you repeatedly to put some in theirs, though they have enough of the filthy stuff.

Do you see?

Almost every single thing that we do that is wrong can be sourced back to this stuff.

We need to do without it, otherwise we cannot ascend, otherwise there will be no future. Forget gold based currency, this is a part of their plan, having all of the gold in their pockets, yet see how their agents promote it, see the ads that festoon their websites.

What is simple they seek to complicate:

We need to give.

We need to receive.

We need to trust.

We need to share

We need to love.

It really is that simple.

Look from the top down on our world and the answers become crystal clear and beautifully simple.

WE KNOW already what to do.

We just need to do it.

Is there anything you don’t understand?

Beware of deceivers.

The conduit gets near.

Do your part in this.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

We need to give.
We need to receive.
We need to trust.
We need to share.
We need to love.
Thank you. I will never forget those words. So much wisdom in your writing. You say what some of us feel unable to - yet.