Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress

I took the first step, back then

Shaped and formed by reality

Something yet lived within

It pushed me, urged me,

Made me step forward

Made me look back

Aghast at the wrong

In need of forgiveness

So I lurched from surety into uncertainty

Saddled by my history

Burdened by my shame

A refugee, fleeing reality

A burnt husk of hope, still ember cored

The pilgrim’s load

The stone in my shoe

The lodestone

A flame still alive

The torch of hope

My extra burden

In search of my Christ

Looking here and there

I see Lucifer


Disguising itself as love

As unity

As freedom

Pouring forth streams of acolytes

Feigners and deceivers and their deceived

Their torches aloft

And I ask

Why are we seemingly forsaken

Meek and weak

And is it that we have become

And that becoming is misshapen

And love has turned its back

And hope is all that remains

A flickering now faltering certainty

That all will end well

And what if there are seven rays

And our masters fear them

And our masters co-opted their coming

Built them in

So that we would distrust them

And what if we found each other

And accepted what our instincts tell us

Born of ordinariness

Full of sin but knowing

Living flames of truth

Bathed in shame

And knowing it is not "I" that speaks now

But the living essence of truth

The love that is better than the human "I" am

The heart of the matter

The heart of the universe

And can seven be enough

Merely one for each billion

To bring the beauty in man to the surface

To anchor our kind to the future

And reshape our being

And I know it is not “I” that speaks for love

But the core of “I”

The voice inside that is the universe


And knowing We Are

And I am nothing

And have no worth

Can not cast the first stone

Nor want to throw

But knowing the time has come

And waiting to hold your hand.

  With Love Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx

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Anonymous said...

thank you for returning.your insight is far reaching and deep. Iam glad that there are other people about that can see/sense at what is going regards