Thursday, June 14, 2018

The rising of Humanity

Our human species expresses its collective consciousness through its societies.

In this reality, which belongs to all of humanity, we alone of all the species are capable of transforming the material of existence and transforming that stuff into things that we need or want. So we make glass from sand, alloys from base metals that we shape into aeroplanes and so on. This creative force is harnessed and directed. We are more creative, achieve greater things, when we work together to harness and employ nature. The simplest part of everyday life is testament to such cooperation.

Consider the olive oil we produce. We employ a chain saw for pruning that was manufactured in Germany, the end-product of decades of development by engineers, made of alloys created in vast factories, plastics, intricate moving parts supplied from China or Korea. The chain saw was packaged and shipped and supplied to us by trucks, ships, drivers and sailors, warehouse operatives. The fuel it uses comes from under the ground in the Middle East, oil turned into petrol in vast refineries, built by thousands of people and using science developed over a century. The same story applies to the generator we use to power the picking sticks, the nylon nets we lay on the ground, the hessian sacks we fill, the truck we use to carry the sacks to the olive press. It's true of the press itself, machines developed in Italy. Storage tanks manufactured in France. Bottles from Romania. Labels from Athens printed on paper from Sweden. So it goes on. Everything we eat has a story of cooperation behind it. Everything we use has a story of product development behind it, often spanning a century or much longer.

Human beings cooperate, and that cooperation produces marvels from the base material left lying around by the creator. Conveniently! Or by design.....

From this simple lesson learn that there is no other path for our species than the path of world-wide cooperation. Wars between nations only occur because there are nations, and those nations were all created by the Power.

Currently, all of this mutually beneficial cooperation is organised and ordered by money and its supply, rather than by sharing to fulfill need. This cooperation is, and has been for centuries, world spanning.

Fools that we are, we have allowed a power in the world to take control of all of this activity of cooperation and sharing and twist its nature into something which divides rather than unites us.

This power is the Magick of the creation of money, which sits across all of our sharing activity and skims off the top of every activity a percentage which the creators of money get to use how they will.

The concentration of this money (which in reality is a form of energy) allows its creators to have power over every single living human being. If those money-creators decide that we shall go hungry, or die, or be in constant fear, or make war, then the energetic force of money enables them to so choose. And choose they do.

If they decided to plunge the world into chaos and render us all savages then they could do so in a moment simply by deciding to 'crash' their fake money system, simply because we have all become so used to the stuff that we lack the collective intelligence to organise and cooperate without it, but rather would descend rapidly into looting gangs and rioting mobs.

Unless we are ready for this chaos, keep doing what is needed, keep calm, and all of us work together to prevent chaos. This we can do, if we spread and share the idea of humanheartedness and use that as our unifying force.

Almost all crime is made possible and motivated by this Magick money system. From human traffickers to drug dealers, all bribery and corruption, the crime of usury, the motivation behind war for profit, all of this sin is generated by this stuff. The blood of cooperation that courses through our societies is tainted with its poison. Through its medium justice is denied,  politics corrupted, religion despoiled, charity made a mockery and gifting used to pay place-men vast salaries.

And see what they do with our children's charities, turning good into the worst of evils.

Ergo it is money, not just the power to create it but money itself, that lies at the root of almost all evils and perverts the energy of good (sharing) into something purely evil.

We have been taught for centuries to attach value to this fake stuff. Even now those in the alternative media speak of 'replacing' it with some form of 'Gold Backed' electronic cash system. This will do nothing to stop its evil and corrupting effect on our species. These are ideas born of our masters, readying the ground for old money's replacement, injected into 'Truther's' consciousnesses a new belief in a new Magick money.

Think of those island tribes that were finally absorbed into the world money system often less than a century ago, those island tribes that lived with no concept of money for centuries and centuries. Think of the native American tribes, centuries and centuries without money. They lived by mutual cooperation, by sharing. They had no concept of the acquisition of more and more stuff, could see no reason or purpose in piling stuff high that the 'owners' would rarely use.

They understood the value of time, and spent it, and never sold it.

The Creator made time, and in our modern world we trade and buy and sell that free energy and are enslaved by those endeavours.

So: The collective energy of our species is in harness, the route we take through time is steered, the speed at which we travel is determined, the length of our lives and the happiness we enjoy are decided upon by the money masters. 

To them we give freedom from justice, we give the finest things we make, we give whoever they need to satisfy whatever perversions they entertain.We even supply our children to them. We go down on our knees to them. We wash and clean and repair their stuff, we grow and cook their food (the best), we clean their many houses and beautify their gardens.

There are enough of us made evil enough to provide children to them for abuse and sacrifice.

We are in a Hell, and the beauty of humanheartedness has been chained to the great wheel of wickedness by Magick. The Magick that allows a very few creatures to create every cent in every nation on earth and to twist what was good into something utterly wrong.

We  kill for this stuff. Hundreds of millions of us died in the last century because of it.

And yet consider: Those ancient tribes, and still some tribes hidden from us in jungles or great deserts or the remotest places, live entirely without it. This lesson to us, this ancient human understanding of the benefits to all of sharing and cooperating, this essence of humanity, could sustain our world and liberate our species in a moment and without the chaos our masters expect to be the outcome of their depriving us of it.

WE can defeat this coming strike against normalcy, which will happen when our masters determine that we should all fall into their hands forever.

THIS is what they imagine: They will crash money everywhere. Chaos will ensue. We will begin to kill for food. Madness will stalk the earth. THEN a saviour will emerge! A person of world stature.  HE will say that he will use his own personal GOLD and that of his 'friends', create a new digital currency backed by this Gold, and give it for free to every surviving human being. Desperate, we will respond with a global upsurge of hope and of love for this great man. NGOs will be tasked with ensuring everyone gets their share. You'll just need to get a chip. Slowly, (fake) economic activity will begin again. Farmers will plant seed, drivers start the engines of their trucks. We will, of course, have to go into the cities, where the food will be distributed. We will do so gladly, with gratitude. The chips we have implanted will make us slaves. The 5G network will make sure of that, of course. That is its purpose. Read the protocols of the elders of Zion and you will see how this fits.

We do have a weapon in this war. It is simply the unity of humanheartedness, and the power seven billion human beings represent if we all of us choose to cooperate.

Keep calm, and carry on just about sums up how we need to act. Do what you did yesterday, eat and drink what you ate and drank yesterday, shop for what you need rather than what you would like, cooperate to prevent the greedy from taking more than they need or the best of what we produce.

Do all of that without money. Do all of that with a strong sense of duty and an understanding that such cooperation will save our species and set us all free. Do all of that with teeth gritted and a universal determination not to let the stupid or the greedy or the agents of the power with their propaganda and their 'behaviour modifying'  mess up our new world order.

There are seven billion of us here. Shaping such a reality, and making it fair, and preventing it becoming chaotic, is simply a matter of collective will and of cooperation, just as it is and was in those tribes we all of us came from.

We organise amazingly for money.
We can organise amazingly without it.
Organisation is cooperation.
Look how good at it we are!

Consider, for just a moment, the freedoms that would be born from the funeral pyre of money. No rent or mortgage to pay. No fake debt to repay. A million crimes every day less than now. No money-blood flowing through the veins of the greatest evils, the slave businesses, the war machinery, the drugs trade.

Take profit from the world, profit for money, and a billion bad practices would disappear.
Millions of bad people would lose their power over we humanhearted human beings.
We meek, that are soon to inherit this world.

We would all of us feel less afraid. All of us be free from debt. All of us free to choose how we spend our time, providing we seven billion organise to attach great importance to duty, and educate all of us to understand the benefits of doing that duty, of obligation, of keeping calm. 

Countless millions would be freed from labour that exists only to make money or manage the flow of this evil stuff through our societies.  As a species we could prioritise our activity on what needs to be done, share best practices and ideas and knowledge - not hoard them- , direct our vast armies and the factories that produce munitions to good purposes, to rescue, to begin vast building projects, to clean away the foul pollutants that the money system has sewn into the fabric of our biosphere.

The greatest benefit, of course, will be an increase in the quantity of truth told, a reduction in the quantity of lies.

And of course, a great sense of worth and value attached to what we do because everything we do will be what's needed. From that comes self satisfaction. From that comes laughter. From all of these things comes a transformation of humanity.

We Are as a species approaching this understanding, though the eternal enemy of humanity will do anything to prevent us.
The 'awakening' is coming to this knowledge, of our shared humanity, of the energetic power of that shared humanity.

 At some Moment we will choose, difficult though it may seem, impossible some might say, so entrenched are our beliefs in the toys we have been given to play with in this fake box of reality. The meek will truly inherit the earth, that which the Creator gave us to be masters of.

So, as the Moment approaches, so the danger to us all increases. We can see the machinations of our fake politicians and leaders everywhere, so desperate to cling to their power and their stuff that they will willingly destroy everything we humans have built, willingly plunge us into an Armageddon and do so with pleasure. This is their intent, make no mistake. Already great swathes of our world are in their fake wars and clearly they do not intend to stop this proccess but rather accelerate it.
Our species must find unity, and find it quickly, to avert our demise.

The collective intelligence that is humanity must prevent them. To do so is easy, we simply need to understand the fake divisions that our masters have erected between us and ignore them. This can be done in a day, in a Moment. And from that Moment everything will change and a new world civilisation will be born. Happiness is coming.

Note that the fake alternative media speak against 'globalisation', and we must consider how we could live without world wide (global!) sharing.

Consider the olives I pick, the machines I use, the Canadians and Germans that end up eating it. Those that fail to see how anything but a world-wide tribal approach to the process of conscious creation and sharing are either mentally challenged or continue to be locked into a belief system created by our masters. Nationalism, as pushed by Jones, breeds competition between nations, breeds 'strong'(psychopathic) leaders, breeds war.

We are one tribe, but everywhere we live in societies that are different and that difference is beauteous. We can share across the planet without abandoning that idea of place, that recognition of the familiar, that idea of a 'people' that has little to do with the colour of skin or the shape of eye but everything to do with shared ideals and ideas of beauty and shared culture.

Once the world is changed by we humanhearted, many will return to their homelands because the reasons that dove them to leave will be gone. We humanhearted will feed each other, house each other, care for each other, entertain each other, work together to destroy the bullies and their gangs and their weapons. In a generation, these evils will be gone, but never forgotten. Our vigilance will be our safeguard.

As we see, there is a war against this sense of shared culture. The collective consciousness of each society is shaped by dark intelligent forces which have an (ever deepening) understanding of the human beings held within their sway. These intelligent forces form a cohesive 'Global' whole.
In effect they are an entity, inhuman in their actions, just as we humans are an entity, perverted by them.

The creation of the internet and its data mining engines are of this time. The vast investments made in the spread of this machinery of control and the urgency behind this push to connect us all demonstrate something. They show that the intelligent forces recognised a threat to their continued mastery of this reality and developed weapons to meet this threat.

Their control of us is no longer absolute, and they need to restore its totality. They are, of course, apparently succeeding, though it is also clear that they are uncertain and nervous. That they are concerned should be of the greatest concern to us, their slaves. They have for thousands of years demonstrated their contempt for us and expressed in their petulant outbursts their willingness and ability to cause us to slaughter each other in our countless millions. Know then that if humanity acts with stupidity and without an almost absolutely total unity of resolve there will always be some of us who will carry out the order to press the buttons and destroy all life.

Some call that the Samson Option, though never believe that the so called 'Jews' are in charge of this place. When the power begins its last stages it intends that the 'State' of Israel shall be first. Pity them, for they were forgathered there with this intent.

Do not imagine, for a moment, that the intelligent forces view anything the way we human beings do.
This is a grave error, and will end with you being in one.

Perhaps in some way unknown to us they have the key to an eternal existence and that 'time' itself means nothing to them. They have built their seed arks and their DNA arks, could atomise all life and merely wait until a new biosphere emerges, though it might take a million years.
We imagine, most of us, that our rulers are made of the same stuff that we are, are merely human beings who were born into fortunate circumstances.

Now we are discovering enormous and gaping holes in the story we are fed as our history and, from bits and pieces we are digging up everywhere, there is a rising suspicion that our masters are something other than human.
If we consider the acts of wanton destruction of world heritage sites committed by the mercenaries acting as 'terrorists' in the Middle East we could easily conjecture that their very existence was created to serve the purpose of destroying evidence.

We know that Hitler sent archeologists to the Middle East almost as his first act when he got into power. Similarly Bush sent in a team as soon as Iraq had been illegally invaded. What were they seeking? Something the knowledge of which would expose them? Some buried technology that would grant them increased power? The heart of the ship that brought the fallen angels to this dimension? Who knows, but look they did, and still they destroy the evidence.

The threat posed to them, as we have demonstrated here in this blog before, is a rise in the collective intelligence of our species as the inevitable consequence of our increase in population (the potential intelligence of a million people is far higher than that of a thousand).

It is this collective intelligence that the masters of this reality strive tirelessly to diminish. They do so by a number of fairly obvious stratagems: War and starvation and disease reduce the rate of increase, whilst the process of dumbing down of the herd is achieved through chemical poisoning and the tight control of education, access to facts or truth, and through control of scientific advancement and the free sharing of such advances.

We are slowed by these controls, our collective brilliance diminished. For millennia we advanced no further than the wheel and a few simple devices, but the sudden explosion in our numbers led inevitably to a sudden explosion in our capacity to invent. The more we grow our population, the faster this acceleration proceeds. This collective intelligence has averted the world wide starvation foreseen by Malthus as the inevitable consequence of an increased population. We can feed ourselves through the application of organisation and of science. If we are allowed to reach 9 billion, who knows what our science and technology will deliver to us?

That we could provide plenty and at the same time reverse the adverse effects of the spewing of filth corporations are currently engaged in? Almost certainly.

If our science was truly free and focused on these issues rather than 'profit', if our scientists understood their duty, if money no longer controlled the direction and speed of advance, might we for example develop instruments which could take apart substance at the atomic level and use the component parts to create and print the perfect Sunday dinner? Could we use rock and algae to feed the world and leave nature to recover?

Know that for an idea to be able to be formed in a human being's mind is often the result of an extrapolation of what currently is.
That 'possibility' becomes probability, then certainty.

Our most prophetic science fiction writers prove this time and again. Once ideas are born, it is only a matter of time before the impossible becomes the mundane. Think of the instrument on which you are viewing this post and consider how someone in the 1950's would have viewed it. Understand from this that the potentiality of the human species will inevitably become almost God-like if we are allowed to live, or once we seize back our world from those that own it.

It is this ascension, driven simply by collective intelligence, that our masters fear Because it spells the end to their domination.
They are very smart, but perhaps 9 billion of us are smarter? They don't want to find out.....which should tell you what they are planning.   

The masses have always been understood by these intelligent controlling forces and, long ago, the chief levers and fulcrums of the engine of mass mind control were forged. The process can be likened to the methods utilised in the training of dogs, and the mental triggers are similar.

Fear, of course, is the primary trigger. Human beings are for the most part driven by an intelligent desire to avoid harm and to live long. They fear threats to their bodies and their lives. Human beings also fear other threats: To their food supply, their water supply, their habitation, their environment, their loved ones, their 'stuff', their ability to attract mates and breed successfully, their 'tribe' and so on.
Chicken Littles we mostly are.

But fear can be overcome by overwhelming numbers.

Be aware that the existence of pain and death in this reality are largely the product of design. We are programmed through our DNA to feel pain and to age and then die, almost without exception before we have lived only a century, usually much sooner. We now know that we age simply because the programme tells us to, and ergo that we can and will at some point be able to rewrite that programme ,or already have, but the knowledge is hidden. Pain could be similarly dealt with via DNA, for example by a programme which shades the skin when damage or harm is detected by the body's nervous system.

 (This is the subject of my novel, 'GIFT', links to which can be found in this blog. If you buy a copy, you help to feed us. Please do so if you can spare 3 dollars or so.)

A good dog trainer will tell you that it is simple to train a dog using fear alone, but that it is better to encourage the eager and willing cooperation of the animal, to cause the animal to be grateful, to use both punishment and reward in the process and for the animal to come to believe that it is in the masters 'pack'. A good 'Master of Hounds' in the British hunting community will show expert skill in this respect, can point his pack and they will kill what he points at.

Nations are the exact same thing, weapons to be pointed to the kill, the animals of the pack trained through fear and reward, eager for the praise of the pack master.

What is a human being?
One who wants enough, but not more if having that extra deprives others of their tribe.
One who wants the occasional treat or bonus to enliven their daily round.
One who desires comfort and ease at times, with the challenge of something difficult occasionally, or the yearning for perfection that drives those so driven.
One who desires peace, but welcomes excitement.
One who understands the relationship between humanity and nature, that which gives us life and plenty, provides everything we have.
One who understands the concept of duty, that they should do their part and create a society in which all do their part, however humble or difficult.
One who desires, above all things, a long and healthy life full of love and camaraderie, of friendship and fun, of an absolute freedom from fear.

One that hopes, above all things, that the world in which their children and grandchildren will grow will be a world of beauty, of love, of peace, of fun, of freedom from fear.

When we humanhearted unite with this simple shared objective, we will inherit this, OUR EARTH.

Most of these simple desires, that we could easily provide for each other across our world, go unsatisfied for billions of we human beings.

The fact that many of us can't see our inherent beauty can be easily explained. As a species we have been perverted, with meaningful intent. It's no good hunting with dogs that prefer to nuzzle up to and wag their tails at the prey. Our human prey is, we are constantly taught, other human beings. Ergo we have been trained to forget our loving natures. We exist in a false reality designed to debase us and make us savage.

The mass mind control agencies of the media's sole purpose is to make us think that we are the most foul of creatures. They incessantly report how we harm each other, yet never report how billions of us, most of us, live every day without doing harm to anyone or, if we can help it, anything. We are daily told these messages such that we have come to lose faith in ourselves and despair of our future, whilst a humanity freed of the controls of the intelligent force of evil could, in a few short generations, utterly transform this world.

That is what we will do, because, as with science fiction, once we realise an idea as a possibility we can make it an inevitability.

Understand, then, that our collective intelligence, once freed, becomes the true Master of This Reality. If we collectively desire to live in an Eden of natural beauty, free of fear, with the expectation of a hugely long life free of pain, then 7 or so billion of us can make that Be.

In other words, the Human Will is master of this place. What we want, we get because we OWN this place. If you are a believer in a Creator then you understand that the Creator gave us this place. The Creator gave us this potentiality. Ergo, this is and was ever the Creator's intent.

Every human being is different from every other, but the great mass of human beings are as we have described, (we call it 'Humanhearted'), though few realise it and almost none have behaved as though it were true. We are all of us sinners, yet it is this great mass of sinners that will inherit the world and create the coming civilisation, wherein we address all of the things that cause us to sin.

Those things, the levers and fulcrums that make us sin, were all designed and implanted in our collective consciousness by the intelligence that creates this false reality. Our belief in these levers and fulcrums of control is so embedded that their casting aside will be no easy task, but once we see them for what they really are we 7 billion souls can dispose of them in a single moment. This is the truth of our power.

The collective will of us all is a great force in the world. Currently, our masters own that collective will. Soon, we will take back that force. 

Know that in these terrible times our species faces an imminent and terrible confusion. Everywhere chaos reigns. Everywhere war and rumours of war abound. Our species is enslaved by beliefs that are false, by leaders that are false, by false money, by false debt, by false laws, by false hierarchies that at their respective zeniths concentrate the huge collective power of our species and place that power into the hands of those who are evidently inhuman, those that share none of the characteristics of we human beings. These inhuman monsters use the belief systems they created, sometimes thousands of years ago, to force humanity into inhumanity. These monsters recognised long ago that human beings were easily led or herded. They learned the triggers and levers inherent in the human consciousness that gave them mastery of our species. They learned how to corrupt us, and this corruption was and remains their chief intent.

Our species' known history is one of unabated cruelty, and everywhere and at all times this cruelty has at its origins and as its driving force the belief systems created by our masters. A deep study of our known history reveals an unending catalogue of the most awful horrors perpetrated, almost always, in the name of God, or King, or Nation, or Race, or Money. Rape after rape, child murder after child murder, burning after burning, holocaust after holocaust, genocide after genocide, right up to the present day and MUCH MORE promised for our imminent future.

All through our known history there have been human beings that have found pleasure in doing the bidding of our masters or felt justified in so doing because they have come to believe in one or another of the lies that form this false reality.

So Christians crusaded, so Muslims had their Jihads, so Fascists killed Communists, so Nation destroyed Nation. Great corporations, staffed by human beings, spread vile pollutants through air and water and food. Great criminal enterprises spread narcotics and pornography, take our women and children and force them into sex slavery, corrupt and terrify our streets and neighbourhoods and do all of these things for the fake stuff called money.

We have among us some bad people, people that have fallen into darkness or been pushed there, people that have such belief in one or the other of the false ideas that shape this reality that they believe they do good when they do evil.

Such is this false reality, a reality so awful that the greatest of crimes, the slaughter of the unborn, is now an accepted commonplace and 'right' almost everywhere. That the body parts of these children are traded, bought and sold, chopped and dissected, liquidised and transported is known and ignored by the mind controlled mass of humanity and especially by the fervent believers in 'women's rights', those who have bought the lie that motherhood is not key to humanity's survival and our societies' core of strength. The effects are seen everywhere, as are the effects of 'divorce' laws and the downgrading of the idea of marriage, leaving countless millions of children fatherless.

Truly, after millennia of all this horror, we have now descended almost to the lowest possible point. Yet, for those that can see, there is a precipice approaching, an even steeper decline of our species. A disgusting blood fest approaches rapidly, a great chaos in which those that believe will slaughter ordinary human beings until it seems that the very gates of hell have been opened and demons stalk the earth.

Believers, in Nation or Race or fake Religion or Money, it is these believers that stand in the service of evil, these believers that history teaches us are the ones that murder the rest of us.
Simple fact.

Believers are the mind controlled jackbooted storm troopers of the inhuman intelligence which controls humanity. There is no shortage of them, but day by day their numbers grow fewer.
Remember, almost none of us want war. Almost none of us want to kill.
The great majority of us have given up organised religion or that variety of fundamentalism, driven by evil agents of the masters of this place, that approves of the killing of those who believe differently.

Remember that few of us are truly greedy, that most of us only desire enough, freedom from debt, warmth and comfort, enough  to eat and so on. Few will kill for stuff, few will kill for money, few will kill for belief.
And yet, like twice before in the last hundred years, our human species will be so divided one from the other that we will bomb each other to pieces and set our civilisation back a thousand years and believe we do so to 'defend' ourselves because the masters have encouraged and fomented hatreds and divisions between us.

The Middle East has been so desecrated in the last thirty years or so. Cities and lives destroyed. Millions dead, millions displaced. It continues because we allow it to, because we fear those that push us to kill, because we believe in a religion or a nation, because some of us benefit from it in terms of money whilst casting our eternal soul into Hell.
If we pay tax, we contribute to this evil, this murder.

Without money there would be no war.
Sure, there would be disagreement, occasionally fights, but never would millions of us pick up arms and kill millions of other human beings.

Without nations there would be no war? Why should an artifact called 'Germany' go to war? Or an artifact called 'America'? Sure, those places, those communities, can have their identity and their culture, but none can survive alone in this world or if they can be so self sufficient then by being so, in isolation, will deprive others of our human tribe of the benefits they could share. We humans are born into a society, a place, by chance. If you are born into a land that had an abundance of stuff, should that mean that you hoard that stuff for yourselves, allowing those born into a poorer environment to starve as a result? Or do you use that stuff to provide for others and benefit from knowing that you do good?

Some will find it difficult to come to terms with such a concept, but we are merely a generation away from educating our species in these understandings, a generation away from seeing the benefit to everyone explode across our world and the happiness and content this will bring. We cannot envisage such things so long as we cling to the old fashioned idea of money, to outdated ideas of nation instead of place, to the evidently fake ideas of organised religions and their clever books of hatred and their greedy and perverted Priests and Rabbis and Mullahs. Just as science brings, along with its good things, whole rafts of evil things, so too does religion.

Normalcy bias describes the desire, felt by most human beings, to be left alone to live their lives as pleasantly as possible. Those in the West, currently the source of energy and killing power of the masters, are allowed by the training of their media to enjoy such normalcy bias. There are ostriches burying their heads in the sands of oblivion all across the West. Their willful ignorance is killing babies today in Yemen, but hey, there's a new episode on the TV.....

Do you in the West believe such destruction is not headed your way?

Look in your history books at the savagery committed by your forebears under orders from Kings and Presidents and money masters. A thousand years has seen the ancient 'white' tribes turned into the instruments of world domination. Country after country stolen and occupied. Tribe after tribe destroyed. Nation stalked hand in hand with Christianity across the globe, murdering and raping and destroying, stealing what was of value and handing those great treasures to those that sit at the top of  the false hierarchy.

The genocide of tribal peoples was also the despoiling and destruction of the values and understandings those human beings had. What might they have developed into, these peoples, these tribes? What might our species and our world have become had the white tribes, those first taken over by the evil power, resisted and refused to kill?

Soon, it will be the white tribes' turn.

The masters of this false reality saw generations ago how those peoples strove for civilisation, how they cried our for justice, how they questioned, how they were able if left alone to create wonders. War was declared against these previously most useful slaves back then. Their societies were targeted for despoilation, their morality and decency attacked and undermined, their young misshaped, their health assailed, their independence shrouded by debt. The final nail in the coffin is just moments away and the great resentment against the white tribes, after hundreds of years of genocidal empire building, will swell into agonising vengeful destruction.

This is why the Muslim refugees fleeing Western bombs have been herded, for the profit of fake NGOs, into your nations. This is why Muslim rape gangs were allowed to continue for decades by police, by social workers, by local and national governments. To create something to HATE. To give 'Tommy Robinson' his proto-fascist followers. All of it planned, and we humans failed to see what was going on, how subtle and devious our masters' plans can be.

Ask an Irish human being about their history and they always point an accusatory finger at the English. Yet the English were a slave tribe by then, were owned by the masters and did their bidding. Later, many Irish joined the military forces of the English, as did Scots and Welshmen, and did to others across the world what had been done to them.

Now the entire world is so captured, from England to China, from Russia to South Africa, from Sweden to New Zealand. The entire human species is enslaved. Our tribal understandings have gone, are forgotten. Our humanity itself is evident almost nowhere. The Irish, just recently, voted to approve the 'legal' killing of the unborn. For financial reasons. For stupid social reasons. For ease and comfort. Rarely, to save a human being the horror of a life of awful disability.
The question is this: Are we, as it seems, so utterly debased, so utterly mind controlled, so utterly entangled by the false belief systems, so downtrodden, so amoral, so divided that the only future for our species is the one that seems inevitable?
Can we stop this awful carousel and get off?

Again: In England, for the past twenty years, the Police, Social Services, Local and National Government conspired together to allow and by virtue of that to encourage gang after gang of Muslim child rapists.The facts are there for all to see. Child victims of these incessant rapes that reported the rapists to the police or social workers were themselves harrassed by those agencies of the state. This didn't happen once or twice, but thousands of times.

Over this time in excess of ten thousand children were raped, in good old England, whilst those tasked by society to protect them turned a deliberate blind eye. Some estimate the number of rapes to be much higher. Certainly they continue.

I repeat this to highlight two important points:
The first is that there are sufficient demonic human beings among we humans placed in positions of trust and paid for by the rest of us that are so depraved as to condone and encourage child rape (and probably child murder). Local government officials destroyed evidence......are still doing so today.
The second is that it is clear that there are more insidious motives. These motives include the production of a stream of young muslims who can be scared into becoming Jihadists. It works this way: They are encouraged to join the rape gangs. They are told by their Imams that raping a non-Muslim child is not a crime, just as the Talmudic Jews are so reassured by their perverted Rabbis. Once the crime is committed, they are then informed that the police have discovered them, that warrants have been issued for their arrest, that if they go to prison they will be raped and probably beaten or murdered, that they will live the rest of their lives as registered 'sex offenders', that no Muslim woman or good muslim family would ever let their daughters marry such a savage.

Then, thank Allah!, their Imam assures them that there is a way out, that they can redeem themselves, that they can smuggled out of England and join Allah's warriors. They are terrified. They are told they must act quickly, not discuss it with their parents or friends, that they must go tonight or face a truly awful future. ISIS gets a new recruit.

In this way across Europe are young men recruited to the Jihadists, those fake Muslims sponsored and enabled by the masters of this reality.

At the same time, as scheduled, after decades of organised child rape, the Muslim rape gangs are finally brought into the public awareness. At the same time, Zionist sponsored agents are set up and popularised to whip up the sentiments and anger of the non-Muslim population. This is happening right across Europe and indeed the world. Fake alternative media, set up by the masters, call this a rising of the people against the rulers of this reality. Fat and ugly men with small penises are drawn off their bar stools or beer and burger stained sofas and called to make a stand. Martyrs are created.........the falsely named Tommy Robinson is one. So the Satanic Zionist plan to create a war that will destroy the white tribes' civilisation, a war between the larger populations and the Muslims that have been seeded for generations and are now in great numbers among those societies.

Do you see?
Yet, ask a '@Free Tommy Robinson' supporter what he understands of these machinations and he will go red in the face and start punching.

So were the Germans encouraged to beat the Jews. We all know how that ended up, though the numbers are in dispute and the masters' hands behind the destruction of their own co-believers is still largely unrecognised.

Albert Pike's 'Three World Wars' letter, the document called the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion', both are called fake, both are disputed, one is called anti-semitic, yet both are unerringly accurate, both are in excess of a century old, both foretell the future with such incredible precision that their creators must have been either the finest prophets the world has ever known or, more likely,  part of the demonic and long term strategisers of the masters of this reality.

Do you see how detailed and long term are these plans? More than a century ago there were many well researched books that exposed these awful plots and the plotters behind them. They exposed the vast power of the masters of this reality, showed how they controlled nation after nation, fomented war after war, revolution after revolution. Our species is, time and time and time again brought to awful conflict and yet we seem to learn nothing.

You see, we die young (and increasingly younger!). You see, our children are taught to believe their parents are anything but wise. You see, our narrative of life is utterly controlled by the media. You see, our time of fullness, our time of strength, from early adulthood until age robs us of our strength and vitality, is consumed by the need to make money, the need to work until we drop, the need to pay debt. Our minds are granted a vision of humanity which is made more perverse every day. Billions of us live in peace and do no harm, and yet the news is an endless stream of fear inducing reports of the horrors we commit. Our vision of ourselves as a species is thus debased.

Many believe we are destroying this planet.
We are being tricked into helping our masters to destroy this planet.
Given no choice in the matter.

We are, in effect and in actuality, living whole lives entirely in a false reality, believing in and playng with the toys that are tossed into the enshrouding box in which we exist and being forced to fight each other for these fake toys or over these fake ideas. It is not over yet. The masters saw that we were waking up to our condition and have delivered to us an unending stream of agent provocateurs, from Alex Jones to that tosser Tommy Robinson, to turn that awakening force into their own weapon of chaos and coming destruction.

We still haven't learned.

This is largely due to the individual stupidity of human beings, to the way we have been taught to ignore wisdom, to ridicule the old. We are as a species easily angered, easily led, easily become convinced that good is evil and that the worst evil is good. Always there are those among us that are angry with life, angry with their lot, clever enough to allow that vile anger to drive them to the top of whatever pile of ordure they have chosen as their 'career' (be it pimping, prostitution, the military or police, government or corporate hierarchies), or dumb enough to be convinced of a truth that is in fact a complex and devious lie.

Forget religion for a moment, but yet understand that there are two forces at play here.
They are good and evil.

Understand that the vast majority of human beings are in essence good, that given a humanhearted world of goodness to exist within they would never do evil. Understand that there are a small number of evil human beings, and that they are attracted to the force and power that is pure evil in this world and climb its hierarchies and bully and cow the rest of us.

Know then that humanity's greatest enemy is that we scare too easily. We only fight to the death when ordered to do so or when so utterly consumed by one belief or another that we kill believing we do good. In the old days of slavery, as in the current world of slavery, a few Kapos or guards or overseers could control hundreds of slaves. The slaves were kept divided. The slaves were given a fake religion. The slaves were encouraged to work against each other. The evil ones were made house slaves and got a slightly better deal...........

Do you see?

All that is required is a unity of understanding between we billion upon billion of humanhearted human beings, and the courage to take the decision to free ourselves.

That unity cannot be discovered through political discourse. We were handed that fake freedom centuries ago and our masters are scoffing at us even now for our stupidity. That unity cannot be found through religion, for the religions were fabricated by our masters and are fake, have all of them a disgusting history of inhumanity. That unity cannot be found through the idea of nation or race.

WE ARE a species, full stop.
In slavery.

I am human.
So are you.
Go back far enough, you'll discover We Are all related.
One large and glorious family.

That unity can only be found through a set of principles we almost every one of us share.
This set of principles we call humanheartedness.
It is shared between the members of all the world's tribes, at their core.
It is the deep human yearning for peace, for an end to suffering, for an end to fear, for love.
We need no leaders or priests to guide us in this unity. We see they have a history of bloodshed, we see they have a history of greed, we see they have a history of paedophilia, we see them killing our children and not just in wars.

We need no fake 'Tommy Robinsons'. We have in our history hundreds of 'leaders' that promised salvation and ended up committing genocide. No more Hitlers or Lenins please. Such leaders are for children.

We simply need to awake to our power, and as a species set ourselves free.

This is not an encouragement to fight the principalities of the force of evil.
It is not a call to arms, anything but.

To end the long cycle of historic evil requires almost no action at all.
Look at the forces that prevail and understand that each can be easily and quickly dealt with.
Simply by deciding to ignore them, so we will make them wither and die.
And humanity will, for the first time in millennia, perhaps the first time ever, be free.
And from that freedom we will grow into something altogether marvelous, billions of minds creating, an entity, a hive mind, called HUMANITY.

Written with Love beside the olive tree,
This is our witness,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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