Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Paedos. Are they human, or INhuman?

This is something of a must watch.
Reminiscent of the Hampstead case.
The state gives the abused kids back to the abuser.
The state murders or arrests witnesses.
The media cover it all up.
The media smear the accusers and ruin their lives.
In this case, the USA have arrested and will place in the hands of the vile Lithuanian paedo elite someone who objected to all of this.
Where is the Hitlary arrest, Mr Trump?
Why are kids being held in ex-Walmarts, Mr Trump?
Why are migrant kids disappearing in the UK, America, everywhere?
Walnut Sauce?
The andrenochrome?

There are many that think we alone, we human beings, are the only sentient beings inhabiting this reality.
Think again.
They grow in number, and assume the bodies and minds of people you know, people you grew up with.
Is it impossible, knowing what we know about the nature of this reality, that something other has entered our space?
Has always been here, but now they grow in number.
We need those sunglasses, from the documentary 'They Live'.

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