Sunday, June 17, 2018

Freedom with goodness is not only possible, it's natural.

Do you know, there is yet another division arising between we human beings.

Perhaps, despite the huge chasms that exist between the differing Abrahamic religions, this rift will become the largest single chasm separating our tribe.

This division is that between the 'awake' and the 'sleeping'.

As the understanding of our human condition grows, so the emergence of a new set of ethics is emerging. These ethics are bubbling into the consciousness of the awake.

They are not yet all shared, simply because the fake leadership of the alternative media strives to smother them with reversioned elements of the control grid.

Nationalism driven by fear of immigration, 'Gold Backed' or 'block chain' currencies, resurgent 'Christianity' or fundamental Torah Judaism or Koranic Islam, the Racialism of the new far right, fake new-agey medicine which is slowly opening the door to a new form of Big Pharma, even the plainly Luciferian 'New Age' religion coming in the back door through agencies like Marx-Hubbard's massively funded 'Shift' movement and other linked operations that encourage us to 'thrive'.....I could go on.

Remember, our reality is created by humanity's collective consciousness.

To control this consciousness brings absolute power.

Get a human being to belive in something and you get a slave for life that will kill those that believe otherwise. This is our story, as a species. That of humans being made to believe something fake and then ordered to kill other human beings that had been sold a different pup.

These old belief system had begun to crumble, so our masters understood that they needed to create a new set of beliefs and, from the chaos that is occurring between this new set of beliefs and the old will come a harvest of blood and a New World Order. 'Truthers' were created to form an element of this process.

Remember, the last two centuries are simply the story of this unfolding strategy.

Note, from the machinations of Cambridge Analytica and the vast web of connected corporations, that 'Big Data' is used to 'model' behaviours and that all of the 'Colour' revolutions, the 'Arab Spring' and other chaotic revolutions were engineered by these data owners and behaviour shapers. They created 'Islamic terrorism' just as they engineered the IRA terrorists in the UK and the Operation Stay Behind and Operation Gladio terrorists before that. There's always a stupid human being who will kill for something they have been fed, especially if 'God' or 'Nation' are involved. There's always a psychopathic half-breed human who will, for 'Money', do whatever they are bidden to do by the Power. CEO's of big corporations, evangelical preachers, drug lords, scientists that create death (too many to list), politicians at every level, bent police officers, soldiers (those that aren't psychopathic half breeds end up living in a tent in the woods or taking their own life when they mature and realise what they've done and for whom), and so on ad nauseam.

Know, then, that the 'Truth' movement has been and is a chief target of these too-clever consciousness manipulators. Their vast budgets and unlimited supply of well funded and well heeled 'leaders' (those adept at selling a message, expert at deception, having charisma and the Magick called Glamour) ensure that they are masters of your mind space, the setters of agendas, the creators of memes. They caused you to vote for Trump. They are getting ignorant beer bellied scumbags to hate Muslims and love their little boy 'Tommy Robinson' (whose real name is yet to be revealed).

Do you see?

The Power saw the rising consciousness of humanity coming before you and I woke up and created the internet and put i-phones in people's hands so that they had a direct line into your mind and are thus enabled to 'modify' your behaviour.

Years ago, knowing that people were becoming indignant at the power of 'Royals', they created 'Democracy', a strategy which enabled them to disguise where true power lies.

Now it is their avowed intent to capture the rising consciousness of humanity that sees how democracy is failing them, that sees how money and debt are enslaving them, that seeks redress for the endless wars and the inequality that creates starving babies and millions of human beings that have no home, that creates a huge army of debt enshrouded and drugged up zombies commuting to their worthless jobs where they labour for hours merely to pay the interest on fake debt.
In other words, they are after YOUR consciousness.

And getting hold of it.

If they don't, then they're finished. Ergo it MUST be.

Notice that just how evangelical Christians get really annoyed if you question any aspect of their faith, so do Alex Jones' supporters so react when some evident truths about that demon are pointed out to them.

We watched some videos of the Tommy Robinson demonstrations and noted how, as ever, there appeared megaphone wielding chant orchestraters, self appointed.....

They are everywhere, these agentur, in every organised protest.
Sometimes they dress in black and 'attack' the police (or should we say 'their colleagues?)
You see, as a mob, human beings are very easily led.
We know this from every fake 'ism' that has driven upheaval and revolution everywhere.

What the awakening human consciousness knows is the following:

We don't care which way you choose to swing, nor how you choose to dress, nor what colour your skin is, nor what creator you choose to believe in, just so long as you don't mess with our kids or try to force others to share your own personal belief system, just so long as you don't forcibly inject our children or make them learn, before they have even reached puberty, about anal sex and rimming and blow-jobs and all those other things that are for adult minds and adult decisions.
We believe in freedom, providing No Harm is done.

We don't believe in money and we despise the way it concentrates power in the wrongest of hands, and the way it creates criminality, and the way it gives rise to usury and so perpetual slavery. Money is an evil force, is not of human invention, was unknown among us all when we were tribes before we fell under the sway of the Magick that controls our consciousness.

We don't believe in organised religion. Look what they have done, those monsters, and still do. But we have a sense that this place was created, and we have an inner calling which requires us not only to do no harm but also to actively do good. Some call this a soul. We call it humanheartedness, that which unites almost all human beings. This is our human essence.

WE don't believe it's right to go to war. We don't want weapons of mass destruction. We don't want pollution. We don't want people to live with no roof over their heads, or live in fear, or starve, or die for lack of care.

This is Humanity, as it truly is. Waking up is coming to realise what humanity is, at core, and how we have been misshapen, and what forces have caused us to be so debased.

Once identified, human beings will know what to do about them. They are chiefly ideas and beliefs of Race, Nation, Religion, Money, Politics, Hierarchy, Democracy and so on. All these fake beliefs that  power has created to keep our collective consciousness in its grip simply need to be ignored until they wither and die. Those that want to keep one or the other of them are simply those slaves that benefit from them the most.

We can ignore them, too. Must ignore them. They are the Kapos of the camp.

We are humanhearted, we human beings. It is the essence we share. We have the numbers now to both cast off our masters' power systems and create a very heaven on earth. This may have been the creators intent from the beginning.

 If there are indeed alien entities observing us, or the creator, it is this humanheartedness that we should be expressing as a planet, as a species.

Currently, what do they see? Creatures that kill each other for fake reasons. Creatures that kill their own young. Creatures that believe in fantastical notions that are so evidently utterly false and absolutely harmful. Creatures that are in possession of a heaven that are raping it to death. Dumb, ignorant, nasty creatures is what we seem.

Yet we are just an awakening away from becoming wonderful.

So look for no new leaders, look for no new beliefs, join no rallies and marches, never repeat a mantra from some freak with a megaphone or a succesful Youtube channel. Look simply for your human heart and, when you have found it, start to ignore the power and its systems.Share this simple process. If 6 billion of us did so tomorrow, then the world would have changed in a moment.
Fear nothing. Rather, do the right thing.

There is one single belief that is worth having: Belief in the Human Race and our shared humanheartedness. That however low we have been brought, we are just a moment away from dealing with evil in its great variety and taking ownership of our world.

It is time the collective consciousness of humanity, what we really are, created this reality and made it a good and a wholesome place.

Freedom with goodness is not only possible, it is natural.

If there is a God, wouldn't that be its greatest desire?
Pass that on.

With Love,
Olive Farmer

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