Sunday, December 28, 2014

We know nothing....

When you assay what we think we know you realise that we know very little. We have yet to finalise our understanding of this world, have yet to fully grasp the meaning of the discoveries we have made in the fields of quantum physics, of chaos mathematics, of DNA, of a thousand other certainties now questioned. We have yet to fully grasp the meaning of our history, to unpick the reality from the narrative we have been told and sold. We have yet to fully understand the relationship we have with the creator, or indeed if there is a creator, yet to fully comprehend the nature of the religions that have held so many in thrall for so long that we forget, some of us, to question and to dissect and to rely on the faith we are instructed to have lest we veer towards blasphemy. We have no real understanding of the Cosmos, no grasp of its scale or lack of scale, no knowledge of what time is, no knowledge of dimensions nor if they can be crossed. We have no understanding of the consciousness, no real truth about the nature of this reality nor who and what is witness to this story, this unfolding tale. We have no proofs concerning the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrials though we think we know that the universe is so limitless that the likelihood is that there are, yet we cannot encompass the reasons why, if there are such creatures, they have made no contact or indeed that they have offered no help nor sought to trade or subjugate or rob.

That these questions still linger after a few hundred thousand years of our existence as sentient beings is testament to the limits of our intelligence and to the success of the strategy of those that limit our progress, for indeed our progress is limited by the creature called money and its sister profit which corral and imprison knowledge, is limited by the creature called power and the desire to wield it and hold on to it, is bludgeoned and misshaped by the creature called religion that insists that truth is immutably what it says truth is, is held back by caste and status and inequality that either refuses to educate or educates wrongly by design the whole of our people.
So we are dumb, and kept dumb. We are blind, and kept blind. Reality remains a puzzle the answer to which is concealed. Love, the redeeming love, the best thing about us and the thing we all of us share and share a desire for is relegated in our conscious thoughts as if there were something else we should be doing. As if there were anything else as important, as sustaining, as inherently right, as beautiful, as just as love.

What a vast veil has been cast over us, a great black curtain rendering us blind to the most simple truth, a darkness enveloping us and making us sick, making us share in its evil, making us lose our honour, our dignity, our great spirit, forsaking that which is the best thing about us, the knowledge of love.

Now we catch a glimpse of the evil forces that prevail, that create this false reality, have held sway over us for Millennia and ordered our reality and made it bad and made us sinners all and fill our minds with fear and drive us to surrender our spirits to wickedness in order to survive.

We understand that for them to have power over us, for them to enjoy the vast benefits of that power, for them to fulfil and satiate their every desire after thousands of years of such satiation requires them to shape this reality completely, to order every aspect of our lives, to have control over the veins and the arteries of everything we experience, to be the blood that makes the machine function and without which we could not survive, so dependent we have become. Every aspect of our existence, every structure of our “civilisation”, everything we believe in, everything we think we know, everything we think we need is ordered and structured by their money, by their belief systems, by their hierarchies, by their reward systems, by their thought control, by their entertainment, by their corporations and their ownership and by their laws and their courts and by their police and by their killing machines and their intelligence agencies and their dark evil.

We are rendered helpless.
We are their cattle, their herd, dumb unknowing and unfeeling brutes responding to their whips and their dogs, grazing where allowed, being driven over the precipice when it suits them, worse than slaves we are subjects, we are stock.

Their long rule has immured them to what is normal in terms of pleasure.
They have always eaten what is best. Always had their choice of what is finest. Always enjoyed whatever they choose to enjoy. We examine their history and we see what such power leads to, how the ordinary will not satiate, how only the fiendish will do. They have for Millennia enjoyed the killing of us, the raping of us. For Millennia they have taken our babies and raped them and tortured them and drunk their blood. Our history books tell us of their deeds as if these things were of the past, but of course they are not of the past they are of now. If you have everything you can desire then you will take young life for the lasting pleasure in power that brings, for the energy it gives, for the life it bestows, for the pure enjoyment gained from extinguishing life and drinking in the agony of loss as the soul leaves the body corporeal.

They learned, long ago, that power and love cannot live side by side, that to have power one must relinquish an understanding of love and forego the ability to experience it. Generation after generation they have brutalised their young, taught them to live without love and to despise it as a weakness, taught them to feed instead on the anguish and misery of those they brutalise for in such evil lies the secret to absolute power.

As we know nothing we can speculate as to the origins of these creatures that lack that most human of things, the ability to feel love. We can conject they are demonic, can think of them as alien to us, that they are trans-dimensional soul suckers, whatever. Their origins matter not. Their existence amongst us and their control over our reality are the issue.

We can never be free until they are deposed.
We can never discover what our human species is truly like until they are deposed.
We can never build a world of love until they are deposed.

They sense our coming, sense our growing understanding.
Perhaps we have been here before and they reduced us.

It is time, or there will be no time.
Wake up.

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you. Maybe the fix is an "inside job"