Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Something to pass around. A call for unity and action.

Go here, read it and pass it on: It means doing something! Can you?

Powerless without unity, the wakening herd drifts ever closer to the edges of the abyss and the power that shapes this reality understands it has little to fear, knows that it has the mavericks and the intelligent firmly in its thrall, malleable and soft as clay.

The great intelligence and vast planning and strategic capabilities of the power, coupled with its stranglehold over scientific mind control techniques and its command of the media and the alternative media, aided by its knowledge of the occult, renders its ascendancy complete.

Only the unity of the mavericks posed a threat, now all but nullified by deception, and the hatches are battened and the sails furled and our masters feel no storm will come to disturb their agenda unless it is a storm they whip up and serves their purpose.

Chaos, that greatest of sicknesses, is spread by them at will.

They manipulate the consciousness of our species casually and with practised ease.
This is where the war is fought, every time.

See how they turned the artificial banking crisis into the crushing psychological hammer of “austerity” with barely a whimper from the great mass of humanity and divided those who understood with such ease, rendered them so useless, distracted them so effectively that those who are “awake” barely entered the consciousness of the herd.

Where were the ten or twenty million voices shouting WAKE UP at once?

Maybe there are a hundred million, maybe five hundred million wakening souls who could bellow loud enough to shatter the calm and cause the herd to raise their heads from grazing long enough to see the approaching cliff edge.

Alas, there is no unity, there will be no collective action, there will be no huge roar.

We awakened souls simply do not know how many we are!

We could, at this moment, number so many millions that if we spoke together the walls of the illusion would crack, light would enter the spirits of the enslaved and enthralled mass of the herd and it would begin, the great unravelling of what is and the birth of what will be.

Those who have taken the leadership of this crucial maverick element of humanity DO NOT COUNT! This alone should alert their followers to their deception.
They do not call for unity.
They do not call for single focus.
They do not set dates for action and drive for unity of spirit.
They instil no courage.
Pass it on:

They weaken resolve, make armchair evolutionaries of us all, tie us to the screen individually, make us non-joiners, sow disagreement and alternatives and disinformation, point us to racism and especially anti-semitism because our masters, some of them who call themselves jew, like nothing better than to kill jews.

This time they want the awakened to carry the resolve to kill the jew, and have sown this seed most effectively.

Owning all the gold, they also want a gold based currency and have sown that idea in the consciousness of the awakened too.

Do you see with what contempt they treat the intellect of the awakening herd?

WE have enough information.

We have enough information to push aside our politicians, our religious leaders, our nuclear scientists, our weapons company executives, our corporate chief executives, the bastard blue blooded royal demons, the owners of the banks, the police that fail in their duty.

There are crimes against humanity aplenty.

We need courts now, honest judges selected from amongst us, the heads of the pyramid of evil incarcerated and put where they can do no harm, their systems dismantled, their hierarchies nullified, their beliefs analysed and cast away if proven false, their control mechanisms ignored and rendered powerless, their chaos calmed, their wars pacified, their inequalities made equal, their entire false reality blown away by the vast up-swelling of the Human Spirit.

We must take back our planet.
The meek must inherit the earth.
The good guys must act together.
Pass this pamphlet around:

With love,
Olive Farmer
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