Sunday, December 21, 2014

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We are, as we know, but a speck of dust in the firmament that is the universe. Our existence as a species just a partial second in the great drift of time. The dinosaurs ruled the earth for 14,000 times as long as we have been here, even longer when measured against the few thousand years of our educated sentience, longer still when measured against the beginnings of our understanding of the creation.

We are just a speck on a speck in a speck of time and most of us are as dumb as dumb things and never spare a moment to consider this reality but busy ourselves with the trivia of day to day oblivion.

And of these many sink deeper into the oblivion daily with medications or drugs or booze or the next episode of the soaps and think only of the self and the relative comfort of the self and maybe a few close friends or family.

Billions of us face a daily struggle for survival that depends on earning enough of something called money to live another day. This stimulates the fight or flight response in the organism that carries our experiencing witness to this dream. Most of us live at war, constantly in fear when there is no requirement for this.

We need to grow, to make and to share. Each should know that all that is required is to do their share and they will get what they need. This is a simple understanding, an understanding that would in an instant rid the world of much that is wrong, immediately allow the species to rest easy for a while and see ourselves and our planet for what it is, a resource equation that good-will can provide the solution to.

We call ourselves, some of us, God’s creation, yet those billions who do look to money to equate the doing of God’s work with their personal obligation. The tool of evil is promoted as the way that good can be done. Make a donation, fill up the collecting plate, leave a coin and walk away refreshed in the knowledge that you are good and are of God when all you do is oil the gears and wheels of that which is of Satan, that which is the life blood of the evil that courses through our veins.

It has almost all of us in its thrall, this piece of Magick, such that almost none can imagine a world without it, just as none can imagine a world without hierarchy, a world without position or caste or class or the exercise of power by one person over another.

We have no concept of what it means to be free.
No understanding that freedom comes from responsibility, from duty, from the knowledge that we are all in this dream together.

We have simply forgotten this, so age old is our imprisonment.

The fate of this species hangs in the balance and there are few that recognise its imminence, fewer that see the forces at work, even fewer that have escaped deception, even fewer that remain sane in a world of insanity whose minds can encompass the part of the whole that is discoverable, even fewer that know most of the story, fewer still that know almost all, and just one or two human beings that have all the facts.
And they are in charge.

And they will order the world as they see fit and believe they have the right to do so by birth, by blood, because they always have done so and believe they always will.

As we know, they and their acolytes rape and murder and cannibalise our children and bomb and kill us in our millions for their sport.

Yet we cannot unite and address them and their systems and their money and their sick followers, few though they are.

Pathetic, isn’t it?
Call yourself a truther?
Then find unity.

Spread this understanding.
Love to you,
Olive and Aktina

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