Thursday, March 27, 2014


It becomes somewhat confusing, baffling even.
There are questions to which we can see no logical answer, or we are thwarted in our quest by a lack of information or by esoteria.

Unresolved is our origin, now brought into question.

Unresolved is our quest for certainty of the existence of some superior creative force, and how that creative force engendered the reality in which we play out this game.
In this game in which we are the observers of the creature we think of as “I” that has had to survive and thrive in this environment.
Shaped as it is deliberately evil.
As if to test us.

Unresolved is our understanding of the nature of this evil, save that it dwells in greater or lesser force in each of us.
In some of us it holds sway, and the connection between the biological entity called “me”, the “body-mind”, and the consciousness within, the conscience, the observer, US, is almost severed.

Brick by steady brick, in response to hurt, these human entities wall off their soul because they can bear not to look it in the face.
They are ashamed, and so they cut themselves off from that which makes them feel shame.
In response to hurt they learn to hurt.
They become less than whole, and so are sick, and have not the beauty of love within them as we do, and so should be pitied.

These are the ready servants our masters of reality seek out and recruit and promote and reward at every level so that at all times and in all circumstances evil holds the power in the world and is in absolute control of its wielding.

It is this reality that creates those that are sick with evil, nurtures its progeny and makes them able to do harm and so to continue this charade.

This is the true nature of the reality we exist in.
But it is not the only reality we can choose to have.
We have free will, and have yet to exercise that freedom.
A future is the prize, and beauty its decoration, and it is for us, our tribe, to find.

You understand who I am addressing?
The inside you that you dare not look in the face.
The US that is the soul and the common thread that runs through us all.
The true humanity, shrouded as it is but alive within us all.
That thing that has waited, and will now be born.

The most sick of our family are those that rise amongst us to be warrior kings, those we are ever beset by, by whatever title they adopt.

Those that are killing our species now, are summoning forth the evil in all of us and setting us at each others throats. Human against human by their devious strategy they cause us to harm one another.

To bury further our souls beneath a flood of savagery, orchestrated and soul-less and so inhuman.

All this shock and horror is to distract us from our time, to prevent our understanding, nothing else.

To prevent us from finding our power and from understanding that power is love and that it is in each of us, it is of us, it is what we all share.
Only this they fear.

Therefore only this will save us.

And perhaps, despite all we are ignorant of in our search for truth, this thing is the answer to the game and what we are all here to discover.
Perhaps it is that simple, that obvious, that easy to achieve.
A simple act of free will.

And perhaps this is the time.
And that is why the instruments to achieve this common understanding are placed in our hands.

And maybe we will make the right decision.
And we will evolve, and will have passed the test.

And we are one kind, we humans, and each is related somehow by ties of blood going back to the beginnings with the other.
Our family is seven billion strong and more diverse than our imagination can encompass but yet it is one family.

Sinners we are all, some more or some less, some almost without sin, some almost without soul, but within us all is our conscience, our self-disgust, that thing we force ourselves to ignore as we do what we have to do or are angered to do in the reality that has been crafted to force us into this absurdity.

We need only to let our souls into the driving seat, all as one, to understand in an instant, what we are capable of.
The reality, the evil, sees the dawning of this sudden capability and what such a moment of understanding would mean to the world..

All the evil in the world is hatching its vile and centuries old plot to steal this Moment from humanity.

It is time to wake up.
It is time to wake up.
It is time to live in a world of love

We are full of hope.
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx .


walter washco said...

you write so well,it takes courage to speak as you do.

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you Walter.
I do not feel courageous, but I guess we will all have to be before this thing is over.
Love to you and those you love,
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

nobody reads shit, reading another one of your posts, becuae BLOGS ARE GAYY

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you Anonymous for your intelligent and witty comment. Why worry about humanity when we have such as you, I ask myself?
Are you a nuclear scientist, I wonder? Similar mindset...