Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fill in the gaps with your understanding

We have old stories, and in them we see our history made myth.
We have old understandings, and know those understandings are ridiculed as unfounded and unprovable faith, or adulterated and employed as tools of deception for adherants.
Everywhere lies confusion, everywhere uncertainty, everywhere fear and these are all embers of a fire lit millennia ago and fanned and stoked by the masters of this reality, whatever they are.
Deep and dim in our specie’s memory are the keys to this great puzzle.
Some parts of the story we know.
We have been before.
We are now at a stage we have reached before.
We were drowned then.
We survived in small number.
We collected.
We understood each other and began to understand the nature of reality.
We were scattered and made unable to understand one another.
From unity was woven a new disunity.
The masters of our reality established themselves once more as kings amongst us to build the pyramid of evil once more.
This is a great cycle, gyro-gyro, round and around we go forever slaves to the consciousness that imprisons us.
It is to prevent our ascent to an understanding of godhood, to prevent our unification with the creator, to obstruct our coming together in love.
There is more to this great game than we most of us see.
Few see the prison walls.
Yet fewer see the jailers.
Almost none understand where this world exists, as a construct of our collective consciousness, built atom upon empty atom into a reality that is merely a figment of our imagination, wherever those imaginations exist.
Gyro-gyro we go, time and time again, in the great game.
Believing it real.
Suffering in Hell.
Gifting Hell to each other as co-creators of this myth.
Sometimes learning.
Most often not.
There can be no escape, unless we escape together, unless we understand what is required of us all, unless we see the nature of the prison, unless we understand the rules of the game.
We must find love, all of us, and gift it to each other.
And become co-creators of our reality.
This is the grail.
This the key.
This the power that can tip the pyramid.
Aktina Pempti
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floop said...

im going to say this. you probably won't approve it. the internet, is information. sections, of information. if you can see, find, what their, doing with it, then. whatever.