Thursday, March 6, 2014


The world is an asylum, a prison for the criminally insane.
Look how we do things.
We have a global system which in every field of human activity creates the environment for the most ruthless, the most aggressive, the most scheming and ego-centric to advance and so to have power over the vast numbers of us that want this place to be good.

It is that simple.
It is insane.

Most of us want to be good.
Our systems and those that dominate them are evil.

And our systems are old, so old that they create the world we see about us, shape the false reality in which we suffer and are afraid. They are our history. They are our belief systems. They are money. They are the idea of one human being somehow being entitled to more than another. They are the idea that some shall live in squalor while others squander billions on their personal pleasures.
They are the idea that we are not one tribe, one species, humankind.
They are the idea that we don’t own this planet, that it is ours to protect and to cleanse and to beautify by virtue of our heredity.

And it is our world to rid of the legacy of Kings and the murderous and callous vilenesses their control grid perpetrates upon us.
And our duty.

You see, we are one tribe and the world is our Homeland, the land of our forefathers and ancestors.
It is as one tribe we should live.

Organised around the principles of freedom, equality, duty and share. Governed by codes of ethics. Guided by the most wise and the most caring.
Sharing the objective:
To create a place of beauty for all of our family so that all may be at peace, so that all may find happiness and fulfilment, so that each will know they are safe, because they are of the tribe of humanity and we work together as one.

Nothing else will do, because nothing else will save us.
We must cast aside our history, cast aside our personal grievances, cast aside the systems that girdle the pyramid of power and give it strength, walk away from those that would dominate us and follow those we choose and know to be best amongst us, such that we get those things done that need to be done.

We can do this.
But only if we have the strength to Start Again.
AND ONLY if we somehow can get together and know our strength.

Only if we agree to put aside what the current reality has taught us and look with wild surmise upon the possibilities that our future can bring if we can just do that one thing.
Start Again.

They understand our coming, our age-old masters, and in their spite they are wrecking everything and poisoning the herd by stealth.
And by obfuscation and by lying and by bribing the foul excrescences called scientists, that bank their fat salaries and dream of their comfortable retirement whilst tootling to work in their BMWs to labour on better ways to kill people.

They exist, these people, and somehow those that rule over us make us avoid staring this ugly truth right in the face.
Pure shit in human form, often winning Nobel prizes, we have been made insane enough to honour these fuckers.

Without such human beings the control grid could not function.
They are the cheating judges, the care-less CEO’s, the cop that likes to beat, the drug lord, the grunt that likes the shooting too much, the playground bully, the slime ball politician, the greedy fuckers.

We have let them scare us for too long now.

What gives them their structured power and authority over us are the systems we maintain, designed as they are to cream of the best of the psychopaths, the brightest and most evil to feed the system and preserve it.
We give them gold-bedecked uniforms, we clean their houses, we polish their shoes, we give them our finest stuff and our best places to live.
We do what they tell us to do, even when we know it’s wrong.
They cause us to kill each other! Brothers and Sisters of the same tribe, the human tribe, the owners of this planet.

Is this not a proof of mass insanity?
That we cannot see the absurdity of this and the vast misery it bestows?

And the system is old.
Older perhaps than we know.
And is about to topple.

And so the lifting of the veil is coming.
Apocalypse now.

There are conclusions one can draw about the future.
We will co-operate without money.
We will house and feed and clothe and entertain our family and do it well.
We will be happy and content.
We will care for each other.
We will guarantee each other freedom from fear by always acting en masse to deal with those that seek to dominate by fear.
We will do our duty, and delight in the work we do.
The world will flower and blossom and be rejuvenated by our efforts.
We will live in a world of love.
We will find the answers.
This must be.
For nothing else will do.
The alternative, the old reality is playing out its endgame.
We should keep nothing of it.

This is what it means to be HUMAN.

Let the Evolution begin.

Do something.
Somehow, become one tribe.

With love,
Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

I so hope you are right as we cannot continue to live like this.I hope that more and more will awaken to the possibility of Loveand sharing and Tribe.

Much love to you!!!

Olive Farmer said...

Thankyou Anon,
It seems to us now that there is much our human tribe must pass through to arrive at the future, much that we must endure before we discover the answer.
Love is all there is.
It is a principle, not an emotion.
Love to you,
Aktina Pempti + Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx