Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Internet as a Consciousness Engineering Weapon

The internet is, of course, a consciousness engineering weapon fully in the hands of our masters.
We understand, and have been informed by our masters via engineered “whistle-blowing”, that they listen to every phone call, hack every e-mail, check every tweet and monitor every social site.

Once the public was informed of this outrage nothing happened.
Our Masters understood that nothing would happen.

Because they know exactly what the species is thinking at any moment.
This is the power the internet grants them.
Most humans are too stupid to realise this.
This they understand too.

When Obama makes a speech, the data tells him what to say and how to say it.
What words and what phrases to use, what hand gestures and facial expressions, what tone of voice.
The speech thus tailored is then measured for effect against the desired results.
What we think is expressed via media.

The news media are scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.
The alternative media is scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.

Active steps are taken to divert people or prevent people from finding pages like this.
So is the consciousness of the herd engineered in such a masterly way.

Make no mistake, friends, they are proceeding with their cull.
Confident in the knowledge that almost nobody knows.
And confident that those who do are being misled and attacked by sophisticated psychological weapons that divert and distress and divide and so render powerless.

Those who can see are witness to the steady destruction of life on this planet.

Our masters have created such a numb and dumb populace that nobody seems to care, nobody seems capable of getting off their backsides and screaming from the rooftops whilst our beautiful world is ravaged by these uncaring monsters and humanity assists them for a dollar of their worthless money.

This is our current condition, this the world we pass on to those that follow, stripped to the bone and empty of resource and sullied and dirtied such that every species is now threatened with extinction. They have filled the world with poisons that will linger for thousands of years. They know, from their data-mining of this consciousness engineering weapon, that nobody really cares.

One draws the conclusion that our masters either do not care for the future, that they are so psychotic that they don’t give a shit about anything except their NOW, or that a world destroyed somehow meets their success criteria……

That begs another question that must be esoteric.

They know who you are, what you look like is fed into their facial recognition data bank and if they so choose they can follow every movement you make. Your phone tells them where it is and so likely where you are. They know what you buy, what you desire, how much is in your bank account, what you watch on TV etc etc etc etc etc etc on and on and on ad nauseam.

They know EVERYTHING about you.
And they use this data.

Forget Gallup polls.
They know EXACTLY what you think.

As they data mine this information they gain an exact knowledge of what crimes they can commit and get away with. They can assess the effect of every action they take and measure the reaction, or more usually non-reactions, of the pathetic grazing herd of dumb cattle that they have made of humanity.

We witness their evil cancerous menace reshaping the world.
We witness the herd responding to their false “revolutions”.
In every nation the edge of the abyss draws near.
For many it is too late and the chaos has descended.

They cause us to squabble and to kill each other.
They divide us into factions and set us against each other.
Their internet is weaponised, stirring hatreds everywhere.
Whilst the really big issues are not even seen by most………..

Do you think this is a game?
Do you believe that your thought cannot be engineered?
Do you believe that their false trillions could not buy enough traitors to humanity to create this monster?
Do you think no-one could be so evil, so diabolically clever, so organised, have so much power, plan so carefully and comprehensively?

Grow up.

Aktina and I understand that few will read this.
Maybe nobody does, and our few “hits” are all from the scumbags.
Probably why we never get a comment……..?
But we know this:
We know that the chaos will deepen, that the agony will increase, that the grief will become unbearable. This much is clear.

We know that the bastards will offer up their God-King to save us………
This they have told us.

And we also see this….

A world of love, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, unstoppable and beyond our master’s power to control, the true nature of our species set free, the god-christ that is in each of us coming to the fore.

And in our grief for the world we smile, for we see the end, and know it is a beginning.

If you are reading this and are a real person
Love to You
Aktina and Olive.
Xxx xxx xxx


karen said...

I read and I understand this reality. Just so you know you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I second that---You are not alone.
We Love you too--We are watching and thinking just like you.There are many of us, I am sure, maybe too afraid to speak up. Waking up is difficult and very hard to process. Be patient my friend, the time is not just right.

Love to you--

Olive Farmer said...

Thankyou Karen and Anon,
It's lovely to get a comment and to know there are some real people reading this.
Seriously harmful stuff has happened already and the power has more to throw at our family in its spite and lust for revenge.
Most of us are unaware that we are a species of love driven to evil by the rules of the game established by the power,a structured and organised divisive reality that renders our collective consciousness incapable of trust.
Few can see this, few see the roots of this disorder stretching back across millennia, few see the hands of the power in the inception and construction of all that ails us.
Money is theirs. Religion is theirs. Mastery and subservience are their ideas, and so profit and so corporations. Government is theirs, and law and its bullying enforcement is theirs. Education is theirs, and "health" "care" and so the murder of millions by the hiding of cures and ways of prevention.We foolishly trust what they bestow upon us, worship and believe in the mirages of faith and of politics they have provided for us, cannot yet see this for what it is.
It is a false reality.
It is not human.
It is not of our Tribe.
The future is ours, but as I have said for some years now there will be the spit and venom of the dispossessed power to endure first, unless some way, some how we humans can find each other and see our number and know we can end this nightmare.
It has to be all of us together.
Nothing else will save us.
The meek must inherit the earth.
Love to you,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, been reading for over a year. I keep coming back, I love your articles and agree with your philosophy. There are many of us who can see. Lots who have been driven off the internet, at least in an active role and who are just observing and waiting. This is one of about 3 comments I've left on the Internet in 2 years. We totally appreciate sites like this. Check out 'Zeph Daniel' if you havn't already. again thankyou and don't stop.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi and thanks Anonymous, its so nice to have readers, few though you are. I almost am cut off now, being unable to comment almost everywhere and having emails somehow "disappeared" when I try to establish connections with thinkers.
This at least reassures me that I am working along the right lines. My most regular visitors are Homeland Security and recently the Russian equivalent.
They'll read this, and so I must send them love and forgiveness and reassurance that they will wake up from their own individual nightmares, that they know not what they do nor whom they serve.
I guess they feel a patriotic duty!
Love to you,
Olive and Aktina.

Anonymous said...

like the only reason they ever bitched about p2p, napster for was they couldnt spam the results, spy on what people where searching for.
thats what torrent is. a spy on your searches on the internet. and to censor, bitch cry about it. there aren't copyright laws, in america.

.. there are you can keep it as long as you can make it.

the internet's, the internet.

if people dont believe this shit, then like they can go back where they came from, britain.

oh and human provers are stupid too humnas tests. missppelled on purpose. uh you should, try something else instead. they make bots on purpse to spam and destroy crap. just sayin. or you, could write your own website, in html.