Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sponsor sought.

Current research is ongoing towards the preparation of a book designed specifically to introduce the general public to the vast conspiracy that has for generations governed and ruined our planet and its peoples, to the esoteric mystery religion that lies behind the power wielded by those world governers, to the methods and tactics they utilise to divide, dominate and ultimately slaughter the herd.

The book will be a wake up call to all who read it and its intention is to serve as an ideal gift that those already awake might purchase for friends, colleagues and loved ones who are existing in the darkness that is ignorance.

It will be utterly convincing and referenced, following the logicality of argument found here in this blog, and could be published as an e-book and if that goes well as a printed work.

I hope it will be a beautiful, loving and inspiring work, encouraging the potential that humanity have to create the heaven on earth that is our right and due as inheritors of the planet.

If you have the ability to sponsor this writer to enable the completion of this work please get in touch. I would offer repayment from sales and split revenues thereafter should sales exceed the 7,500 euro I need to focus exclusively for the next six months on this work.
Email direct to cretedream@gmail.com

Otherwise I will never be able to complete this work.
This is the last post, I regret to say. The future is now very uncertain for us and the need to avoid failure in the enterprise of living outside of the matrix is an all consuming reality.

To my many readers and followers I thank you for your attention and your kind words. Remember to fear nothing, not even death itself. Do not believe the deceivers. The conduit is approaching and a very different future nears.

With love to you all,


Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your work with us Olive.

These are the days of Realisation.

It all s'got to only be passed around and sink in.

like a joint... causing enlightement.

I'm confident we'll hear from you again some day Olive.

Take care and stay clear of negativity.

Negativity is beeing stopped within us.

Once you're aware it's just fear, you can put yourselves in control over it.

Warm regards: Ron.

David G. said...

This is not the post I wanted to read, Olive Farmer.

We, who care about the planet and its people and who speak out are already in short supply. We need more of them not less!

I do understand your frustration. I have periods when I think of giving up too. But I can't!

Good Luck!