Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Ring to rule them all

I've been sniffing along the trail of these creatures for about twenty years now. Each year something new slots into place, something else comes into the public domain, interesting and diverting miscellanea are fed to us via their agents who, between them, effectively control what's going on on the internet, false trails are laid, false concepts promulgated.

So let's follow them together, avoiding the detail where dwells the devil.

They were around before Babylon, appeared all over the world and became leaders and rulers by virtue of their superior “magic” and science. Their “mysteries” entered the mainstream, their understanding of the nature of the dimensions, the birth of the universe, the single unity that we think of as god, the power of vibrations as the creative force, (“In the beginning was the word , and the word was god”).

They were the missing link, interbreeding with humanity to produce the new mankind, passing their genes to the some few of the human race.

Ever since that time, their progeny have interbred with one another, culling their own kind regularly to restrict the numbers that have the power, the few that have a working pineal gland, are transdimensional, have the power of the word.

From Babylon and the Chaldeans they spread to Judea, invited there to breed with the jews and “improve the genius of their race” as the bible tells us, taking with them their symbols of power, their sacred geometry, hiding in plain sight the answers to questions we still do not know how to phrase.

Their “mysteries” can be seen in history by following the clues, will one day soon be available to those whose pineal gland is not sullied by fluoride or shielded by their chemtrails from that which will come and will activate the third eye as the Mayan's saw.

Listen: If you think this stuff is a little weird, and if you are over 21 and be careful about it and follow the guidelines for your safety there are certain herbs which will leave you in no doubt that we are capable of being transdimensional beings, that time and space and the other dimensions are things that we should have mastery of, that you are part of the universal consciousness, as am I, that all of the paradigms that we take for granted about how humanity can live together are completely irrelevant, that our souls (the things our bodies carry around) are beautiful beings of energy, part of the universal light, that everything is about to change, that we will become free.
That love should be all there is.

People have been taught that this life is all there is.
Who do you think was behind that?
Others have been sucked in by the glimmer of truth that sits in all religions, leading to the darkness instead of the light.
Who do you think was behind that?

Follow the trail of the bloodlines through the Pharisees and Essenes, the Gnostics, the Templars, the royal European bloodlines that still have complete mastery over the planet.

See them walk on their blood red carpets.
See their ancient symbols, their geometry that transfixes your consciousness, in everything they own, your religion, your government, your money, your life, your soul.
Understand that they squabble between themselves, vie with one another, cast their dice and move their pieces in a great and bloody game.

They are the demigods, we their playthings.

See how they have destroyed any that have the vision or know part of their secrets, the witches and shamans and herbalists that have understood how to gain some of the sight, open the third eye.
John Lennon had opened his vision, saw the power of love whereas Hitler, similarly capable, saw the devil.

Lennon knew too much and was in the public consciousness.

The trail gets interesting around about the time of Hitler because the sheer numbers of people in the world and their ability to communicate and store information was blossoming just about then.
We made it harder for them to keep secrets, harder for them to control the truth, to hide their sorcery.
It's even harder now, which is why they want to cull the entire herd.
Believe me, they know what's coming, have done so forever, but they aren't sure of the outcome.

Eckart opened Hitler's eye, showed him the reality and, as he was of the blood via the bastard in his forebears, he took to the power like a duck to water.

Do you note the energy the nazis devoted to sourcing the occult, the hidden?
Have you read of the spear of destiny and how Hitler craved it?
Do you know why Nazi agents were in Tibet, befriending the infant Dali Lama?
You see, Hitler knew he didn't have all the knowledge, wanted more.

The jew thing? Hitler was trying to reduce any that might have a trace of the blood, an inkling of the power, a knowledge of the truth, some of which lies within the kabbalah. The anti-jew rubbish disguised as anti-Zionist we see littering our consciousness these days, particularly from some leading “truth” sites, the positioning of the fall guys in line with their “destruction of Israel” prophecies.......
They play a long game, our masters, lay down stuff for thousands of years, understanding time as they do.

From Eckart's Thule Society see the connections to Crowley, discover the links to the skull and bones, in the skull and bones see the Bushes, see the Bushes behind Hitler, see them create the CIA as the US version of the queen of England's private murder and manipulation squads known as the secret services, see the Nazis control the CIA, see them steal the gold the Japanese had hoarded in the Phillipines as the Bank of International Settlements hoarded the gold of the Nazi rape of Europe. See the CIA gold go there too. See the CIA become the world's greatest evil, an empire built by sucking the blood from the American people, the chief instrument of control in the world, the great nest of nazi vipers. See them behind the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and the great evils that were facilitated by that creature, see the links to the ever present Bushes, see the heroine and cocaine flood around the world in their planes, see every evil stemming from there.

Quite literally.

When you think of 9/11, think also of those agencies in Naval Intelligence that were following the gold from the Phillipines, wondering about the banking careers of certain ex-Admirals, see where they were in the Pentagon. See the FBI following the same trails, see where their offices were in WTC. See how after 9/11 the FBI fell under the control of the Bush appointees, see those same appointees now making sure the compromised Obama does what he's told, guides the world into armageddon.

What do you know of JRR Tolkien? Of the “Inklings”, of the poet Charles Williams, of “The Order of The Golden Dawn”?
How many have trodden these paths and for how long they have been trodden?
One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to bind them
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

This was not, of course, a work just of fiction.

Nearly over now, last but one post.
Love to all, fear nothing,
Olive xxx

PS On a personal note: My leg's a little better, the infection seems to be going, bank balance zero, I keep waiting for a money making idea or a gift from a rich uncle, if I had one.
If I could pre-sell a thousand copies of the unfinished book at 10 bucks a go I'd be able to finish it and all might be well. Fat chance.
Any really rich folks out there feel like a bit of patronage?

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