Monday, October 4, 2010

Down the rabbit hole....

It's been an interesting four and a half years.
Outraged and ashamed at the killing done in our names and with our taxes by the Blair government, wars built on lies, ordered by those that govern Blair and similar devilish lackeys the world over, we sold what we had, packed a small van with photos, the kitchen table at which our children had been fed and painted their first pictures, pointed ourselves out of England and just kept going until we felt we'd got far enough away, far enough to reach the very edge of Europe in the little town of Sitia, at the far eastern edge of Crete.
We invested what little we had in some neglected few acres of olive trees, watched the price we farmers receive dwindle from 4.5 euro per kilo of oil to 2 euro, ate what was left of our house until we got down to the foundations, sold our van and ate that, made a little here and a little there to pay the rent, spent a long time learning about the world, learning about people, learning to be at peace with nature, at peace with the world, at peace with humanity, to become conscious, to find our mission in life and to discover our duty.
One week ago I found work helping a friend restore a small old house for his wife's aged parents, work that would pay the rent and feed us for a while until our luck changed. We have come to rely on this kind of chance, stepping from one stone to another on the very edge of the financial precipice, knowing that money is a fiction, love is reality, things will always come right in the end.
Today, four hours ago, I fell down a hole, slashing my legs. Lots of stitches, happily no break.
It's one hole too many.
I'll write a bit over the next few days, then this blog will be over.
We'll be following Alice down the rabbit hole.

We have learned this: to follow principles and human morals, to eschew and disdain worldliness, to live as we should in harmony and love ain't easy, the path is rocky, the world is organised to prevent you from just feeding yourself and giving what you can to your fellow human beings.
But listen...
It's worth it.
We have not paid a tax in 4.5 years, haven't put a bullet in a child in Iraq, haven't contributed to the system of enslavement, haven't watched TV, haven't put a chemical into the ecosystem, have rescued five cats from the streets because they needed it, have made great strides forward in our understanding and are nearly at the point of discovering how it is that our global masters do all of this to us, what the source of their power is......
Perhaps this final revelation will come as we journey down the rabbit hole.
Love to you all,
Fear nothing.
Olive x


Derek said...

You've taken a big step. At times your writings have seemed a bit off the page, but in the main I could see the motives. We too left what we could no longer bare, but went from the Home Counties to the Scottish highlands. It cost us dearly. We lasted 16 months before seeing the end looming fast, and headed back South with our tails between our legs. Living the local life cutting grass, chopping sticks and earning sweet FA compared to rent, council tax, and exhorbitent costs of living doesn't work. We live frugally back in the Home Counties with the In-Law - no fun, but we manage. The question was, were we running from something we perceived as ill, or did we take it with us. Are we running from the global elite, or are they us? We will not change the world around us if we continue to walk away from it. We need to face it, and shout it down.

Find the strength within.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Olive- Don't stop writing!!! I know you don't believe in the Bible, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the blog I just posted at

Hope your leg heals fast and well.

Love & Peace,


Anonymous said...

Source of their power is FEAR.

You found that once yourselves already.

Please continue writing Olive.

Doesn't have to be a master piece every month.

I see your writing as a way of accupunture to the planet.