Monday, 9 September 2019


Step back from your everyday concerns and take a look at us.
We humans.

Not the image of humanity you are fed by the media, that every moment scours the world for evil acts and shoves them roughly into your mind.
Creating a distorted image of our species.
That vast lie.

Not the image of humanity you are encouraged by the Global Warming propagandists to believe in, a species destroying its own world and threatening existence itself.
That terrible lie is being sown into the consciousness of our young, in the hope that they will despair and lie down and die at some point, to save Polar Bears......

Feel with your mind for the reality.

The reality of billions of human beings that do not murder, that do not rape, that do not steal, that do not bully, that are not corrupt, that wish for nothing other than a safe place to live, health, food to eat, the loving company of their family and their friends, maybe some fun every now and again.

That vast majority of human beings.
The meek, the harmless, the loving, the caring, the sharing, our human tribe all save a very few.
Your human family.
Our species.
Our Tribe.

And that Humanity is now approaching a great Moment in history.

And that Moment is born, quite simply, of our vast number.

Like a computer with increasing numbers of processors, so it is that the more humans there are, the cleverer we collectively become.

The power in this world desperately tries to hold back that progress. 

It does so by attaching money value to knowledge via intellectual property rights and via patents.
It does so by controlling university grants and research.
It does so by sacking Professors that speak out, by appointing Professors that toe the line.
It makes lying scientists rich and truth telling scientists poor, ridiculed, denied careers, even dead.
It controls scientific publishing.

It makes vaccines good.
It makes Global Warming true.
It makes free energy impossible.
It makes the free sharing of good ideas almost unknown.

That lack of free sharing slows us down, and it sickens us, and it kills us.

The power in this world wants this, because it can see what we are becoming, and it fears us.

So we are not as advanced as we should be by now.
Money and the power that it has is holding us back as a species.

Stop thinking of our species as a few billion disconnected souls.
You were taught to think that way for a reason.

Rather, understand that we are the sum of those souls, the sum of those intelligences, a single entity coming into being, a vast intelligence called humanity.

That collective intelligence is a vast and potentially very dangerous weapon.
Can you see that?
That's why the power in this world wants control of everything, of everyone......
It wants the power of the collective intelligence We represent.

As a species, then, We need to be careful who or what controls the great power 'We Are'.

At the moment, as we can all see, it's not we humans that are in charge, for if it were then the world would reflect the good that lies in most human beings' hearts.

Our 'humanheartedness' as we call it.

The true nature of the collective species called humanity.
But, as we can all see, EVIL is in charge, EVIL has been in charge for millennia...

This single entity that is capable of incredible things is controlled by something that is not GOOD.

Humanity can produce weapons which can tear our world apart, which can destroy all life.

Humanity is also capable of disposing of those weapons, of dedicating itself to the preservation of our world, of doing vast works of good........

That is a matter of choice, of collective choice....

WE, as a species, have never yet made a collective choice.....

We have the technology to do so now.

What's preventing us from making that collective decision?

Should we end all war?
Should we destroy all weapons of mass destruction?
Should we end poverty?

These are, after all, only decisions.

We can take those decisions in a few moments between us.

Then carry out what needs to be done to make them a reality.

And we'd find that MONEY is what is stopping us, and the POWER that money has over us.
And we'd find that BELIEFS are what is stopping us, and the POWER that beliefs have over us.

And we'd find, in our heart of hearts, as a species.....
That MONEY and BELIEFS are simply lies.........
That we have been living in a false reality.

And that false reality has been made possible by the control of our collective consciousness by the power.

That power is something humanity can choose to end. 

WE need to take another collective, species-wide decision.
To ignore money.
And to stay calm once we do.
This is the single most important step our species can take.
It IS the Evolutionary step.
It WILL change everything.

In future, our world will be in the hands of the collective intelligence which is our species, and will be good.

In that truth you see why the power wishes us to believe we are overpopulating the world, that we should stop breeding, see why it is educating our children to believe the lie of global warming so that they will willingly sacrifice themselves.

That is what Greta Thunberg is for, we believe.
To encourage the mass suicide of a generation of children.

Power has always reduced the size of the human herd.
Power has always used US to do the work for them, to kill each other and then tidy up afterwards.
Whilst they lived safe in their palaces.

Do you see?
That's history.

That's the present, too.

They get us to kill each other, we humans.

They get us to kill each other while they go to dinner and drink the finest wines we can make, eat the finest food we can grow and cook, sitting in the best chairs we can make, surrounded by the best paintings we can produce, served by the best servants we can train.

Then after dinner they fuck (excuse us) whoever they like, and if its rape they will go unpunished, if its paedophilic rape followed by murder they will go unpunished.

As we daily see.
As we daily see!!!

Yet those we have allowed to climb the hierarchies of power, in justice, in government, in religion, in police, THEY do NOTHING.

They have been bought and paid for.
They are traitors to humanity.

And for these scumbags we have, for centuries, killed other meek human beings.
And believed we did so for God, for Country, for our Flag.
For those beliefs......
For those lies......

When every God you could imagine would recoil in horror at what we have done in its name.
And every country you can name was created by a conqueror.
Built on the bones and bodies of our tribal ancestors, everywhere.

We are not aware that our species has ever before approached the numbers that now exist.
Perhaps we have, and all of history is even more of a lie than we now know most of it to be?

Perhaps we have been at this point before, and lost, and were reduced in number, and scattered, and lost our accumulated knowledge........And in the post apocalyptic remnants a class of Magician Kings suddenly appeared.......and they brought 'money' with them......

And went around destroying any libraries that had survived, just to be sure......

Do you see?

If, as we many suspect, we are a species under occupation by an inhuman force, how difficult would it be for them to knock us back into scattered groups of survivors every couple of thousand years?

Why, they could do that tomorrow!

Of course, we'd have to push the buttons and fire the missiles or let loose the germs.....
But then, there's always been human beings that would do such things....
Possibly half-breeds?
Or true believers.....??
Believers being the most dangerous kind of human being there is.

How difficult would it be for them, our masters, to hide away until it's safe to emerge, then arrive as God-Kings among the remnants?
Not at all difficult.
We know they've built their hidey-holes, know they've built their seed stores, know they've amassed what they might need.
They all have their islands and their planes and their underground places.
Well of course they have.

And when we think about these things, suddenly they move from being a fantasy to a likelihood, from a fairy tale to a reality, and deep down we KNOW that's what's been happening.

THAT'S why all of our history seems utterly fake.
That's why they've found skeletons of modern humans deep down in rocks millions of years old.

Have we gone round and round?
Time and again?

We know they could collapse the world's currencies tomorrow and that chaos would follow.
We know they could launch a missile from one of their vassal states and then another of their vassal states would respond.
We know they have in their possession some super-bug that one of we humans made for them for 'money' or for 'patriotism' or for 'career' or even for 'God'.

In other words, dear fellow human being, your normalcy, your future, our species future, lies in the hands of those that control this reality.

That is a very dangerous thing for our species.

For, as millennia of history demonstrates, our rulers are now and always have been utter monsters.
The leaders of all our religions utter monsters.
All powerful people, through all of time, utter monsters.

Don't hope.

Stop being meek.

Don't think you are alone.

You are part of that great entity called Humanity.
You are part of the biggest majority that ever was.
You are meek, and you will inherit.

Decide, in your heart and your mind, to DO SOMETHING.

Even if it's merely spreading this understanding.
Remember, it is the collective consciousness of our species that is the real power.
If we all of us choose to change how we think, then the world will change.
Nothing can stop that.
THIS is why the power seeks to control the collective consciousness through media etc (and, of course, the fake opposition media...).

It would take less than 50 years after an apocalyptic war for human beings to become absolutely ignorant of every piece of learning we had accumulated. Less if the demise was caused by a sickness only survived by the very young........

They'd still have helicopters and jets and machine guns and bombs.
They'd come down from heaven, take over, and rape all our women.
Like it says in the Bible......
And we would worship them as God-Kings.
For millennia.
Until we grew in number so much that our collective intelligence blossomed....
And we became able to see how we had been fooled.....


The trick is, not to let them do it this time.
It just requires us to make a decision.
For the very first time.
We meek.
We humans.
Our great species.

Are you ready?

With Love,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx