Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Hear the call?

Our human destiny is not more centuries of terrible wars and rumours of wars, not more centuries of cruel authority and terrible injustice, not more centuries of foul pollution and the extinction of other lifeforms that share this world.

Our human destiny lies in a shared vision of a better world free of these things, free of countless other wrongs and harms. 

Today you and your fellow travellers can initiate this transformation.
It's why you are here at this time.
You have always known this.

This is no dream. 
Nor is it a fantasy predicated upon an erroneous and naive view of human nature. 
There are, we all know, sinners among us. 
There are the violent, the greedy, the callous, the corrupt, the perverted. 
Almost every one of us is imperfect, almost all of us have sinned and done harm. 
But this is not to say that as a species we are so.

To describe a species you must seek to find those characteristics and inherent, instinctive traits that the great majority share. In this current world it is difficult to perceive that we are a beautiful species, yet we are.

If you are reading this then the likelihood is that you are 'humanhearted'.

What is 'humanhearted'?

It is the nature, not of individuals, but of the species as a whole.

NOT as we are now, having lived for thousands of years under the control of powerful psychopaths, living right now in a world of their creation, a world which contrives in every way possible to stop we humans living according to our true natures. 

This world is inhuman, as we all of us that are awake can see. 
Even the complacent, at some deep level, know that there is something wrong with the world, that it shouldn't be this way.

We Are a vast group of diverse human beings, human beings with as many differences of opinion as there are grains of sand in the Sahara, yet we most of us share a set of basic human understandings that we call here “humanheartedness”.

WE HUMANHEARTED ARE the vast majority of human beings.
Whatever our 'race', whatever our creed.

What are the humanhearted understandings we all share?
What is the 'core' of humanity, that which our world should be based upon and built around, that which is so much at odds with the current reality?

These shared understandings are simple. 
There is no detail, nothing to argue over.
This, above all, is what is needed to find unity among a divided species.
This is our humanity. 
It is what it means to be human.

The world does not reflect this humanity.
It's time that it did.

That we should do no harm to others or to our world.
That we should care for and give love to others.
That we should be free human beings, each and every one of us, but that we should carefully tend to our obligations and understand and act upon our duties.
That we should share, and expect to be shared with, care and expect to be cared for.
That we should work together as a species, not against each other.
Not, never "I Am", but now and always "We Are".

That we should listen to wisdom and the voices of good hearts, but be careful of the liars and cheats that try to gain our support so that they can exercise power.

That we should be together courageous, ever watchful of those that seek the power to rule over we free human beings and that use fear to do so.

We want enough, and would see that we all have enough.
We want fun and excitement when the mood takes us.
We want a world of peace and harmony, a world free of pollution, a world free of debt, a world free of the debt-slavery that dominates this reality.
We want ease when there's nothing to do, but are conscious of the work that needs doing.

These are the core characteristics of our species. 
We are meek and easily frightened, but can find courage when we act together and are, generally, in vast numbers, simply 'good'.

Each of us has failed to live up to our humanheartedness, but for countless generations we have been forced to live in a world that values none of these things, rewards none of these things. 
We can change that, now. 

There are enough of us to begin that change, and we know that the time has come and have been waiting for the method and the moment. 
It's here.

Truth and forgiveness will follow and, within a generation, a new world will be born and that world will be good, will be human, will be beautiful.

This is why YOU are here.
To guide humanity to its destiny.
To shake off evil.
To create good.

With Love,
Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

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