Friday, February 25, 2011

Order out of chaos......

I wrote this a while back:
“The plans of the global scum elite have been long in the making. Their objective has been to export manufacturing to cheaper labour countries, (done), create mountains of debt out of thin air, (done), impose stringent IMF dictated financial cutbacks in order to pay this fictional debt, (done and continuing), then create the triggers for revolution that will be fed by the unrest already caused (about to occur).
Why revolution? Because it is out of revolution that a new world order will be born. It is out of revolution that the western world can be further enslaved. It is out of revolution that the evil can be most gratifyingly extended.
It is in post revolutionary regimes where the most significant culling of the human race can happen, because revolution always leads to totalitarianism, to mass fear, to the free operation of murder squads, to death camps, to the most fun for the most evil, to the great blood offerings for the god of the shapers of the false reality.
One of the triggers will be the likely revolutions in countries which have a history of civil unrest.”

Oddly, go back to the beginning of this blog and you'll see the whole thing unfolding, piece by piece.

Beware of the deception that is being played out before us across the globe right now and has been long in the making. The global wave of revolution now under-way is not the spontaneous uprising of bitter and angry peoples, now in the Arab nations, soon in a country near you.

It is one of the final acts in a long strategy of the ruling elite. This current and soon epidemic up-welling of chaos has been ordained, planned for, promulgated and engineered in every detail to create the destruction of the current paradigms of “civilisation” world wide in preparation for the “new” world order, also known as the old world order in a brand new package.

What is happening can be briefly described.

They are engaged in the destruction of everything that humanity believes in.

Even the stuff they made us believe in.

All change is unsettling and change in the power paradigms is the most unsettling of all. As Shakespeare said, “Nature abhors a vacuum” and into the vacuum of power created by revolution will step, as history shows in every instance, the ready-made demagogue straight out of the Luciferian factory.

Firstly they have undermined the belief in and confidence in “Democracy”.

Aided and abetted by the “truth and consciousness” movement that they created (the needle that is a lie is best hidden in a haystack of truth), the majority of people, even those who have swallowed whole the lies of the main stream media, even those “sheeple”, now understand that their politicians are liars, their politicians are puppets and co-conspirators , that their Government is engaged in the wholesale fleecing of the flock.

This is more obvious to the inhabitants of false democracies or states in the hands of demagogues (as we are now witnessing in the Arab nations), but will very rapidly become the common understanding in the western democracies as the juggernaut of planned revolutions bulldozes its way across Europe and then into China, the US, everywhere.

Don't get excited just yet. This is not the longed for awareness and new consciousness of humanity. This is the deliberate creation of chaos out of which order will arise.

Secondly, by the grand theft of trillions in the global banking scam, they are creating the circumstances which will destroy humanity's belief in the system of exchange that has served us so badly for all of known history.

This “money”, this thing that divides us so effectively one from another, that creates the jealousy, unhealthy desire, planet wrecking greed, inequality and unnatural disparity between we members of the family of humanity has been around for so long that we cannot think of a system that could exist without it.

We'll have to, because they plan to destroy it, paving the way for more chaos, to which they will of course provide the answer. Their agents in the Aquarian truth movement wait in the wings with the ready made solutions that will take what's left of us into perpetual scientific imprisonment and slavery. This writing is on the wall for all who can see to see.

Belief in government, belief in money, what's next?

The third stage is the belief in security. The loss of money will be a major part of this. The idea that you can plan your life, buy a home for yourselves and your family, work hard and save for a pleasant retirement in the bosom of your family and the security of a calm and ordered world.....

Forget it, if you haven't already.

This is a dream that we can and will eventually achieve, but the troubled waters have to be crossed first, the ones approaching fast.

This loss of a sense of security, of the rocks that can be clung to in the maelstrom of existence will vanish completely in the coming months.

They have been weakened for decades. This is what has been behind the destruction of the family, of community, of fellowship, of unity, a steady and relentless weakening of the structures of true power amongst humanity, our real strength which came from unity and is now on the verge of complete destruction. This is the third stage.

Do you expect to live in peace for the rest of your life? This expectancy is now under severe attack. From the false and engineered revolutions will emerge both civil strife and military intervention that will see father turned against son, brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, nation against nation. They have feigned the belief that guns should be taken from citizens. They want you to have them so that you can start shooting each other in the struggle for food or to defend yourselves from marauders.

From such strife new leadership will emerge, leadership bathed in blood, the cruellest and least human to the fore.

It has ever been so.

Then will they destroy for countless millions their belief in a religion, to which so many will turn in this hour of need. This basic need of the human psyche, this most manipulated tool of the governance of the soul, this tool that misdirects those that seek good and peace and love and twist this beautiful yearning into enmity and hatred and killing and torture and perversion.

Even these great falsehoods will be destroyed in this great paradigm shift.
To shatter into nothing thousands of years of lies (and buried amongst these lies, thousands of eternal truths). This will be the great unsettling.

In a world bereft of all of the anchors of life, from family to security to government and law to money and then to religion all of the basic tenets of our lives will be whipped away as the rug is pulled from under us.

This is now inevitable.

The New World Order is a grand plan. It's intention has been and is to destroy everything, to wipe the slate clean and paint a new future on the blank canvas of the wretched remnants of humanity.

They need such an overwhelming construct to replace the crumbling instruments of authority and manipulation that are outdated in this technological age. The cleverness of their plan beggars belief. Its intention has ever been driven by their awareness that, sooner or later and at about this time humanity in its vast numbers will discover the full truth of its circumstance. To misdirect this apocalypse (from the Greek”apocalypse”, the lifting of the veil, the revelation of the mysteries), is fundamental to this plan. It needs all the “shock and awe” at their disposal to distract us.

If they fail, a new species of humanity will emerge.

New ideas and systems and leaders apparently in opposition to the NWO are, instead, agents of the same Luciferian cabal. They don't just throw these things together. Believe nothing. Check everything and still don't believe.

Of course, U.F.O.'s are a part of this.
And the new “Christ” Maitreya of whom I've written many times.
And the amazing gifts of technology that will change the world (but are the product of humanity's ingenuity, stolen and stored for these times).
And, regrettably, something “Biblical” in Israel, a place created by the global elite, a people twisted into ugliness and shame by the same elite, a place where the spark that will ignite the great conflagration will be struck and where will appear, as planned, the false salvation intended to bring us to our knees in wonderment.
The old one's are the best. Aren't they?

Though the great plan is certain to continue unfolding it's outcome is not certain.

How humanity react is not inevitable, though it may seem so.

Free will is everything as this tale unfolds.
Underpinning that is love.
There we find our god.
Inside our selves and the knowledge of love.
The very soul and essence of true humanity and the greater truths that we will discover.

Creatures fit at last to enter the universe and take part in its bounty and joy.

There is good out there, and it approaches and watches, waiting for the rebirth of our species, a rebirth and evolution that we will create for ourselves from the chaos that evil is propelling us into.

We've had enough of all that.
Evolution is preferable to engineered revolution.
Time for the near 7 billion of us to cry aloud “Enough. No More. Let's start again.”?

Love to you all.
Olive Farmer
Through the shade cast by the leaves of the olive tree here in Crete fall the rays of light that warm and feed the soul. I hope you will all share in this warmth and nourishment. xxx xxx xxx


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Terrifying post. Nothing I did not know, of course, but somehow you bring all these horrors into focus and personalize them.

I pray you do not mind, but I have posted it on my blog with a few additions. I hope you approve because I feel such information, analysis and wisdom must be read by as many as possible.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Noor,
Sure you can repost. If you make changes please let your readers know which are your words.
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Must say, a most inspiring clear thinking writing. We might be in for a rough ride. Thanks also to snippits and snappits for the reposting of it. I Went through some of your older postings and wonder about your take on the enigmatic lyrics of Imagine by John Lennon. You say Lennon was banged down because he had the attention of to many.
To me, the message in Imagine seems to propagate the destruction or abolishment of cultural identity, nations and institutions etc. A wet dream for the NWO, disguised as a unifying love message. Something isn't right here. Please do not take this as a provocation, I am only curious on how you may interpret it.


It goes:

"Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one"

Olive Farmer said...

Beautiful words.
There is great logic in a united humanity, but no sense in a world government. We need to evolve beyond the concepts of government, nation, money, religion, personal greed, disharmony with nature. This is why I say "Start Again". It will be a generation in the making, a generation born from the scar tissue of the old world order currently trying to steal or misdirect or prevent this evolution into the conscious humanity.
This new start will be the most amazing of times, ridding our earth of its sickness, cleansing the human race of its poisons (chemical and mental), gifting absolute security and freedom from worry to each other, relearning how to live together in communities, freeing ourselves of unnecessary labour, using the great science that is currently hidden from us, greening the deserts to make room for our growing family, educating the first children of the new millennium.
The evil that controls us know that this is in our sights, have known for ages, seek to cling to their reign of terror hence the shock and awe that approaches.
Fear nothing.
Love is all you need, to quote the Beatles again.....
xxx xxx xxx