Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just messing with your head....

Keep reading, it gets kind of interesting.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I'll begin.

Reality is a very different place from that which you imagine.

Take a leisurely cruise around the sharp point of current scientific thought about the nature of reality (all on You Tube) and you will begin to get the uneasy feeling that the chair upon which you sit is not as solid as you think, that atoms conduct themselves according to laws which make no sense and are made largely of emptiness, that something somewhere orders this reality and knows when you're watching.

Oddly, bits of atoms act differently when you don't watch.
Quantum folks call it the Measurement Problem.

The quantum neuroscience folks think maybe just one of the Trillions of brain cells you have is the “observer”, what you think of as “I”.
They know that each of these cells is made up of 100 Trillion atoms, each possibly itself a living entity.

(What are they all doing in there?)

Our scientists can't look far into an atom yet and have only found lots of questions (rather than the truth that infinity goes in both directions as logic dictates), but what they have found is boundless energy and the big question:

"What tells this atom what it should be, what it should do, how it should behave?"
This is where science and philosophy begin to butt into one-another.

(Just thinking about reality, can I ask: Are you a figment of my imagination? Am I writing to myself? And is this “myself” a figment? If so, then just what exactly is going on?...)

There must be something here to engage in this process, which I must think of as “I”.

But what if the “I” was an unimportant incidental to the reality?

Say, for example, the “I” was a unit of a self replicating biologically engineered life form designed for some purpose.
The interesting bit......
For example, hosting game-players from distant dimensions/times/places.

Game-players that have evolved beyond what we consider “life” and wish to re-experience anger, frustration, indulgence,sexual passion, to kill and to fuck and to eat and to shit, to sweat and to work and to plot and destroy, to plough and to plant and to build and to cry. To feel pain.

To give tenderness,
And Love.

So they made us.
And this reality.
A virtual world in a virtual reality game we think of as life.

And all the atoms are told what to do by the programme.

And for a fee or because it's their turn they enter us, unseen.
And play their video game.
And we're just the avatars.

You can conceive, from the concepts of genetic engineering, from cloning, from the advances in artificial intelligence how in perhaps less than a hundred years we could make such creatures ourselves.

It'll take us a while longer to create an entire gaming universe full of avatars that think they're alive.

Say another few hundred years.

It won't have to be a real universe, just be a convincingly real universe to the virtual biological critters inside it.

The greatest fun, of course, is to be had from granting your Avatar free will.

What will it do next?

Will it ever find out the truth of its condition?

What does it need to do to get extra lives, I wonder?

What if these self replicating biological avatars replicated too fast?

I guess you'd just cull the herd. That would be pretty exciting to plug into.

An hour or two of mass slaughter before dinner.

Don't kids and many adults do that now, in their virtual world?

Humanity is just the advanced gaming model.
We build farms. We build cities. We fuck and fight and kill.

As Will Shakespeare said:
"All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players."

Top game!
Game Over.

Just messing with your head.......
(You have been programmed to disbelieve this information and to believe in some completely ridiculous stuff, for example "everything is real", "democracy works", "money", "your religion of choice" etc, etc, etc. See previous blog entries for more details. Press Enter to Play Again.)
Love to you,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

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