Friday, May 14, 2010

The Tipping Point

I guess most of us are wondering what the motive is that lies behind this financial farrago, this great bank robbery committed by the banks and for the banks and leaving every single human being to pick up the enormous, generational bill in the form of increased taxation, wage and service cuts and other less palatable ingredients to that thing called misery and its bedfellow financial slavery.

That the motive is not money will come as a surprise to many. This fiction known as money, this fallacy called debt has no value to those that have control of it other than as an instrument, a means to an end. The international bankster elite have more money than they and a hundred generations of their descendants will ever need.

If they ever need more, why, they can just have their minions enter a number into an account.
So no, the motive is not money.

If not greed then power, perhaps? Power to control governments? Power to stay above the law? Power over the framing and execution of law itself? Power to push nations into war, to bring death and destruction and misery and grief to millions? Power to sustain a burden of debt hanging over every living soul on the planet? The power to murder babies and gargle the blood of innocents?

But no, of course that can't be the motive, for they already have that power and have for generations exercised it. Countless millions of their victims could attest to it, if only they had been informed of who was behind their murder by a free press, a press that didn't suck at the teat of evil for a few scraps from their table.

For hundreds of years these banking bloodlines and their brothers in other fields of power have tightened their grip of evil, leaving a track of fire and death across the annals of history whilst managing to stay out of the history books themselves. Only now, with the communication that is born of the internet can we identify these criminals, place them at the scenes of their crimes, name them and shame them.

There are strong indications that their motive is nothing less than the deliberate collapse of the westwern world. They have been working at this for over a century, first sponsoring communism and trial running the idea of a communist dictatorship, then having a dabble at fascism and creating the odd, convenient myth or two. They've been undoing all of the advances in communal strength the west gifted itself after years of struggle: Universal free health care, pensions, fair wages, organised labour, free speech, freedom from unwarranted arrest, public ownership of utilities, the right to foregather and protest. Their instrument has been the highly succesful confidence trick known as "democracy" coupled with the utilisation of vast and complex instruments of mind control, engendering apathy and sustaining ignorance.

They see no reason why a western worker should enjoy such luxuries as a safe working environment, a fair days pay for a fair days work, decent living standards and so on. After all, their slaves in the sweat shops of the far east and asia generally don't enjoy such frippery. So yes, the collapse of the west, leading to the hunger and desperation that will force a human being to do anything for a cupful of rice, making us far cheaper to run....yes, that's a motive.

The economic collapses being orchestrated by our elected "governments" are designed, (and they are accelerating the fulfillment of those designs), to create circumstances wherein nations will become ungovernable except by military intervention. Economies will collapse, systems of social support will disappear, new "homeland terrorists" will miraculously appear forcing governments to institute draconian measures in order to protect the people.....

It is not so many years since the great depression and the ensuing world war. Just long enough, though, for people to believe that it can't happen in their lifetime. So, it will come as a shock.

As our global masters have such an excellent recruitment policy rest assured that humanity's brightest minds, its think-tankers and Rhodes scholars and Trilateral brain boxes will have figured out the next steps in this unfolding drama. Perhaps some new saviour or some new political entity, something for the desperate to cling to, espouse as worthy, join and then become rabidly disappointed in as it fails to do anything but become the next version of that old beast called totalitarianism.

If you look hard enough, you might just be able to spot them in the wings, waiting their moment.

So yes, the collapse of the west and the further enslavement of its peoples is a motive. But it's just a side issue. Something that's nice for our controllers to achieve, but it's not the main game.

The failure of currencies around the world, the collapse in value and consequent loss of stored wealth of those lucky enough to have cash in the bank, savings plans, investments and retirement funds will occur as a matter of course. Those suckered into buying gold will learn its true value as they go to market to buy bread, which can be eaten and sustain life, and offer yellow metal which, though soft, just can't be chewed.

Thus will the thieves of time take away from us those hours spent at the grindstone, that stored-up certainty for the future. As part of the plan a new form of money will be created, a money that is digital, embedded, universal and totally under their control and without which we will neither be able to buy nor to sell. Refusal will not be an option: take the implant or starve, or be arrested as a terrorist and disappear, or become a fugitive from their "law".

Even this, this digitised enslavement to everything that the system desires of us, this inescapable monster that will track our every movement, monitor our every act, this creature without which we will be unable to live, this great weapon of fear that people will queue up for when the time comes, offering as it will a solution to the problem the global scum have created for us, even this is not motive enough for them for the game is not about money, not about power, not about enslavement. After all, they've already won that particular game without most people even knowing it.

The motive, dear reader, the great prize?
It's your soul.
And what we might become.
Love to you all, fear nothing, beware of false leaders. xxx xxx xxx


rose of grace said...

Dear Olive,

You have spoken again of the truth . For me it rings true because in my early years I was an oil painter, an artist. I had visions and I sensed my potential. My soul. Later, traveling to India, I lived amongst Tibetans. I learned Tibetan Buddhist meditation and I practised every day. I sensed my soul. I sensed the enormity that was contained and known as ,"me." I returned home. Sought a right-livelihood, freed myself from debt, moved to a beautiful natural environment. I worked on cleaning up my body, mind and spirit. I did not take medications for anything. I would seek out healing herbs and organic food. Fast forward to years later, I went to a chiropractor who adjusted my neck and broke it. Twelve surgeries later, I cannot live without pain medication. I have tried.

Since the injury, I have no privacy. Because I take medications that are monitored by the Federal government, they are entitled to ivasive knowledge of me. I feel like I am one embedded chip away from completion.

Fortunately, sleep is a soulful activity. Restorative. I get to sleep alot. I see most of society as sleep deprived. That is dangerous.

Thank you Olive.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord, my soul to keep...

Anonymous said...