Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are you being duped?

The internet was born and took everyone by surprise
Except the people that run everything....
After all, they'd bought the best minds.....
Coshed, blackmailed, subordinated the best brains,
Saw the future and laid their plans.......
30 years ago they were ahead of the game
About the same time as they invented the great debt fraud that YOU are currently paying for from your meagre wages
About the time they invented the terrorist lies and laid their plans....
At that time, with humanity finding its great tool of communication, its great weapon against the sheer evil , so they had a better understanding, so they had the "money" in the right places, so they placed their people, ......
SO: They own the "opposition"
So they invented "conspiracy nuts"
They're everywhere: Leading, lying, dis-informing, gifting you information overload so you don't know where to turn, what to get angry about, stealing your focus.....
So you are being played

Your reaction is, of course, defensive....
After all, you have stood out for this, defended your position with friends and colleagues, made this "truth" your own.
And yet, who put it there my friend?

If you had a few trillion dollars, and the will to control humanity, and hundreds if not thousands of years of power over the ignorant to look back upon, held in your hand the best science, the political scales of power, the control of all the "money" in the world, would not you have been advised that the internet presented a threat, where that threat would come from, and how to best control that threat?

And would you not be in charge right now? Of course you would.

Understand where the danger lies my friends
Truth, that flexible dimension, is on our side, but we need to take mastery of it.
Love. It comes. Can you be a part?
Olive xxx

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David G. said...

Great post, Olive Farmer. If only people generally could realize where the danger lies.

Take nuclear-armed Israel and its plans to nuke Iran so that it will
remain the only super power in the region and can do as it wants and get on with its plans for a Greater Israel.

Take America with its imperialism, its warmongering. Such threats are so obvious, so dire.

Wake up world before it's too late.