Saturday, March 6, 2010

It really is up to you...

We make our own world, all of us.
The life you live now, the lives we all live have something to do with our parents, something to do with all of our antecedents, something to do with their acceptance of and submission to a systemic wickedness, but mostly it's down to us.
There is no purpose served by a culture of blame. No purpose served by a culture of "someone else's problem", that sneak that enters our minds with its pals cowardice and apathy and lets us walk on by, live a quiet life, settle in and draw the curtains on the world and its problems.
There is no excuse for the crime that is our world that we can lay at someone else's door.
It is all our fault.
Sure, we can identify the ringleaders, sure we can point out how organised they are, how in-depth their controls over us have become, how many of us serve their evil ends both wittingly and unwittingly, how often we have no choice but to serve their purpose, weak as we are, alone as we are, powerless as we are.
And yet we do have a choice.
We make choices every moment, every day. Many of those choices lead us into a complacency about their outcome by virtue of their normality, their insidious ordinariness. We do evil because everyone else does evil, because it's normal to do so, because others look at you askance if you don't do them.
Drive a car.
Use plastic bags at the market.
Eat beef or pork or chicken that comes from factory farms, animal concentration camps that are all but ignored by the so called animal welfare charities.
Eat vegetables grown with a chemical cocktail that promises a cancerous future, vegetables produced by a farming industry driven to excessive disassociation with nature and abuse of the soil by big business and the lust for profit .
Drink water laced with fluoride.
Drink from plastic bottles that gift you cancer.
Give your kids drink in plastic bottles or buy them a burger.
Get our kids their shots, vaccines full of horrors that gift some autism.
Buy something manufactured in China or India or the Philippines or somewhere else where people are forced to work for a pittance in polluting factories, effectively slaves to our unthinking consumption.
Accept the anti-depressants from your physician.
Pay taxes that are handed over by our puppet politicians to the great usurious criminals.
Pay taxes that buy depleted uranium bombs and cluster bombs and all the other evil and sick little toys developed by the 50% of humanity's scientists that work in the weapons industry.
Sick fucks that make a living devising better ways to inflict death.
Pay the interest on debt and allow the criminal leeches that encourage you to buy their crap on the never-never to enslave you with their trickery.
I could go on.
We are responsible, no-one else, for the huge quantities of poison we daily pour into the rivers and streams of our earth. For the massive wickedness we are gifting to future generations. The birth defects. The cancers. The immune system breakdowns. The crippling and the death. The absence of beauty. Nature despoiled.
These things we feel we cannot change, these things we view as "someone else's problems" have a size and complexity and power that is entirely dependent upon other people like us maintaining them, shoring them up. For a dollar or two and a dream of temporary security the nuclear power workers poison the planet and make cancerous our world. For a wage the bureaucrat enforces the petty, crushing regulation.
For a wage the doctor prescribes anti-depressants and injects the poison MMR. For a wage the soldier kills the woman and child. For a wage the politician follows the party line, the banker engages in massive organised theft, the drug dealer poisons our youth, the teacher teaches lies and forces kids into the straightjacket that education has become.
At the direction of our global masters we all of us carry the responsibility, all of us take a hand in our mutual rape.
Some bear more of the guilt, some less, but wrapped as we are in this complex world where it has become nigh on impossible not to be a part of the sickness we each of us carry some of the burden, shore up a brick in the prison wall, form part of the evil pyramid that made a nightmare of our yesterdays, is perverting and fouling our todays, is making our tommorrows probably unliveable. Certainly unbearable.
We are responsible for the world we are passing on to our children. A world run by robber barons, thieves, perverted murderers, genocidal freaks, abnormalities that guise themselves as human beings and yet have no humanity.
A world of perpetual war, of ridiculous iniquity, of layer upon layer of controls that deprive everyone of their humanity, everyone of joy.
Happiness is becoming a stranger to us all.
And it's our fault.
Your fault.
My fault.
You create the world you live in, as I do, as collectively we all do. Our realities are of our own making. Our futures depend upon the choices we make each day, the things we view as inevitabilities, the things we think of as "someone else's problem", the things we feel we can't change and the things we consider unchangeable because we are so small, so insignificant, so powerless to affect, so cowardly, because we are hemmed in by debt and fear and because we are strangers to our neighbours, acquaintances to our friends, just passing figments to our colleagues, even nonentities to our family sometimes. It has become that bad.
. We all choose, every day, all of us to shore up this reality. A reality that is poisoning our planet and polluting our bodies. After millions of years of living in balance with nature we have spent the last sixty years or so completely fucking it up. Fucking it up so badly that it will take forever to clean up. We are, every day, making more and more toxic and radioactive waste, combining or engineering or processing what is natural to manufacture what is perverse then dumping it somewhere when we no longer have use for it.
Ask a Somali "pirate" what gets dumped in their defenceless ocean by the British and US and French tankers, pouring their poisons, pouring OUR poisons on someone else's doorstep.
We are so distant now from our mother earth, so distant from an understanding of nature, such strangers to wildlife. We don't know where our water comes from and who profits from it and who poisons it. We don't know where our meat comes from, who injected it with what chemicals, how the creature lived its short life in utter misery. We have forgotten the concept of husbandry, the exchange made with domesticated animals. If the huge and concentrated animal slaughter plants were next to the supermarkets with glass walls, if the meat you ate was grown where you could witness the abject misery and horror of the conditions they are kept in, then would you eat this stuff they call meat? We do not know nor often care how our vegetables and fruit are produced, how the farmers have been sidelined by big business, forced into disagreeable practices by the big seed companies, the supermarkets, big chemical business.
Big business, in its relentless hunger for more profit, for more power, treats employees as resources, people as machines, profit as its master, the environment as something to rape and pillage and abuse.
And we let it.
And we allow those that control big business, control our governments, to create for us this sinful apology for what should be, what could be.
We let them.
It's our fault.
So it goes, my friend. You powerless sit and accept this pile of ordure , this monstrous and stinking state of affairs. You play with the toys they let fall from their table, think you're winning if you get a bigger house or a faster car or a better phone whilst you wait for the death they drip into your body from everything you eat, every breath you take and charge you for.
We do have the opportunity to end this remorseless carousel.
Unless we do, we have no future worth living, perhaps no future at all.
What will you do, my friend, now that the time is upon us?
Fear nothing.
Be human.
Let love into your life.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


rose of grace said...

Thank you, Olive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olive,

Straight up tonight I see.

What you speak is the truth. I have no idea how I personally can break from this pestilence. Having excepted another job (slavery) I will now be paying income tax, again furthering their agenda.

Do I forsake my humble (very humble) abode and live on the streets like a bum so I don't pay interest on my mortgage? Do I have to sleep on the street Olive to satisfy your point? That is the only answer from where I sit.

I know you are correct in everything you say but I don't have the answer(s). I do what I can, live frugally to make the world a better place (buy free range eggs- give the chooks a chance, grow my own veggies etc )

You say we have the choice but my choice is exactly as I have on the street like a bum. I don't have the answer other than this.

I read alot of blogs and noone addresses this fact. Are we all living on the streets with no mortgage? What am I to do Olive? I don't have the answer....

I await patiently for someone to offer me a truce, an answer. The reality is we are all *ucked, caught up in this web of deceit. Me along with everyone else.

This is truly an arsewipe world we live in.

I love your posts Olive. You offer inspiration and the truth, unfortunately tonight this post roused me as I don't have the answer.....

Any ideas Olive, or any followers? I cant be the only follower feeling this shitbox feeling that come over me after reading this, the absolute unspeakable TRUTH.

My Love to you Olive. Keep up the great work. You give me inspiration and hope but I don't have the answers, does anyone?

Cheers AUDPaulE

Morocco Bama said...

Great post, once again, Olive.

The System that is in place can only be overcome by mass collaboration and solidarity. Take, for example, fluoridation of the water. Think about what it would take to reverse this practice here in the states. People have literally been brainwashed to believe it is a good thing, and you're a lunatic conspiracy theorist if you purport anything different. Hell, even Stanley Kubrick saw to that by poking fun at the fluoridation issue in his Dr. Strangelove movie thus neutering any dissent from the intellectual crowd lest they be labeled fruit cakes.

Morocco Bama said...

Here's an example of what you're up against when you take on just one single issue....Fluoridation....and it mentions Kubrick and his motivation for Ripper's Communist Fluoridation Plot. According to the author, Kubrick was taking a swipe at the John Birch Society which inculcated the theory that Fluoridation was a Communist Plot. I think this is yet another example of how "they" control the opposition. The conspiracy that is Fluoridation is co-opted and contained by a discredited organization such as the John Birch Society. Well-meaning people don't want to be associated with the likes of John Birch, so they avoid the Fluoridation issue.....and Kubrick, obvious an intelligent individual, reinforces that strategy.

Lafayette: Strange Love from the Tap

Communities in the U.S. began fluoridating their water supplies in 1945. In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film Dr. Strangelove , Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper attacks the Soviet Union to derail a Communist conspiracy to inundate Americans with fluoridated water: “I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.” At another point in the film, Ripper reminds us: “A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual, certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.”

Kubrick was taking a dig at the John Birch Society, which was opposed to fluoridation. The conservative group believed that fluoridation was a Communist ploy to medicate the public and that it violated individual rights. But nowadays, it’s not just the right wing that’s deeply concerned with our precious bodily fluids. Even consumer advocate/environmentalist Ralph Nader has made a public stand against it, arguing that there are better and more effective ways to address tooth decay in children without exposing the entire public to fluoridation......

So if national and international health organizations are advocating fluoridation and assuring us it’s safe for our consumption, then how could opponents argue against it? And who, in their opinion, is pushing for its use if it has such dangerous effects? After his presentation, Connett takes questions from the audience and one man refers to the phosphate fertilizer industry, where hydrofluorosilicic acid is a waste byproduct and also the primary fluoride chemical for water fluoridation.

“Follow the money,” Connett adds. “It’s a lousy way to get rid of hazardous waste.”

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Great post Olive! Good to see such strong passion. Have you seen the documentary, Food Inc? It woke me up to a lot of the information you covered in this post. I understand we only have a limited window of opportunity to raise enough awareness among humanity to address the great challenges we face in a peaceful manner. That won't stop me from giving it my all before the window closes. It seems the establishment is already coming after the 9/11 Truthers due to the likely false flag shooting at the Pentagon. Keep up the great work Olive!!!

Hi AUDPaulE-

I think we should all focus our energy on raising awareness in order to shift consciousness. I have been blogging, sharing valuable links on FB, and participating locally with We Are Change Atlanta. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we want to see in the world." Finding a group to become active with could be a great starting point for you. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers and I also often struggle with how to contribute in the most effective manner possible. That being said, once you decide to become more active, I believe your calling will become apparent. Best of luck in your journey, and let me know if you ever have any ideas to share.

The TRUTH will prevail!!!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Anonymous said...

GDay Daniel Ed Bland III,

Thanks for your comment and kind words of support.

I do have link minded (awake)individuals I converse with and share info. They are far and few between and, as you would be aware, the drubbing you cop for perceiving to be a loon can get you down.

I particularly like the Ghandi quote and they sure are great words of wisdom. I will take this onboard. The only way is up from here and yes..."truth will prevail". I have no doubt about this other than the bad days which tend to cloud this very fact, from time to time...

Thanks again my friend.