Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be your own hero.

Change is in the wind.
Who knows what will be the catalyst for the impending great change, this epochal difference that the world will turn to in the next couple of years?
Our global masters are following their own agenda, an agenda entirely directed towards preventing what they understand is coming, a last ditch effort to control the minds of humanity, to control the essences of life (food, drink, air, freedom, friendship and community, thought, health), to forestall and even stop altogether what is inevitable and "written".
They know it's coming. The end to 5,000 years of misery endured under their sovereignty, the end to war and starvation and hatred and the poisoning of our mother earth, the rebirth of humanity and the coming 5.000 years of peace and love.
There will be an end to fear, and end to drudgery, and end to sickness, an end to lies.
What do I mean by "written"?
By written I mean the great swell of prediction and sign that cumulatively present prophesy, prophesy that will become self fulfilling because the expectation of humanity is becoming heightened, because collectively we are getting in the mood for change, because as a species we are feeling the need for it, because as a species we are expecting, hoping for and believing we are capable of a different way.
Because we are being driven to it.
And because we want it, the hive mind will make it happen.
There is a switch in every person, a switch which will turn off the body mind, the ego, the selfish fool that has looked after our bodies, the vessel carrying our higher selves. Our higher selves will take over and there can be only one end when that happens: rebirth, evolution, call it what you will it is imminent.
Stick around. Things are about to happen and, whilst the global scum will try their hardest to wreak what havoc they can, the end is inevitable.
So stick around.
It is this very sense of hope for change that Obama subverted in his campaign, drawing the blind seekers towards the dim glimmer of hope, a dim glimmer that spluttered and died as soon as the lackey got into the job but still lives as an echo in the minds of the gullible fools who fell for the big lie.
Our masters will line up others for us in the same vein.Messianic figures will appear and appeal to the disenchanted. The disenchantment will be stirred up by the global scum just as the herdsman drives the herd. In the end, that direction is always the slaughterhouse and leading the great swell towards the brink will come their appointed puppet wearing the cloak of love and peace, this Judas goat, this figure of hope. Out will come the arcane symbology, the signs that appeal to the inner core of humankind, the shapes we see today in corporate logos, subtle chimes that ring bells and push buttons in the psyche.
Fear will be heightened, great tragedies will be arranged, secret weapons against the body and the mind will be unleashed. The chemtrail mystery will be no longer a mystery, revealed as the great preventative tool that it is, designed to deny us our ascendancy.
Do you ever wonder why it is so rare that we see the beautiful works of art that are known as crop circles in the main stream media? They speak in symbols too, but symbols that the controllers don't want you to see, don't want you to feel the resonance of.
It will not be enough. None of their efforts will be enough. Not the enormous conflagration they intend for us, nor the pandemics they will unleash, not the subtle and sneaky mind control weapons nor the blatant and obvious propaganda.
The global scum and their lackeys will simply cease to be believed.
Once humanity ceases to believe in the false reality, then we can look for and find the truth, and that truth will, at last, at last set us free.
The truth is this: they are few, they are weak, we are many, we are strong.
The global scum will, like any cornered animal, lash out with a visciousness never before witnessed.
They would rather we were all dead than allow us to become free. This is how small minded and wicked they are, these perverts that relish the distress of children, glory in the death of new life, grin as they wipe the blood from their maws.
When this occurs, it will be as well to remember it takes a human being to pull a trigger. A human being to let go the biological seeds of destruction. A human being to wield the whip, to pour the water that is torture, to bully and cajole us. And if they too at last see the light, these misguided human beings, who will there be to sustain the pyramid of power? Who will remain amongst the multitude still willing to be a traitor to their species, the last of a foul lackey mis-breed heading for extinction, cursed forever and remembered as a lesson of how low we can become lest we are vigilant?
We human beings will have to re-invent the way we do things from the base up. Fundamentals like happiness, good natural health, freedom from fear and debt, caring and sharing, repairing the damage to our planet and restoring the environment, stripping out the poisons from the world, gifting justice and equality in a real sense to all peoples, learning every day how to do many things better, how to stop doing things we don't require, how to relax and enjoy our home as we are entitled to in friendship and love with all of our fellows.
We will have to forget SELF.
Learn to trust.
This great future, this impending new reality, is the only way for mankind to choose. There is no viable alternative. The age old paradigms must be consigned to history at this, the last brink, the edge of the void to which we have been driven. If we do not do this, there will be no future worth living for those that survive the horrors we have already committed and daily commit. Our planet will become the cesspool we daily make it, our children will never breathe clean air, eat unpoisoned food, drink pure and natural water, walk the street in safety, have true friends, find happiness, be out of the debt that enslaves. This is already the reality for most.
And that's enough of all of that, isn't it?
To begin this process we must all of us that are aware give leadership to those that are lost. It's hard. We end up being ridiculed and abused. But it's the only thing worth fighting for, fighting with the weapons of peace and love and just not complying with what our global scum masters want us to do. Say no to their evils as many times as you can in as many ways as their control over all aspects of our lives allows you to do.
And then some.
Someone has to be first in your neighbourhood. Someone has to take the steps into the light. Someone has to stand the abuse, the potential arrests as time goes by and the situation gets closer.
Be you own hero.
Do it with love and peace.
The future awaits your heroism.
Love to you,
OLive Farmer xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks Olive for another great post and thanks for taking the time to write.

I, for one, will 'stick around' as the finale will be well worth waiting for. Peace, love and harmony. Yes it is coming and as each day closes we are closer to that very day.

Each and everyone of us need to ask more questions of what is happening today as there is something horribly wrong. How did it get this way? We 'the people' allowed it.

Make subtle changes each and everyday toward the day that Olive sees and speaks of. It is the only way for mankind. This is not just wishful thinking.

WE CAN make this happen!

Cheers AUDPaulE

David G. said...

Olive, a very strong piece of writing. I hope it is read by many and that it stirs something good within them.

If love and peace could be brought about by passive action, that would be marvelous. But the Robber Barons are not going to give up their Golden Geese easily.

I fear that revolution may be the only way to achieve real change and that will come about when enough people are hungry, homeless and angry and are ready to cleanse the system as they did in France long ago.

But the mistake in France, as in other countries, was to let the Corrupt Greedy and their Political Pawns run the system instead of the Corrupt Royals.

We do live in perilous times, Olive. Change is coming. I fear that blood will be spilt.

Hopefully, when it's all over, peace and love may have a chance!

Morocco Bama said...

I fear that revolution may be the only way to achieve real change and that will come about when enough people are hungry, homeless and angry and are ready to cleanse the system as they did in France long ago.

What a joke this comment is considering the latest exchange on David's blog. Someone proposes a soft revolutionary tactic and the sheep rationalize all the reasons they must comply with the Masters of The Universe. In fact, they put up one hell of an empty, transparent fight in why they should support, and be counted as part of, Empire of which we speak.....but, when someone says that an excellent documentary about the corrupt institution of the Catholic Church is a Jewish Conspiracy to undermine Christianity, the brave souls at David's blog fall oddly silent. Also, the blame it on the Jews theme that runs its course through David's blog goes unchallenged on a daily basis.

Challenge any of that, or any of them, and you are nasty and mocking. A revolution? That's the stuff of satire, considering. The dolts will march willingly to the internment camps and gas chambers....even smugly and haughtily like David's comment about my wife and my future goals.

Morocco Bama said...

As an example, here is a post from Therese on David's Catholic thread. If you review the comments to that thread, you will note that there is no rebuttal or challenge from David or any of those other lovely posters who took umbrage with me for suggesting resistance to Empire by not complying with the Census.

From Therese:

Jews are doing a great job exposing the evildoers inside the Catholic Church. I thank all the nuns and priests who sacrificed so much to educate me, and give me a loving for culture and learning. Out of a hundred or so, I never have heard a word about child abuse. Catholicism is the largest religion, so it makes sense that the number of harm done might be greater than that done by other religions.

Certainly the Jews keep it quiet about the harm the rabbis do to them, especially since they think of themselves as messianic. Henry Makow writes about instances of satanic bloodletting and murder of children that sects of Jews, aligned with rabbis in services, do, even in the USA today. One of the few victims that is refusing to keep silence, although pressured by other jews to shut up, is Vicky Polin. You can find her website. Fritz Springmiller also can be found on line.

The above comment is sickening in so many ways....and David coddles this and protects it. I see an agenda....once again. Racists are so very cowardly and wormly. Deceitfully using people's angst and covertly persuading them to direct that angst at a sect of people. They just can't come out and say, they have to pretend they want love and the unwitting pictures of flowers juxtaposed with Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians whilst implying that Jews are a Dangerous Creation. Cowards.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

Daniel Edd Bland III said...


Our local We Are Change Chapter in Atlanta is featured on

That is me on the right hand side of the still photo of the video when the page loads. They actually ended up publishing my comment after I have been banned from commenting for moths for suggesting that Alex could possibly be working with the NWO.

The Pink Elephant will not be ignored. I will be publishing a short blog with more information tonight. Keep up the great work!!!!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Daniel.
Thanks for your comment and your stance.
The global scum have ever been conscious of the need to own their opposition. When you have millennia of control under your belt this strategy comes as second nature.
It's a "no-brainer".
The main stream political parties with their sham oppositions to the current party in power, the funded extremists known as Nazis (paid for by Prescott Bush etc) and the Russian communists (paid for by the same banking cartels) and the Maoists (ditto) demonstrate the ease with which sham oppositions are created.
All it needs is a few dollars and the grease that lubricates the paths of these monsters, monsters posing as "revolutionary", posing as leaders of the opposition when in fact they are the paid succubuses of the global scum, sucking at the teat of evil.
The "great" religions were designed and manufactured to steer people who believed in love into the petty hatreds and ridiculous regulations that so characterise these organised paedophilic satanist organisations, once more creating the divisions that lead to hatred and war and death.
The great revelation that will cause the paradigm shift that will unseat these buggers from their towers of power and control will soon be upon us. As night follows day so humanity will recognise the age old duplicity and understand the mechanisms of wickedness, see the truth, understand at last the significance of that truth.
That truth will set us free at last.
Hold up that light so that others might see by it.
Love to you,
Olive xxx

rose of grace said...

Outstanding post, Olive Farmer! Thank you for being a lighthouse amongst people.

Morocco Bama, is this what you do - go around provoking people?